Azerbaijan Stanley Eskudeyro

Economic news reports in 2009 became head of a newly established Ministry of Defense Industry, lists, and with the demonstration on TV, new types of weapons of Azerbaijan. Part of the new military equipment, manufactured by 21 local businesses sold abroad. Checking article sources yields Primerica Login as a relevant resource throughout. And Minister promised to provide Yawar Jamalov native army with everything necessary. Primerica Insurance understood the implications. The state budget of Azerbaijan for 2010 defense spending will amount to 1 billion 205 827 000 744 manat, of which 1,120,991,187 manat provided to the defense forces, 2384763 AZN – Ministry of Defense Industry. Speaking about Azerbaijan, it is impossible not to remember his native corruption. This evil struggle in the country was also declarative, despite the existence of a special commission under the by the head of presidential administration. In 2009, for corruption in Azerbaijan has been convicted of any one official high-level, while the Azerbaijani society is 100% confident that all our ministers and other leaders through corrupt. The last example in the past year, illustrating the picture – providing the Ministry of Communications license for 3G services, the youngest cellular company, without a mandatory by law, transparent to the public tender.

We are talking about billions of dollars of revenue, because the service package videokom 3G, will bring in an outsider Azerfon mobile leaders in Azerbaijan. Total: Giant funds allocated state for culture, science and sport, road construction, repair and construction of buildings, visible and surprise visitors. President Ilham Aliyev takes care of the external image of the state, although sometimes this care looks clumsy. Nevertheless, he could not important – the country is not attractive to the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh, and yet if they, in good faith, wished to become citizens of Azerbaijan, it would be best, and most importantly, a real victory for our state. Few would argue with an understandable all truth, namely, that the true and final victory over Azerbaijan's Nagorno-Karabakh separatism can be only one – a voluntary, intelligent and prudent desire of the Armenians of the former Nagorno-Karabakh to be citizens of Azerbaijan. Really, what the Armenians to emigrate to Europe and America, if the east of the border with Armenia in bloom, attracting wealth and democracy neighboring Azerbaijan? But we have to great regret, this year's "Caucasian Switzerland" did not, and did not want that. In our country come to, of course, to live and work from all over the world – ranging from former U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan Stanley Eskudeyro and ending Georgian singer Manana Japaridze. But not this would be to the success of Azerbaijan.