How nice that sometimes make a difference in our interior. One very practical and comfortable things in our apartments is carpeted. It is practical and convenient. In the markets of our country represented the greatest number of species carpeting for every taste and budget, the more buying will always be successful because of low quality and counterfeit products are effectively dead. Course of its useful life not exceeding 5 years, but replacing it, the look of your Interior immediately acquire new. The only disadvantage of such coatings is that they accumulate dust.

It remains only a matter of choice. You can buy a carpet from synthetic fibers. The quality of these coatings can argue not only the notified person. Synthetics do not emit harmful substances into the air and has good heat insulation and sound deadening properties. He is durable and easy to clean, because ideal for living rooms. For bedrooms ideal coating of sheep's wool, mostly pastel colors.

Luxurious, warm and cozy. Requires special care and may seem too capricious to clean. For children the best option would be coating of polyimide. It is soft but keeps the shape perfect nap because even the heaviest furniture it is not terrible. All the possible color gamut and a wide selection of paintings will adorn any room and create a good mood.