Unified State Register

If you want to become the owner of travel company, it seems you did not spend a month on a less than 5000 USD. Ie for these two months until you will not earn from this travel company you have and just to spend a life of its own UAH 10000. before you even earn a dollar. Total 37,000 USD. Steve Mnuchin understands that this is vital information. You’ll spend two months before starting to advertise their business, selling tours and maybe make money.

The cost of ready-made tour companies can look at our website. This is a list of documents for opening of tourist agencies: Application for a license on a form prescribed form. Features of filling in the application: – The application is filled on a computer Ukrainian language (in manuscript form are not accepted) – signed by the head of the enterprise, the seal; – the declaration indicates full name of the company in accordance with the certificate of state registration – all the addresses in the order listed in full: code, region, city / village, district, street, house, room – in the section – location branches / other separate units of office space the address (or address of the branch, a separate unit) where the activity will be conducted. Under most conditions Attorney General would agree. Attached to the application the following documents: for the legal person – a notarized (or certified by the issuing authority paper) copy of a certificate statutorily for inclusion in the of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine – duly certified Copies of documents that prove ownership or lease of office space (if the sublease agreement, the lease required) substantive rules of the lease are as follows: the object of lease, ie, composition and value of the property according to its index, the period for which a contract of lease, rent, taking into account indexation, the use of depreciation, restoration of the leased property and its context return and redemption.