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The new website presented in an intelligible form the holistic concept of the NEURONprocessing company, operates what structured swarm intelligence on a scientific level. Munich – the functional design illustrates the process of collective idea generation and problem-solving using meaningful symbols. The learn NEURONprocessing is used for the acceleration of the process method, using the software developed specifically for this purpose. Further explanations, links and updates to the respective applications and procedures can retrieve directly from the home page. For assistance, try visiting Erin Callan Montella. The project cycle is shown for the various user groups – information, swarm members and certified knowledge carrier – easy to understand.

Thus, each user has the ability to search for interesting project ideas, own concepts to allow or to participate actively in solution scenarios. With the graphical user interface, the innovative company from a technical standpoint in the location is in the future, contemporary recycled content to offer. Directly on the site of the NEURONprocessing company via the following link:. Note: The first ideas have promptly realized the greatest chance to be.


One of the things that more I concern at this time and I think that you should also take into consideration among the more worrisome, is failing to find balance between work and fun, now, do you know anything fun, like recreate you and entertain you? There are so many that make your fun in work, in a true burden, and many more who do not manage to differentiate one of the other; Perhaps more than never urges us to find that balance and peace of mind which is accomplished by addition. Our current era needs more than ever of the individual that reinforces its effectiveness abstracting from all work, devoting the time that would be necessary to renew their energies. Now wonder, where lies the diversity between work and the necessary distraction, we can summarize it this way, when engineer acts as a grower, physician acts as a plastic artist, the artist acts as a Carpenter, Carpenter acts as chef, and so we can make an endless list of individuals with certain occupation, making others totally dissimilar. Fairstead Bethesda Maryland does not necessarily agree. The difference between work and fun does not lie in that it is what you are playing, if not that perspective we have of it, with that attitude are facing certain job. Any outside work, can transform something unbearable something cheerful and entertaining or vice versa. What distracts and fun one to another maybe not, the distraction is related to an activity that we ourselves chose freely make, not necessarily, must be carried out having a considerable amount of money or exercised so imposed, we by the mere fact of the pleasure that offers us, we also have the option of leaving do or change of activity when we so want. For example, my father is an excellent publicist, and certainly find satisfaction in the exercise of their profession, but when he feels the need for recreation, it entertains assembling aircraft to scale or doing carpentry work, the two tasks practice them simply for the fun and comfort that is doing so, to who you are interested in if it is a good Modeler or excellent Carpenter. .

Present December

In particular in the treatment of surfaces Nanotechnology offers a variety of innovative solutions for business and industry, of which we will present some.” As a public private partnership CAN GmbH combines basic research with application-oriented issues of the industry. The innovation tour research explore!”opens interested to research and development institutions, responsible for innovative knowledge transfer or working on future-oriented technologies. “” CAN GmbH is a 2008 landmark in the land of ideas “The CAN GmbH on December 4, 2008 is one of the chosen”. Then, the research institution represents 365 landmarks in the land of ideas”the Hanseatic League during the series of events. CAN GmbH is 2008 one of 16 selected Hamburg initiatives in the land of ideas”and is located in the Present December of the public at an open day. Registrations for the events will be gladly accepted Tel. 040-42838-4983 or by email at.

The Center for applied nanotechnology (CAN GmbH) was founded jointly in November 2005 of the free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, the University of Hamburg, as well as well-known industrial companies who have joined together in an association. Through the close connection to the Hamburg universities and research institutes, the CAN GmbH relies on a regional network of internationally renowned researchers in the fields of nano-sciences, nano-technology and life sciences. As a public private partnership CAN GmbH provides services to companies in the field of Nano particle technology. The offer of CAN GmbH is aimed not only to actors in the Hamburg metropolitan region, but interested companies worldwide. The Scientific Director is Prof. Dr. Horst Wellervon of the University of Hamburg (physical chemistry), operational The Managing Director is Dr. Frank Schroder Oeynhausen. More information about the CAN GmbH

