Real Estate Bubble Reactivation

The real estate market of Catalonia confronts with greater optimism its present and its future, in accordance with the results of the semester barometer on the climate of confidence in this published business this week by the Catalan Administration. The data, collected from 1,600 surveys realised in the month of May to citizens, companies of the sector and administrations, reflect an increase of the confidence in the growth and the sensation of a reactivation of the real estate market. It is, without a doubt, about the good news, since it does not respond solely to the opinion of a part of the sector that could make think about interested answers, but one is a generalized perception worldwide. It is, as they honor the authors of the barometer, of the first time from November of 2007, that the financial organizations improve the perception of the financial standing of their clients and who shape a reactivation of the real estate market. The report also states the majority opinion of which the option to rent a floor in Catalonia is now more feasible. This end they would confirm the data of the Forcadell consultant, according to who, during the six first months of this year the market of the rent has undergone a certain recovery. And it is that the market moves, as is put of relief in the increase of a 5 percent of the price of the floors after two years of continued falls. In June, the price by rented square meter of the Catalan capital was placed in 12,58 Euros according to numbers of Forcadell, almost 60 hundredth more than at the end of 2009, although noticeably below the 14.59 Euros that got to be reached in 2007. We are in the hope of future data that continue confirming the reactivation of the real estate market. Source: Real estate Blog of yaencontre.