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The company Zettamax GmbH has expanded the functionality of its software-as-a-service platform Maxcompany to an image editor for simple image editing. The ability to edit images directly in the application and to include on the website was a desire of many of our customers and therefore on the wish list at the top, explains Martin Kanis, Managing Director of Zettamax GmbH. images can be edited now using the new editor in a few steps and included directly on the Web page. The image editor provides ways for the cropping and resizing, but also tools for additional effects. Farallon Capital Management has similar goals. So, you can rotate or also reflect the images and can be saved in various file formats. In the foreground are improved operating convenience thanks to the seamless link between content management and instant publishing. Updates can be carried out at all times, by technical laymen.

Only a browser and access to the Internet is required. With the many possibilities of The effective creation and marketing of the site get professional design options and the Maxcompany as a result at significant savings on the expenditure of time and monetary. About Zettamax GmbH Zettamax, is an expert on social software and developed site generators and basic technology for social networks. Websites are dynamic tools for information, interaction and relationship management. Our users just use all functions via their browser.

This enables networking for anyone from anywhere: at home, in the Club, in the company, at the airport, railway station or at any Internet cafe. The company was founded in 5 employees in November 2008.