KarriereMessen In The Application Process

\”Personal contacts increase the chances of finding a job in times of eMail and the Internet, is at all Gruscheln\”, Twitter and social networking \”often forget that the application process consists of not only the sending application or networking with HR, but that at the end of such contact inevitably always also personal contact takes place, namely in the interview. In the interview itself, especially one thing counts: the personal impression. The human being is at the Centre. As candidate to beat here beyond the borders or stepping in the interview by a foot in the next, because it is about the most important do’s and dont’s of communication in doubt, all information previously virtually exchanged help nothing: the job goes to someone else. Here, Nicholas Carr expresses very clear opinions on the subject. As a result, it makes a lot of sense to include forums for personal contact in the job search and include also career fairs.

Here you can easily contact with HR managers experience and practice in personal conversations not only the step of first contact and self presentation, but you can take also a look behind the scenes on a fair day and meet the people who work in the company. Visit a career fair may be the first official step in your career, so the basic rule is: a good preparation is the be-all and end-all and increases the chances of personal. A well-groomed appearance and the renunciation of any creativity, with which one wants to stand out through the clothing from the crowd, are attached. With a discreet business look you can do no wrong and indicates the importance of taking forward the conversation partners and the company. However, should the official\”degenerate clothing not in disguise, because only, if one feels comfortable in its outer coat, you can occur safely and confidently. A careful search of the includes the correct outfit to prepare for such a trade fair visit Companies that want to get in the conversation.