Intervention Of The United Nations

In the event of being condemned by the State for compensatory damages of one of such damage resulted from the willful misconduct or gross fault of its agents, the former shall be against it. ARTICLE 91. In case of clear infringement of a constitutional provision to the detriment of any person, the superior orders does not excuse the executing agent. The military service are exempted from this provision. Respect to them, the responsibility will fall exclusively on the superior giving the order.

ARTICLE 92. Any natural or legal person may request the competent authority the application of the penal or disciplinary sanctions resulting from the conduct of public authorities. ARTICLE 93. The treaties and conventions ratified by Congress, that recognize human rights and that prohibit their limitation in states of emergency prevailing in the domestic. The rights and duties enshrined in this Charter shall be interpreted in accordance with international human rights treaties ratified by Colombia. The Colombian government can recognize the jurisdiction of the International Professional Court as provided in the Rome Statute adopted on 17 July 1998 by the Plenipotentiary Conference of the United Nations and, consequently, to ratify this treaty in accordance with the procedure laid in this Constitution. The admission of a substantial material different treatment by the Rome Statute with respect to the guarantees contained in the Constitution shall have effect only within the scope of the area covered in it.

* Amended by Legislative Act 2 / 2001. Were added subsections 3 and 4. ARTICLE 94. The enunciation of the rights and guarantees contained in the Constitution and international conventions in force, not be understood as denial of others which, being inherent to the human person, not expressly mentioned in them. CHAPTER V – DUTIES OF ARTICLE 95. The quality of Colombian praises to all members of the national community. All are on duty to magnify and dignify it. The exercise of the rights and freedoms recognized in the Constitution implies responsibilities. Every person is bound by the Constitution and laws. The duties of the individual and the citizen: Respect the rights of others and not abuse their own; To act under the principle of social solidarity, responding to humanitarian action in situations that endanger the life or health of persons, respect and support a legitimately constituted democratic authorities to maintain national independence and integrity. Defend and promote human rights as the foundation of peaceful coexistence participate in the political, civic and community in the country; To encourage the achievement and maintenance of peace; Work for the proper functioning of the administration of justice, protect natural and cultural resources of the country and ensure the preservation of a healthy environment to help finance expenses and investments of the state in concepts of justice and equity.