Motor Oils

Today, manufacturers of motor oils offer the user a huge range of motor oils. How, amid this abundance also opt for the "heart" of his friend the highest quality steel and the right oil? After correct choice of engine oil to the engine – it's long life, power and continuity in the work … The editors ENGINE-MARKET gathered material that will answer the most controversial points concerning engine oil for internal combustion engines. A Specifically, in the paper, we consider such important issues for any motorist: pledge a long and successful operation of internal combustion engines, how to choose the right motor oil, how to determine the quality of motor oil, and the transition from one grade oil to another, how often to change engine oil, particularly labeling of motor oil, you need to read the label on the engine oil of different manufacturers. Let us begin with definitions of key terms.

Motor oil – oil used to lubricate the piston and rotary internal combustion engines. Depending on the purpose they are divided into oil for diesel engines, oils for gasoline engines and universal motor oil, which are designed to lubricate engines of both types. All of the modern motor oils consist of base oils and additives improving its properties. On temperature limits performance motor oils are divided in summer, winter and all season. As the base oil component of distillate use of different viscosity, residual components, a mixture of residual and distillate components and synthetic products (Poly-alpha olefins, alkylbenzenes, esters).