I think I was clear with regard to the important thing is to have breakfast either. If we make the balance of how healthy WINS by a landslide the positive, therefore I take two matecitos more and I happened to tell how is this incredible recetita and step gift them one more for those who want to make healthy cookies and sweets. Thank you by being on the other side and remember that Sunday hope in the best weekend of your life where tell it more little secrets and who tells you that I not appear with some gift Pablito Martin. Chef journalist Bircher Muesli to as Pablito ingredients oatmeal 500 gramosLeche of soybean from 1 liter to 1 green litroManzana dry 4Frutos 100 gramosJugo 200 ccMiel Orange 5 Cucharadasazucar 5 cucharadasMaca 2 cucharadasBanana 1Pasas grape 100 grams procedure the ingredients that I propose I think they are the best, but if you want to remove or add one, be welcome. With regard to quantities, you are free to add or decrease the honey, milk or orange juice.This mixture is ideal for those who don’t have time for breakfast. They prepare it once every three days and ready.First put to hydrate the oats in milk.On the other hand short tiny Apple and mezclala with half of the orange juice to prevent rust.Pica nuts.And finally makes a Smoothie with banana, the other half of the orange juice, the sugar and honey.Once you did all the steps, seize a large bowl and incorporated all the products and mezclalos well and If it is necessary to add a little milk. You don’t have to be done a bodoque, rather liquid medium.You decide: If you want also you can add some yogurt. Pablito Martin..