The constituent process was, with effect, folloied porampla mobilization of some sectors of the organized society. In its National Movement for the Urban Reformation interiorsurgiu, constituted of representative vriasentidades of the social, organizaesno-governmental movements, entities of on research and technician to the area urban doplanejamento. This movement had paper detached in the elaboration eaprovao of the chapter of the Urban Politics, leading the proposal popular deemenda to the project then in quarrel and, later, in the elaboration state dasconstituies, organic laws and of the managing plans. Movimentosda urban reform and of the sanitary reform is two of importantesprojetos capable ones to influence the institucional reconstruction decisively dopas. The victory in the municipal elections of 1988 and 1992 of coalitions polticaspopulares in some of the most important cities of the country fortified Brazilian nasociedade the proposal of the urban reform. Its principles had become-sereferncia in the academic debates and politicians on the urban question in the Brasil.Em the field of the social movements was created the National Frum of the Urban Reformation, that groups some representative entities of segments in fight, organizaesno-governmental and agencies of research.

In Brazil, the fight for the call ' ' reform urbana' ' it was born of the abyss that divides the spaces (to the contiguous times) aosricos private and to the poor persons in our cities. According to 7 Ermnia Maricato, the Movement for the Urban Reformation surgiu' ' of initiatives of sectors of the church catholic, as the CPT – ComissoPastoral of the Terra' ' , that field was dedicated to the assessorship of the fight of trabalhadoresno and passed, from a first meeting carried through in the deJaneiro River, in the end of years 1970, to promote destined meeting a' ' to assist the construction of an entity that assisted movimentosurbanos' ' (MARICATO, 1997). The entities and associations that if articularamdesde then they had gotten, in 2001 middle, the approval of a federal law, oEstatuto of the City, capable to municiar the urban reform in many of seuspropsitos.