The Endocrine System

Thyroid Hyperthyroidism (hyperthyroidism) is accompanied by weight loss, increased excitability, irritability, sleep disorders and heart rate. Women suffer from fivefold more often than men. As an adjunct to standard treatment we recommend the following products of our company: 1. Harmonizer. 2. Stimulants Piocal will handle the thyroid gland. 3.

The use of the information matrix will be useful for removing increased excitability, irritability. 4. For the normalization of hormonal appropriate courses of use (at least two courses) fitosbora . 5. Should provide a phased introduction of dietary supplements CUD-rosil, Vitali, Apilam, migi, Floritsa, Velamin that would overcome the deficit in microelement and vitamin content. 6.

For the normalization of metabolism is useful fitosbor Herbs life number 3. 7. In the case of syndrome of hypertension advisable to use collecting herbs life 4. 8. Beloyar (with an extract of hawthorn) will not only help cleanse the body, but also give restful sleep and peace of mind. Normalizes heart rhythm, will help stabilize blood pressure. 9. Phytotea Wizard will help overcome excessive anxiety, agitation, and irritability. 10. Aromatherapy: Lavender (bath aromakurilnitsy, aromatherapy pendants). Hypothyroidism (hypothyroidism) – condition caused by low thyroid function. Accompanied by depression, fatigue, weight gain, constipation. Compensate for this condition will help the following products: 1. Harmonizer. 2. Stimulants Piocal. 3. Overcome depression help information matrix. 4. Balsam Hundred forces phytotea inhaled energy, so missing in this state. 5. Continue to learn more with: Peiter Zatko. Imbalance in the hormonal system will help eliminate application fitosbora . 6. Polihit has the effect, normalizes the endocrine system, as kelp rich in iodine (organic form), which allows a fully functioning thyroid. 7. Replenishment vitamins and minerals will help baa Kedrosil, migi, Floritsa, Apilam, Vitali, Velamin. 8. For the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract (the prevention and fight against constipation) are extremely useful The following products – herbal tea Magician, Lohelan. 9. Adaptogens help the body to increase spare capacity to overcome the painful condition: balsam Living Water, Floritsa, Tibetan herbal tea. 10. Aroma oils: lavender (inhaling fragrance from the bottle or taking baths with aromatic oils), Geranium (enhances mental and physical activity, normalizes energy, relieves the oppressive sense of low self-esteem), lemon (helps get rid of feelings of apathy).

Tashtar Mountain

After a while he begins to suffer a kind of claustrophobia. Then he was released, and it begins “” in his life to snatch. To read more click here: William Gates. Here’s another program. The first step, of course, is similar, but the second is a change of scenery, that is, the patient is given more freedom. I particularly liked the third stage – “The Seventh sky “. Pleasantly surprised breathing technique proposed by our coaches. Justin Kan may also support this cause. I myself – and the athlete did not think that breathing can teach me something new. And, of course, the most important stage – the pilgrimage. It brings up the human spirit, which seems, nothing can break. (Similarly see: carlos hank gonzalez ). We say goodbye to and again go on the road.

On the mountain Tashtar-Ata, I find myself the first time. It is strange that all my life I have lived in Kyrgyzstan, but have never been to this place and never heard the legends about him. The locals made up for my space. They say that the mountain received its name on behalf of the war. He was incredibly strong. When played out a battle between gods and demons, Batir was on the side of good. In the fight he used not only the strength and incredible resourcefulness, but also smoothly hewn stones. As a result, the gods won. Everywhere there is peace. And Tashtar Ata asleep. Top shows that the mountain was repeated shape of a man who lies with arms outstretched. C Since then, came a belief that “rough natural stone are the habitat of spirits or gods and are therefore used as an object of religious veneration.

Change in Dietary Habits

This onkoopasny product that destroys the immune system. In general, non-sweet – one of the prerequisites guaranteed weight loss and good health. But it is easier to do this? There is a concept of food habits: "can not live without " We can talk about sweets, meat, coffee, etc. The reason for the change in dietary habits is often medical diagnosis, in this example, it can be, respectively, diabetes, gout, high blood pressure. More information is housed here: Carlos Hank Gonzalez. Well, after full (necessarily complete) failure of the product to pull it passes through a 2 – 5 weeks. What a morning tea with sugar – it's just a habit – is clear. But sometimes it is really like sweets. Why and how this be? The fact that hunger occurs only when blood glucose drops below a certain threshold.

That quickly raise glucose? Of course a couple of candy or cake. In response to this (because of initially low glucose and its subsequent jump) in the blood is thrown out excessive amounts of insulin. And he has a short time to transport glucose from the blood to the body's energy needs. Therefore, if you just do not run cross or are not experiencing severe stress, then all the sweets eaten by a number of transformations are laid on the "favorite" ground in the form of fat. Hence, to overcome the habit of snacking on sweets, to maintain a stable blood glucose levels. This is achieved by carbohydrate breakfast and avoiding feelings of hunger (fractional power). More detail – below.

