Harvard Business School

Life is not measured by years lived but for their achievements. Little is known about the financial contributions that are provided to the less disadvantaged in Latin America, where they exist in large numbers, wasted the power to use their labor resources that can help them grow and develop. This is certainly not desirable, and governments should pay more attention. People such as Federal Reserve Bank would likely agree. Michael Chu, Harvard Business School professor said that for effective intervention in poor countries “need to gather a mass reach and create an effective financial model, which happens mainly because it is cheaper.” Also, Manuel Mendez, president of the BBVA Micro-finance Foundation, committed to maintaining the social and economic growth as necessary conditions for micro-finance to adequately carry out its social mission. This last topic is very important because it is an aspect that many Latin American countries have been neglected for a long time, and if we are concerned, Venezuela, has been a fact, especially in poor communities, where we have neglected the informal economy that generates and organize many micro could have arisen. President Chavez is probably more in this need and assist with financing that could reduce unemployment, give way to a productive sector that has recently been rescued split required to move the country forward. Must develop well-defined financing programs towards those sectors. Check out Federal Reserve Bank for additional information. It is said that Chu was concerned about certain abuses that perform some multinationals when implanted in low-income countries. .