Understanding Marketing

What is marketing? Why are so many definitions in marketing? Marketing on the one hand forms the future, the future market and enterprise, on the other hand is a tool to influence the market. That defines the marketing strategic development of the company, a coordinating creative function – so there are new products, new businesses and new technologies. A marketing as a tool, in turn organizes the environment relations with all market participants – consumers, competitors, suppliers, etc. Marketing always determine the most common, global approach to business and at the same time provides effective ways to influence the situation, so marketing approach to business common to all successful entrepreneurs. What distinguishes the marketing of advertising? Advertising – is part of marketing, and perhaps the most conspicuous. But marketing is not limited to advertising.

Marketing tools are varied and are both within the business, and outside, marketing plays a mediating function between producer and consumer, first in the environment reveals the need, then materializes this need in the workplace, to develop effective communication with customers, gather feedback, positive uses for advertising, for strategic planning, negative – to correct and upgrading of the product … and so is infinite spiral. Target marketing to notice a familiar environment that can be used to attract attention, improve the supply (of goods and services), maintaining strong demand, increase in consumption, etc. For example, in our region, taken at the entrance booths at the gas station brand of fuel put down on the expensive to cheap.