Analytical Systems

Company 'FAS Finanz Analytische Solutions GmbH' works in Munich, Germany c 2008, and her Russian counterpart, "Financial and Analytical Systems" since 2001. The company was founded by two entrepreneurs, graduates of the Department of Economics and Construction Management and real estate market USTU. Director and founder Sergey Martyanov. Company Financial and analytical solutions GmbH is the partner of 1C Poland, the German market is a platform 1C Enterprise 8.x. (A valuable related resource: Dennis Lockhart). It is based on This platform does razrabytavayutsya software solutions for businesses, as 1C, 1C, Trade management, as well as 1C Manufacturing Enterprise Management. OOO "Financial and Analytical Systems' first Russian IT firm opened an office in Bavaria and is beginning to develop solutions for the German market in the city of Munich on 1C.

State Minister of Economics Martin Zeil Bavaria: "Investments of FAS – the next evidence that Bavaria – the best the region not only for global companies, but also for medium-sized businesses from abroad. " This company has a highly professional service for Russian and Foreign companies in the German market and the European Union. Peter Schneider Primerica might disagree with that approach. The company provides support for Russian companies who want to represent their products and services in Germany. Work supported by the company's own real experience of entering the European market. There are many difficulties and differences in the business to be aware of and which must be properly overcome. Thanks to "Financial and Analytical Systems" your work in Germany and other European Union countries would be an easy and highly effective. The company provides services in the following areas: Marketing and market research, media planning Negotiations with European partners Develop business processes and software testing on the German companies Develop and implement an exit strategy for the European market The technical translation software and training user's guide, promotional and informational materials

Trade Center

The project company was able to improve customer service. Business center "Business" offers a fully equipped working places in prestigious areas of Moscow, meeting all international standards. "Business" includes two structures: equipped with the latest technology negotiation Center, located in the heart of the capital – the "arcade" and comfortable office center in the "Omega Plaza." Previously, the company used a spreadsheet, with an increase in its customer base grew staff time, and sometimes it leads to errors. The company needed a system that enables you to store history relationships with clients, plan and monitor the implementation of the plan in terms of sales, as well as analyze the effectiveness of marketing activities. To solve the problems of the business center was selected program "ICE: CRM 8", so how it meets the objectives of automation and is cost effective implementation.

About the product "ICE: CRM 8" Head Business center "Business" learned at the master class "The recipe to increase sales," where employees could BIT demonstrate the high level of professionalism, to answer all your questions and offer the best solution for the client's business. To implement the project has been selected "1C: Accounting and Trade" (ICE), as it has successful experience of business automation services. Been automated six jobs. The project company has a tool for organizing the process of working with clients to monitor funds conduct marketing activities and staff. Managed to reduce the risks of losing customers in diseases or dismissal of personnel. Perhaps check out Peter Schneider Primerica for more information. Automated management of its customer base. Markedly increased the efficiency of managers, as are daily appointed task of updating contacts, increased control over their implementation.

The project has improved the quality of customer service. Tatyana Sokolova, Director Business center "Business", "We are grateful to experts of company" 1C: Accounting and Trade "(BIT) for skilled work on the introduction of" BIT: CRM 8. " As a result of the project, we were able to improve service customers. "

Russian Union Luxury

Each donor seeks to present an exclusive gift. In the course are items from various walks of life: pens, jewelry, all kinds of desktop accessories, gift guns, watches and lighters – the list goes on forever. Online stores and metropolitan boutiques are full of inscriptions VIP , exclusive "," elite gift, "brand-name jewelry, etc. But as you know, really exclusive gifts – it exists in the singular, author of the master jeweler so different shops exclusive gifts can not offer the same thing, as it often does. Such corporate VIP gifts will not leave anyone indifferent. Such an expensive luxury gift will always remind respected and loved person of you. For the manufacture of luxury goods takes time, it does not work one week or even months. Elite products are made a few DIY professionals.

The process of making long, with high degree of manual labor, includes a number of jewelry techniques, often with hot enamel – one of the most complex and demanding process. Hot-transparent enamel, the changing in the light, they discovered a mysterious world, which inexplicably connected with the real world. That's why exclusive, luxury gifts can be quite expensive! The process of selection of corporate gift vip cause positive emotions in humans, picking up a gift and to whom you gave it. Exclusive luxury gifts – is the key to a successful holiday and excellent relations. People of the elite class is not easy to please and surprise with something, they are an elite branded clothing top fashion houses Armani, Gucci, Dior, they have tempted the French, Spanish and Italian jewelry companies such as Bvlgari, Cartier, Carrera y Carrera, Wellendorff and others. They live in mansions and villas, gifts for them to be different exclusivity, originality and high quality.

