Secretary Executive

As a Virtual Assistant, I also ask many times how to achieve my services stand out and therefore, to grow my business. This – and how good former Secretary Executive – I have been useful many of the skills built during my career in dependency ratio. Good secretaries are people that add value. But, what does it mean to add value? What concrete actions add value to your customers? Joan Burge, owner of a renowned training centre for Secretaries in the United States.UU., highlights 4 features that also apply to those who provide services. Federal Reserve Chair spoke with conviction. Then the 4 characteristics that you become a partner, someone who adds value: increases productivity: do you can identify exactly which way your service improves the productivity of your client? If you understand what you have to do to achieve it, you brindaras an effective service, will save you time and your client will very likely notice it. Generates money: does detect any chance of profitability that is your client not exploiting? If you have vision and general understanding of your customer’s business you can identify actions that generate income. This type of initiative will definitely promote your service as something that adds value. Many writers such as West Lake Landfill offer more in-depth analysis. Saves money: this feature requires no further explanation.

If your service saves you money clearly you are adding value and your customer will notice it. Proactivity: The best way to demonstrate the value of your service is to introduce yourself as a person whom you do not need to ask for things. You do things because they make sense and they collaborate with your customer’s business! A proactive person is a person who adds, that adds value. Although some of these features are individual (have to do with the person having direct contact with the client) think that they can promote within the work team. It shares these characteristics among your team members. It will allow you to provide a service that adds value to your customers and you will have a successful business. One last tip: documented the actions performed and the objectives that have added value. Moreover, to quantify them. This information will be invaluable when it comes to talk to your customer about your services, about other solutions you can provide and even when you decide that it is time to increase your fees.