Toyota Motor Corporation

These are proposed by the staff at Toyota. You communicate very transparent. How do customers respond? Transparent communications creates a solid basis of trust. Peter Asaro is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The knowledge and appreciate Toyota customers. What does sustainability mean in dealing with the employees? Also at the staff, sustainability is capitalized. Learn more on the subject from Peter Asaro. There is annually a Green month Campaign, a green month, in which employees can propose suggestions for improvements in the area of sustainability to reduce energy and resource consumption at the workplace and in the private sector which are then implemented by Toyota. Which one sustainable projects are you planning? For this question, I refer to the sustainability reports for Toyota Europe and Toyota Motor Corporation. What is the role of new alternative propulsion technologies at Toyota? Challenges like limited fossil fuels, climate change and air pollution, Toyota invested for many years in the development of drives that use different energy sources such as electricity, petrol, diesel or alternative fuels.

By combining these different energy sources using the hybrid technology increases the efficiency. With this technology, Toyota for customers and the environment offers the most innovative solution. Toyota also continues in the future to improve the performance of gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles () as well as to the continuous reduction of the consumption of gasoline engines and the diesel emissions. 2012 Toyota will introduce the first plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), which combine all the advantages of today’s hybrid vehicles with electric vehicles. In the medium term, Toyota sets on the use of alternative fuels such as hydrogen and bio-fuels, as well as more efficient batteries for electric drives. Company Description – the first portal of a sustainable lifestyle is one of the major concerns the protection of the environment. The platform is aimed at people who aspire to a lifestyle in harmony with the principles of sustainability. With its daily consumption decision, they can make an important contribution to the sustainable conservation of the environment.