Outrage Over Plans

About 51,000 signatures tens of thousands of citizens have turned against total smoking ban in the form of a petition against the tightening of the smoking law in North Rhine-Westphalia. Until the deadline yesterday almost 44,000 from North Rhine-Westphalia signed over 50,000 people, of which (according to the petitioner), calling no new non smoking Protection Act in North Rhine-Westphalia”, which is aimed in Prime Minister power (SPD). The rejection of the planned total smoking ban for restaurants is openPetition the most supported set lying on the platform. Extrapolated to all over Germany this activation level would be equivalent to over 200,000 voting citizens of Federal. Home Depot shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. For Michael Lob, the National Chairman of network, smoking, means this a clear signal that people on the Rhine and Ruhr have tired of the tutelage”. He regretted that Prime Minister Kraft has taken a position even after prompting the petition so far not. The Dusseldorf Regional Government protested against the plans of the smoking ban had also Umbrella organisations of shooting clubs with hundreds of thousands of members in North Rhine-Westphalia and the trade of food, beverages and catering (NGG).

In the country-SPD votes, there is growing also, the criticism of the very far-reaching smoking ban plans by Health Minister Steffens (green) practice. The SPD should not be in this question to the appendage of the Green educator of the people”, says Christoph Lovenich smoking NRW e.v., but respect the pub, Club and traditional culture in North Rhine-Westphalia”.