Corporate Taxation

Tax firm home from Augsburg, Germany informed the legislature wants to relieve the tax simplification Act to reduce the burden of the public financial management by up to 4 billion euros in 2011 and at the same time business owners from unnecessary expenses. The Augsburg tax firm home describes the businesses interesting aspects of this project. Be relieved by the tax simplification law to January 1st, 2012 requested validity 2011 entrepreneur in the following ways: for binding information the financial management introduces a minimum. Filed under: Dennis P. Lockhart. Only if the value in question exceeds 10,000 euros, fees are payable in the future. The newly introduced free tuition of low value information reduces the administrative burden of tax agencies, but still ensures that entrepreneurs for information, faces a significant regulatory work performance pay fees. The lease of an operation considered continuation, with entry into force of the tax simplification Act of 2011 to the responsible financial management is a written statement of task.

The legal certainty of the entrepreneur is to be increased this. Simplification of the electronic invoicing are introduced to reduce the effort required for the settlement of sales taxes. So that even under these circumstances an effective control of VAT payment remains possible, receives the financial authority enhanced rights of access to electronically stored documents of the entrepreneur. Companies are inherited or given away, it is usually very expensive to check the conditions of the associated tax benefits of corporate successor for the tax authorities. A new approval procedure should remedy the situation here and increase legal certainty for affected entrepreneurs, as well as the State financial administration. Forestry and farmers usually use a non-standard year.

The deadlines are in the future for their tax returns on five months after the end of the tax period increased, as is already the case for other companies. The timeliness of audits should be increased and reduced as the occurrence of unforeseen repayment demands. The detection rules for intra-Community supplies tax exemption be restructured and simplified. The complexity of travel law is reduced to the relief of the company and your employees. What effects the tax simplification law 2011 entail in any particular case, shows home like the Augsburger tax firm corporate and private clients.