Manuel Flag

To the being adapted for Brazil, the Futurismo lost the initial suasignificao established by the principles of the school of Marinetti.Surge then the So Paulo Futurismo that starts to have as caractersticasprincipais freedom and originalidade. Therefore, to breach with the structures dopassado was one of the main characteristics of the Modernismo. Saying in Modernismo one of the names of bigger prominence foiManuel Flag and as well as the excessively modernistas ones, wanted to portray the new, however not new it that it came of it are, and yes something different them escolasanteriores. Test of this is that in its workmanships it looks for to be critical making umaquebra with the characteristics of the old lyricism. Thematic infancy started to be used with greater freqnciaa to break of the sprouting of the Modernismo a time that the poets of this would perodoqueriam to produce a literature that it valued tipicamentebrasileiros aspects as the people, its coloquial language and its traditions. This contribuiupara that Brazilian infancy also was become incorporated thematic the usadaspelos authors in its poems and between them is Manuel Flag. According to Cavalcanti (2000, p.2) infancy is present in the workmanship of flag (in at least) of two distinct forms; in the first one comoum is mentioned the souvenirs to it of infancy good time and without problems as if infancy was a parasoperdido species of; in second, infancy is represented by the valuation of crianapobre valued by the coal boy or simply in the pertaining child it classe poor, among others possible dismemberments. It loaded I obtain the thought of that it would go to early die to porser tuberculoso, therefore its poetries are pautadas by thematic as death, loss of heart and sadness. Thus we can observe in Pneumotrax, gift in the obrLibertinagem, which had great relevance because only from suapublicao, Manuel Flag if it integrated to the Modernismo.

Southeastern Phase

It will be that we can say that the bar-garcense does not have a proper culture? We cannot say this, for being a inverdade, the bar-garcense currently has a culture in construction what it does not mean that the family the one that it belongs does not have the traditions of the region of its origin is south it, north, northeast, Southeast or of the proper center-west, therefore we are sages who the settling of Bar of the Garas occurred in three phases: the phase I pan of it, the phase of the expansion for the west, the phase of agriculture and the third phase of the industry and in each one of these phases the migrantes came of one definitive region. Thus in the first phase goldwasher we have the arrival of the migrantes of the north and northeast, in the second A stage the expansionista is the Southeastern region that arrives the Bar of the Garas, in the third phase of Agriculture and of the industry it is the time of south region to arrive at this region. From there our cultural diversity, without counting the migrantes (even though of the exterior) that here they arrive in search of a better life with the benefits of hot waters or the mysteries that go up to around the Blue Mountain range..