How to measure the level of excitacinToma something of time to learn to read the signs but after recognizing them is easy and it you can use to complement the four and to show when you are gaining the control. Basically: accelerated breathing, cannot sostenerte the glance to the eyes, nervous smile, plays with the hair, changes the form to walk, gives taps you, is ***reflxed mng by insignificant things. Just by those signs you can recognize that it is beginning to be excited about you taking the control, by all means more plus signs power you have, and a phrase like: Why you cannot see me the eyes? or to recognize any other sign in front of her will demonstrate that you are reading it as an open book. These five advice are something basic will be used that you for divertirte in the appointments, but you want to know techniques more elaborated or if you need to overcome greater problems you must review the connection fast Seduction facily and conquers the woman who you want. Also I invite to you to visit my blog with recommendations on conquest and seduction in different aspects related to the appointments and the handling from your image: like conquering a girl.