State Garden Show

“” “Herold Berger agency can decide two highlight projects:”Technology tree”and ‘ themed exhibition ‘ the relationships between nature and technology Heroldsberg stage, 07 January 2014 if on 30 April 2014 the Baden-Wurttemberg State Garden Show in Schwabisch Gmund opens its doors, two highlight projects from the creative workshop of FLAD & FLAD of youth mile area will be” instrumental in shaping: competing for the conception, design and construction of the walk-in installation technology tree “as well as the design and implementation of a loon exhibition” the Herald Berger was able to full service agency enforce. Each mission is to introduce visitors to the State garden show about their interest in nature also on technical topics. To be considered the interaction between nature and technology from different angles: what Parallels exist between nature and technology, which has taken over the technology of the natural and what does the technology for the benefit of nature. Arouse curiosity, topics discover the new way of the technical and science exhibition breaks entirely new ground in the scenographic design this FLAD & FLAD. “The technology tree installed in a specially built steel-glass Pavilion” is an oversized collage of material: A master “from pipes, concrete and real wood shows the parallel between natural and technical composite materials and pump systems. It extends a treetop”leaves and photovoltaic panels, which focuses on the analogies between photosynthesis and photovoltaics.

“Even the themed exhibition” artistically interpreted the messages. Unusual items attract the gaze of the visitors. As illustrated a bionics-mobile, what hook & loop straps and Velcro, spinal and shock absorbers or squid and rockets have in common. Fashion exhibits show that Goretex textiles have natural godparents. A straw bales on a giant plate of Pitchfork as cutlery and demonstrates that Biofuels of the second generation can show a way out of the dish tank problem.

With this approach of the scenographic design, exhibition and technology tree obtain a clear differentiation from the common type of science and technology exhibitions.”Karl-Eugen houses, Managing Director of the Landesgartenschau says Schwabisch Gmund 2014 GmbH. each exhibit creates an AHA effect. Criteria were above all also the everyday life related to the lifestyles of young people, as well as the future viability of the examples.” The FLAD & FLAD communication GmbH builds not only all exhibits, interactive stations and multimedia facilities, but is responsible for in particular the didactic design, scientific monitoring and targeted preparation of the content. The high level of scientific expertise and didactic competence, coupled with the creative ability of interpretation, have convinced us”so Ebert houses.

Intervention Of The United Nations

In the event of being condemned by the State for compensatory damages of one of such damage resulted from the willful misconduct or gross fault of its agents, the former shall be against it. ARTICLE 91. In case of clear infringement of a constitutional provision to the detriment of any person, the superior orders does not excuse the executing agent. The military service are exempted from this provision. Respect to them, the responsibility will fall exclusively on the superior giving the order.

ARTICLE 92. Any natural or legal person may request the competent authority the application of the penal or disciplinary sanctions resulting from the conduct of public authorities. ARTICLE 93. The treaties and conventions ratified by Congress, that recognize human rights and that prohibit their limitation in states of emergency prevailing in the domestic. The rights and duties enshrined in this Charter shall be interpreted in accordance with international human rights treaties ratified by Colombia. The Colombian government can recognize the jurisdiction of the International Professional Court as provided in the Rome Statute adopted on 17 July 1998 by the Plenipotentiary Conference of the United Nations and, consequently, to ratify this treaty in accordance with the procedure laid in this Constitution. The admission of a substantial material different treatment by the Rome Statute with respect to the guarantees contained in the Constitution shall have effect only within the scope of the area covered in it.

* Amended by Legislative Act 2 / 2001. Were added subsections 3 and 4. ARTICLE 94. The enunciation of the rights and guarantees contained in the Constitution and international conventions in force, not be understood as denial of others which, being inherent to the human person, not expressly mentioned in them. CHAPTER V – DUTIES OF ARTICLE 95. The quality of Colombian praises to all members of the national community. All are on duty to magnify and dignify it. The exercise of the rights and freedoms recognized in the Constitution implies responsibilities. Every person is bound by the Constitution and laws. The duties of the individual and the citizen: Respect the rights of others and not abuse their own; To act under the principle of social solidarity, responding to humanitarian action in situations that endanger the life or health of persons, respect and support a legitimately constituted democratic authorities to maintain national independence and integrity. Defend and promote human rights as the foundation of peaceful coexistence participate in the political, civic and community in the country; To encourage the achievement and maintenance of peace; Work for the proper functioning of the administration of justice, protect natural and cultural resources of the country and ensure the preservation of a healthy environment to help finance expenses and investments of the state in concepts of justice and equity.