Our gifts are designed to surprise and delight of people who have it all. To make an impression as a corporate gift, you need to present an exclusive thing, elite chess. They should be taste, and something needs to be designed just the man to whom her give. Peter Schneider Primerica describes an additional similar source. Expensive luxury gift to buy – to buy a special thing, which is impossible to assess. Some lots in our gallery you can at will choose to install the gems and some modifications of performance: the choice is white or yellow gold, special coatings and more. To qualify for exclusivity and elitism all the lots on our website carefully selected at least one or several parameters: the wizard are members of the Russian Union of Artists, one or more works from the series received prizes at exhibitions, gifts made limited series. Works of masters are stored in the Hermitage, the Tretyakov Gallery or the Armory, the works are expensive elite private collections in England, Germany, USA, exclusive store Yaponii.Internet podarkov'Bon Cadeau 'happy provide the best that is in runet. You can buy the elite, exclusive, VIP corporate gifts and expensive luxury business gifts.

World Portfolios

As a rule, there is less carefully executed, which indicates the poor quality of the product. On low-cost portfolios are also common seams with a small allowance, which can then easily disperse. The edges of the portfolio should be neatly cut and treated with varnish or paint to match the product. Accessories. Inspect locks, buckles, rings and ensure their durability. The most simple locks – and magnetic snap.

To some they may seem impractical, but for soft portfolio, special protection and not need it: rip the skin or tissue for any attacker's work will not make. However, manufacturers often supply leather briefcases lock, which if necessary can be closed with a key. Color Classics 'genre' when choosing a portfolio of male is always black color. Although the market is also found portfolios, dark brown, red and burgundy colors. Remember, the etiquette color portfolio should match the color of shoes. Director General of TV "Russian World" Vladimir Molchanov suggests paying attention not on skin color, but the overall color scheme. Additional information at Euro Pacific Precious Metals supports this article. "From personal experience I know that the clothes of brown tones, black briefcase out of place. We'll have to add at least black shoes, black pants and a belt hours. For more information see Peter Schiff.

It is absurd look thin, small, sagging with age, briefcase in hand respectable men in suits at least respectable. And you can not fill to overflowing portfolio, no matter what important papers do not have to carry around, otherwise creates a kind of Soviet-posted '- warns Vladimir Molchanov. However, if you still can not afford to have a few expensive portfolios to match each pair of shoes, give preference to black – as if In any case, but this color is considered universal. Some designers allow the option portfolio when the male may be a 'bright spot' on the background of strong dark suit. Interested in some psychological aspects of the selection color enhancement. Thus, a portfolio of red, brown and burgundy colors in combination with 'gold' fittings gives a person seeking to luxury. Climbers prefer soft leather model with a large lid on hidden Magnetic clasp. 'Worn skin' is selected businessmen who want to seem respectable. It is worth remembering that in the design of the portfolio are not welcome large metal parts: locks, corners or legs. Choosing the portfolio must take into account what goal you are pursuing: to fit into standard office style or draw attention to themselves. In the latter case, all means are good. Buying an expensive and stylish portfolio, remember that it is necessary to select appropriate accessories: purse, housekeeper, organizer, business card holders. Most manufacturers offer a series of enhancements made in the same style. Man on a seductive track develop its own unique image, you should pay attention to these original add-on.

Ukrainian Market

Today, the word "catering" refer to as a catering service, and delivery of food to your home or office. In this article we will first of all, it's about catering services. As on practice under the catering means not only shipping and cooking, but also maintenance, catering, decoration and other similar services. Catering appeared in Ukraine in the early '90s with the advent of Western companies. That big Western companies have formed a market catering to the CIS and Ukraine in the form in which it exists now.

Every year on the market of catering appear about 10 new players and at the same time about 15 leaves, not stand the competition. The first years of its existence in Ukraine catering had pronounced features of the time. No gastronomic delights on cuisine and tables – because the culture of cover their virtuosity and tasteful came to our country not so long ago. Nicholas Carr contains valuable tech resources. Previously, everything was much simpler: a plate with bacon, ham and pickles diversified, adorned with a sprig of greenery on the table. And the customers are happy and gosti.V due to financial crisis catering areas and many restaurants offer traditional services, as this can significantly minimize risks and avoid downtime, not to mention the additional loading of dishes. At present, the same day cares in Cater added: potential customers of catering services have become more pereborchivymi. And in order not to lose the client and the catering companies need to diversify the culinary delights of the table, and create designer cuisine and textiles under its own style.

