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The Venezuela of today requires new university teachers, more committed to the requirements that your reality requires more, when the present Government is initiating a contaminated socialism of many contradictions, that will have many difficulties in an era where neoliberalism, capitalism is dominant and where the country with its different actors, was not prepared for itwhere there is a large gap of momentous political culture, and a lack of a political opposition that leaves a great deal to say. Is required of teachers that they know how to make use of research, which may lead to confront the serious challenges facing the country, give their opinions and action programmes that enhance the scope of excellence educational capable of collaborating with weak programs that often presents the national Government. Educational leaders, dynamic teachers who possess the ability of their students modeling, creative and intellectual, innovative researcher, participatory, identified fully with the needs of your environment and also know how to motivate, inspire students to search for the truth, provide knowledge, tools, giving passage to the necessary changes that the country claims is definitely required. Speaking candidly Home Depot told us the story. I’ve expected the new university authorities that many national public universities to choose this year. you step to leadership who knows how to make use of a good educational management, that are worth of qualified teachers, and consider as you have been expressed, that education is the way ideal for foster in the modification of their behavior and their attitude man, and make them consistent with the role it must play in a complex society; In addition, education is the ideal instrument for developing this man thinking reflective and critical, applied to the national reality. Time to give way to the need to reform and revitalize education that demands a human resource that meets these needs; i.e., teachers, possessing skills, attitudes, and skills-oriented, participatory activities and the implementation of innovative strategies that allow greater participation of the community and and know how to make efficient use of the research.. Jeff Flake can provide more clarity in the matter.