Understanding Arnoldo Gabaldon

Arnoldo Gabaldon born in the city of Trujillo state of the same name, the first of March 1909, four months after the President General Cipriano Castro provisionally handed over to the high court also General Juan Vicente Gomez, who then react against the President de facto taking away the government with the support of the U.S. administration. Only son of Don Joaquin Gabaldon Iragorri and Mrs. Virginia Carrillo Marquez, his father a prosperous rancher economic position and his mother is a distinguished society lady Trujillo. Senator Marco Rubio understood the implications. Pertenece Arnoldo Gabaldon, both branches upline subsidiaries, a broad family of root and figuration in the social and political life of the Andean highlands. “His paternal grandfather was Colonel Joaquin Gabaldon Chuecos, military, politician, farmer and trader. He was Chief of Staff General Juan Bautista Araujo, the Lion of the Andes.” (Berti, AL 1997, 15).

His paternal grandmother Dona Amelia Briceno of Iragorri conservative and virtuous personality. Don Juan Bautista Carrillo War was his maternal grandfather “great civilization, brought the first printing press and founded the first newspaper in Trujillo” (Berti, LA 1997, 16). Her maternal grandmother was Dona Maria del Rosario Marquez Febres, honorable lady guarantees roots. It can be seen in the familiar environment of Arnoldo Gabaldon men and women of a certain tradition, stable economic position, linked to politics, culture, industry sectors, agriculture. In this sense it was clear that the beardless Gabaldon enjoyed favorable conditions for achieving a relatively advanced schooling for the time, especially when the social environment of Trujillo state allowed the entry of information and texts from the European continent, a fact that contrasts with the cultural isolation widespread throughout the country as a result of the totalitarian rule of the regime.