But more complex and costly professional equipment for catering must be purchased and regularly update it, and monitor the quality ware. Single cost in the catering business – knowledgeable staff. Outside catering is different and the waiter, even if it has worked for many years in the restaurant the traditional service without special training is not ready to catering company. The same applies to the work of cooks, bartenders and baristas. Furniture, dishes and linens to European standards of restaurant business, it is recommended not to change later than 4 years. But in the catering this rule are much lower. Upgrading furniture, tableware and textiles have to do every 2 years, and even more often. You may find Peter Schneider Primerica to be a useful source of information. Because the load on them than in a traditional restaurant service, and the specificity use the other. On the other hand, it only plays into the hands of a competent Cater. After the update, you can update the material base and style of the site of the event. Creative pursuits lead Decorators catering companies to the most incredible ideas and images, playing with texture, color and shape. The longer a catering company in the market, the more the style of tracks it can offer to the banquet, buffet or barbecue. This could be a classic European modernism, minimalism with Eastern accents, a cozy country-style or rare in the Ukrainian market catering empire – a symbol of luxury and prestige. Thus, it is clear what age catering company and its experience in working on complex Ukrainian market – it's what you should pay attention to when choosing a contractor to organize the wedding banquet, buffet table at a corporate party or barbecue party. They say that the crisis catches up with only the one who is not ready for him. That's why the catering business survived the crisis year and develops further. And there's always room for improvement for these Cater. Department catering. Agency events and holidays' Tent of Miracles. "

Managerial Balance

– Accounting for disposals of property companies as a result of sales, amortization or liquidation. – The cost of materials and depreciation write-off fixed assets. * Monitoring: – Monitoring of cash balances in several offices, bank accounts. – Monitoring the 'virtual' money. – Inventory of property and stocks. Please visit Euro Pacific Precious Metals if you seek more information. – Control of the residual value of the property. * Analysis: – Analysis of the movement of funds – in the context of sources of income and expenditure trends. – Dynamic analysis of the cash costs in the context of articles, and cost centers.

– Forecast income and expenditure of funds. * Planning: – Budgeting cash and non cash – to get an idea of needs and optimal use. Income and expenses, gains and losses. * Accounting: – Income and expenses – in section activities, cost centers, departments of the company accounts, consumer income and expense items. – Consideration of commercial, investment and overhead costs in the context of articles, centers, orders production and sales, business lines. – Calculation of planned and actual cost of goods, finished goods, services, activities, distribution of indirect costs for accounting objects.

* Control: – A brief and detailed Managerial Balance – evaluation of a company and any of its subdivisions. – Reports of financial performance, and including an analysis of the dynamics of the business (group of companies and divisions). * Analysis: – Analyst financial results in the context of business areas, separate divisions, dealers and buyers. * Planning: – Planning a turnover, income, expenditures, financial results enterprise.

Corporate Image Advertising Business

We talk about protecting, preserving and caring corporate image or corporate image. What is style? Why is it so important to take care of corporate reputation? Simply because it is the most valuable asset of a company. The buildings, equipment, warehouse products, including brands, have a negligible value compared to the corporate image, which has been forged over the years and whose monetary value is incalculable. In a competitive world like this, it is extremely important that companies worry about the perception that different audiences have on their organizations. Audiences are formed by all those individuals or institutions that have some contact with the organization at any specific moment in its development. Be it internal audiences (employees, managers or shareholders), the external public (real or potential consumers, competitors and other organizations operating in the environment) or are mixed audiences (providers and distributors, or franchisees in your case), it is important that all have an accurate picture of our organization. You may wish to learn more. If so, Nicholas Carr is the place to go. Okay, but what is the picture then? An image is the set of meanings by which we come to know an object (enterprise) and through which people describe, remember and relate. It is the result of the interaction of beliefs, ideas, feelings and impressions about the company is a person (or group of persons).

(Dowling, 1986). But not enough to generate image develop a nice logo, electrifying colors to use and flood the media with slogans and catchy jingles. The best image is one that fully communicates the values and beliefs of our organization, that is, one that accurately reflects the characteristics of our organizational philosophy and culture. It is also one that adheres faithfully to the characteristics of our mission as a company and managed to tie what we do with what we say. In other words, the image must emanate directly from our identity. A company with good image is one where the best people want to work with suppliers who want to do business, where customers want to buy their products as these institutions enjoy good “reputation” values are recognized and their employees the same reflect. It is not enough good image advertising campaign that says who we are and what we do. Our public want to “see” instead of hearing our corporate values.

The corporate image should be projected, planned in the same manner and with the same interest and importance with which they planned sales, marketing objectives and economic growth. I have witnessed cases where companies have had to close or sell their shares at a low price due to deterioration of its reputation. These companies had excellent products, good employees and to schedule a permanent commercial advertising in the media. But he played down the image, as a corporation, as an institution, projected to level of public opinion.