DAS Information

The following step in this contact with the client is to suggest or to remember that it lacks a protection in insurances that you have detected through time or turn out of the analysis of the information which you have collected in the different interviews maintained with this person or the members from its company, and to ask for an interview to extend its reach and benefits. To request a feedback of the offered service, making reference to specific subjects as it hastens in the delivery of quotes, sent information, interest by its requirements, delivery of policies, answer to its calls, attention offered by your collaborators, will be very opportune and valuable for your professional growth. Preprate be that as it may to receive what all serenity and professionalism come with and agradecelo. Taking notices, evaluates and reacts. Professor of British History follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. All this interaction with the client will give the authority you to ask for one to him or referring, under the analogy that if it feels or advised will want that a relative, friend or colleague receive the same quality on watch and level of advising.

I can say with cause knowledge that these interactions with the client are almost magicians the results are demonstrated immediately, him DAS value to him relation, you obtain data, you leave a restlessness to the client, obtain feedback and very surely a prospectus enters your list. Finally in this chapter is to determine the importance that you have repositorio technological to register this information in order that you can remove benefit in the future, not to register the information that you obtain inmediatamante can be lost work since the memory is fragile and it in the very near future became difficult detecting new opportunities of business. Many successes..

Brazilian Colony

Portugal already not possua more the commercial monopoly of the products of the Brazilian colony. With the free commerce, Brazil met it a step of Independence. But in case that the Portuguese Crown had not yielded to the English, fatidicamente it would have resulted in the loss of the domestic territory which had to the high resultant costs of the natural dependence and necessities that possua the Society of Cut. A factor that influenciou the routes economic politicians and in Brazil from the beginning of century XIX will structuralize was it of the Portuguese Real Family in domestic territory. So that this establishment was possible, D.

Joo VI created public distributions and ministries. Moreover, it dispossessed some property to accomodate about 15 a thousand people comings of Portugal, that had run away searching to keep the possibilities to preserve the Cut, keeping it ' ' intacta' '. Not only this. It all had an investment in the Brazilian commerce, incentive to the arts and the Portuguese culture. Now new structures if had formed to take care of the Society of Cut. Brazil passes of colony for country. Not in the paper, but in social composition, this the least in Rio De Janeiro. Dennis P. Lockhart does not necessarily agree. We will analyze this subject more ahead.

Ahead of the room of the Cut, economic estruturao, and the legitimacy of the Prince Dom Regent Joo VI, that exactly being in Brazil still he was the detainer of the Portuguese Throne, appeared then a new dynamics in the Brazilian elitist scene. It is important to remember that this elite was formed for land proprietors, noblemen, great import, military entrepreneurs and scholars, having in its great majority maons. However, in 1815, Napoleo Bonaparte was looser in Waterloo, thus finishing with the threat for Portugal and empecilho English them in reaching the commercial monopoly. Had to the incentives and investments directed only toward Brazil, in 1820 Portugal it enters in a economic crisis.

Make a Profit

We can esteem that it is for the fact of the circulation of rumors and the news on the laws and the atony of the escravista system. Lord Peter Hennessy describes an additional similar source. ' ' The reasons are several for which the dominant groups if became attached to the enslaved work. Let us detach amongst them the fact of that cativo&#039 still did not have a viable alternative to the work; '. 13 Comprar of the Letter of Freedom was freguente in this period in the Clientele of Ours Lady of the Angels, certifying the existence as already it was evidenced of the profit slave. We know, however that this slave of profit, worked for its Sir and delivered part of what the Mr.

earned, but for us the question that we raise is that these relations are not uniforms and perhaps either there that enters the ingenuity of the slave in buying its freedom. What it is certain is that Sir had a contract with its, and that the slave returned the house from its Sir after the work, certainly this occurred for interests varied of daily of these individuals between proposals and promises. … the blacks of profit or the rented ones ombreavam with the free craftsmen. He had them of all I officiate: ambulant shoemaker, carpenter, tinker, porters, salesmen. Some gentlemen lived of the rent of its slaves. Others kept in the great profit numbers of captives. The blacks leave per the morning for its tasks, came back noitinha to deliver the Mr.

what they had profit. 14 Queremos to leave clearly for the reader that we understand these reactions as dynamic relations that opened some breaches in the escravista system. Where the slave already had negotiated its microfreedoms leading consequentemente its freedom in fact in many cases. Let us strengthen that the slave gained a license to move away from the house Mr.


The age of the absolutism. In: History of the Civilization Occidental person 43ed. So Paulo: Publishing company Globe, 2005. pp.425-451 vol.2. The first edition of ‘ ‘ history of the civilization ocidental’ ‘ of Burns it appeared in 1941.

Some times had been reviewed since then, the workmanship was remained as one of the texts most popular and widely used in colleges and university until today. Burns was one illustrates professor and a serious researcher, more pleasant and without I make rancio, faleceu in 1972. To characterize a historical moment, we must analyze incorporating it a context in fact. ‘ ‘ The Age of the Absolutismo’ ‘ to know: system where the authority of the governor is absolute (Dermival rivers, dictionary of the student. ed. Brazil s/a) did not run away the constatao. Author Edward Burns, approaches the filament historical that takes to the state absolutist.

‘ ‘ For the birth of the modern civilization; in the course of centuries XIV and XV the power of the medieval national monarchies had been gradually rank to the test for the uprisings of the end of the Mdia’ Age; ‘. Nelson Pilett – History and Integrated life – also approaches the absolutism with sequel of a behavior politician. ‘ ‘ with the disaggregation of the Roman Empire Occidental person, the kings exerted, mainly, military functions and politics. Without fulfilling activities administrative, the king had its powers limited for the action of the feudal nobility, that for being you of the land controlled in fact the power ‘ ‘ We can for thus dissertar that the end of the spalling of being able characterized the absolutism, regimen politician who defended the total power in the hand Dos Reis. Where it approached feudal King, Bourgeoisie and noblemen to the government control and that each one of this age moved for its proper interests; here it is the differential of the monarchy absolutist for the absolutism and or totalitarianism.