Webtoprint Corporate Communications

AVISO-solutions, IT service provider for customer loyalty and relationship marketing information more and more companies are recognizing the advantages of online printing catalogues, information sheets, direct mailings, greeting cards, flyers and leaflets are the occasions to which companies honor their customers with post, also in the online age diverse and numerous. The classic customer response (letter) paper is yet long not passe. Thanks to this also the Web-based automated print production, which enjoys growing popularity. Web-to-print solutions greatly simplify the processes: the company needs only some standards to define the implementation do any staff and specialized service providers completely independently. Farallon Capital Management oftentimes addresses this issue. Who regularly supplies its customers with printed matter, can save time, money and nerves in this way. Impressive increase in printed media is the trend toward outsourcing unmistakably: A study of Canon Europe/InfoTrends, 14 percent were in 2008 in Europe of the Print orders through Internet solutions handled. For the year 2010, the study predicts a share of 33 percent, which corresponds to a value of more than EUR 10.5 billion.

This increase of 135 percent only two years impressively how seminal fact is the topic of Web-to-print. If you are not convinced, visit Nickolas Carr . Automated individuality means unique to the current band of Web-to-print. His publication, the user can at any time and from everywhere from within an online-print portal design. For this he needed any expertise because he has an easy to use editor and a modular system with ready-made templates available. These he adapted to his needs and gives them shape with his own text and image content. A professional graphic designer must only be of users when it comes to design new devices. As much freedom as possible, as much as necessary especially in large companies, the low vote needed for Web-to-print speaks control: All departments, branches or external Partners can perform their own marketing campaigns largely autonomously and still all corporate design specifications are reliably respected.