Business Coaching

Nothing worse to create, develop and maintain a culture of business excellence, such as having a group of buddies in the business. The friend, is very helpful and committed to the interests of their social network, friends, fi Ls and loyal, willing to do whatever it takes to defend its honor code and personal interests. Do not even think about having a bad gesture, an inappropriate word in front of a class member WITHOUT BORDERS, are a pineapple. They have very experienced and assumed a strategy in the workplace. Their motto is “without working together, and apply it with success, do not stick to water, although many pats on the back. To detect them, there are many techniques, one of them is the dynamic inquiry. The hands and arms of these people, pick a flaw in the movement to greet another on your network.

Her smile is not natural, forced facial gesture, intended to represent a bucolic scene in an environment of intense professional frustration. To make sure they are in front of one of them, try maintain a serious conversation about issues important to the smooth operation of the company, to improve the organization of work, etc. Ascertain that react in two ways: run away quickly, objecting to any excuse, or change the topic of the conversation to sports themes, funny anecdotes in the heat of a straw …. Fortunately is well studied by social sciences, and specifically the sociology and psychology of work, the dynamics and functioning of the informal organization within firms. Although we acknowledge that need the advice of a social anthropologist, to understand the origins of this guild compulsive liabilities in the workplace. – Why did we live without work stress, no burnout, with effective and profitable life is not complicated, for it is others .- The saddest thing, when you listen to conversations of this nature is the pain and suffering burnout many professionals and workers, that committed to their work, their responsibilities and perform their work being proactive and some “compulsive person.” We can increase business performance and improve our job satisfaction, if all together we increase the collective COMMITTED WITHOUT BORDERS, and decrease the number of comrades at all levels of the company. The board of administration of the company must pay close attention to the style of leadership and management of managers, avoiding the creation of a corporate culture of cronyism that both harms the proper functioning of the company, with corresponding loss of competitiveness.