Playstation Network

They will be held on August 3 at Caesar Palace in Las Vegas. Anonymous, GoDaddy, Wikileaks and Stuxnet are nominees for putting in evidence the security systems of major corporations and institutions. Since 2007, the hacker culture has its own annual awards of international character. They are called Pwnies (pronounced ponies), are held in one of the most reputed hotels of Las Vegas (Caesar Palace) and are considered the Oscars of this group. But do these awards recognize whom? In general, those hackers who have put in evidence during the year the major security flaws in computer systems and websites for large companies and institutions. It is the case of the Group Anonymous hacktivist, who is nominated for the most sought-after prize in sample (Pwnie Epic 0wnagey) that brings together a long history of cyber attacks Government and managing entities of copyright. GoDaddy (responsible inter alia assault servers of News Corp and publishing one will compete against him cover false in The Sun), the Stuxnet virus, which infected systems of an Iranian nuclear program and Bradley Manning and Wikileaks, whose famous cables flushed several States. Another of the awards, which will be delivered on August 3, distinguishes the companies that have shown more vulnerability to these computing offensives.

Here, Sony signature is the only contender to win the shameful category’s Most Epic FAIL (colossal or epic failure) by not adequately protected the Playstation Network and suffer the theft of personal data of its clients, including some related to their credit cards. Perhaps to lighten the night, the Organization has planned an award for best song. He will fight a parody of the subject Friday of Rebecca Black, a rap entitled eatin’ cookies (cookie eating) performed by Jeremy Brown or theme Hacker hacker from Phenoelit, among others. It is expected that some of the winners not to attend pick up their trophy by the risk of being arrested.