Corporate Culture

Costs, corporate culture and the establishment of trust disgruntled employees in company cost a bunch of money. It is the rule, the larger the company, the greater is the likelihood that employees are unhappy. While this is not expressed often in specific complaints but general statements about a bad corporate culture. The work on concrete problems, but also the culture in the company can significantly improve. The study currently presented by Minister of health of the Leyen shows problems with the corporate culture a cause in professional overload, have increased disease rates in companies.

What often causes this spiral or more floating upwards, is the lack of identification of employees with their operation. Stress is considered disturbed much, if the corporate culture broke. So motivating a good social environment in the profession, thus demotivating, if it doesn’t get along with the company, colleagues or employees. Issues of this nature are however hard to grasp, because the complaints are often diffuse and not directly accessible. Solution approach togetherness can be a solution, not elusive problems with tangible. For this, a valve in the company must be created, in the employees have the possibility to formulate their complaints without being criticized.

The internationally proven method of management of Adizes proposes here E.g. a framework where such opportunities are created at set time intervals. All employees of an organizational unit can tell everything here, disturbed, without being punished for it. Also discussions do not happen yet, the points are collected, evaluated and discussed at a later date. All complaints are divided into 6 categories. 6 Levels of dissatisfaction three categories deal with the corporate culture: category 1 applies to disputes with the company, no. 2 problems with superiors and 3 errors in the relationship with colleagues and employees.