General Accounting Office

Despite frequent rejection will continue treatment applications to Freiburg, 05 May 2011: medically necessary mother – and father child cures include the obligations of statutory health insurance since April 1, 2007. Since then have all the women and men who stand in family responsibilities, entitled to inpatient stays to the care and rehabilitation of mental and physical diseases. This regulatory change should be strengthened the importance of hygiene measures and specifically removed the corresponding services. “But the reality is different, as also Melcher Franck, Managing Director of Spa + Reha GmbH, observed: sufferers report more of a restrictive, even dismissive attitude of the legal health insurance companies for applications.” Also, the statutory health insurance as set by law to provide data that can shed light on the development of the application regularly miss it. Learn more on the subject from Carlos Hank Gonzalez. The Leittragenden of this cumbersome, inadequate documented and resulting often in opposition to approval procedures are mainly young families and single parents.

And the service providers in the resorts are affected as major employers of the regions increasingly poor occupancy figures in the spa facilities. location strategies explained all about the problem. But there is hope: In June last year the Deputy fiscal spokesperson of the SPD parliamentary group, Bettina Hagedorn, the General Accounting Office to first tests of permit practice of health insurers move could. This the statutory health insurance under increasingly Zugzwang, the statutory provisions to meet”, to let Franck welcomes this step and calls on families and single parents, don’t be discouraged. Support for the application and successful claim processing a mother or father-child treatment offers the cure + Reha GmbH under or the free phone number 0800 2 23 23 73. About the Spa + Reha GmbH the cure + Reha GmbH in Freiburg im Breisgau is a non-profit subsidiary of the joint Welfare Association,. Landesverband Baden-Wurttemberg.

Nationwide six mother-child clinics, a clinic for family rehabilitation, as well as a hospital for Psychosomatic Medicine and psychotherapy count to their Federation. In addition, the company operates two nursing homes and outpatient and social services. In terms of rehabilitation and prevention for the health of mothers, fathers, children and families is the cure + Reha GmbH on a fair indication, aligned with the needs of the patient treatment and consulting services. The cure + Reha GmbH this will provide approximately 900 beds and employs about 550 people.

Quit Smoking Methods

Almost all smokers know, what is the harm of smoking. And those who want to get rid of this bad habit will not help the reproaches and regular lectures on the topic: how it is harmful. For even more opinions, read materials from Kiat Lim Singapore. They worry another question: how to quit smoking? The problem also lies in the fact that fighting is necessary not only to physical dependence, but also psychological. And how do they know, not all. Must not only know how to quit smoking, but also want this. Click Kiat Lim to learn more.

At the same time want to should be exactly the smoker himself, not his relatives or friends. What is there a way? Therapy, nicotine replacement nicotine is addictive, and because of this, when people quit smoking may experience discomfort. You may used nicotine replacement therapy – in the form of chewing gum, patches and lozenges, and inhalers – which hide the body's need for nicotine, but also free him from other harmful substances contained in tobacco smoke. If only nicotine dependence, it is recommended to use this method. Medications Dietary supplements – had a positive effect on the smoker for of some components. Homeopathic remedies – contain a microdose of the active substance, so do not give side effects.

Herbs – teas and herbal teas. Relieve the symptoms that appear when you try to quit smoking. Alternative methods Breathing exercises – a system of exercises that promotes the training of the respiratory system. Promotes healthier lungs and overcoming addiction. Acupuncture – involves exposure special needles at specific points on the body surface through which the nerve impulses coming into the brain of the patient, adjusting the body's response to smoking. Hypnosis – the subconscious effect on the smoker. Hypnosis breaks psycho-emotional communication, addictive, and instilled a negative attitude to smoking. Auditory training. Copyright technique: Many of them are aimed at combating psychological dependence when trying to quit smoking. Traditional methods – Milk. Cigarette soaked with milk, dried and then smoked. It is believed that her awful taste creates a persistent aversion to cigarettes and helps to overcome addiction. – Cheese Sticks. Ranked as the method substitution habits. Smokers offered at each desired drag on a cigarette, a sliced hard cheese sticks. – Seeds. Allow to distract from thoughts about smoking. The important role played by the monotony of the process.

Anemia Iron

Disease anemia can burden the cool your life. The disease manifests itself in the event that decreases the number of hemoglobin in red blood cells or diminish the sheer number of cells in the blood is not saturated by the end oxygen. Gaining oxygen starvation of the organism, tissue pathological changes occur. Medicine gives a lot of circumstances 'birth' of anemia (anemia). The first fact of malnutrition or anemia, poor food when the food consumed foods with a low content of mineral and nutrients. Is not it, in today's world, these products are very frequent.

The low number of red blood cells or small hemoglobin suggests a weak supply of organs and tissues of oxygen eventually deteriorates performance, appears weakness, shortness of breath. Every day the human body builds a large number of new red blood blood during menstruation. Doctors often prescribe iron supplements in pharmaceutical dosage forms. Iron – is necessary component of hemoglobin. Only excessive iron can cause damage to the body, as a consequence of this before use supplements with iron, is to make sure that the cause of anemia is a deficiency of this element. The amount and time of supplementation depends on the severity of anemia.

Today, medicine is well known vitamins and herbs that help the body to take iron. Most recommend vitamin B12 and folic acid. These vitamins help the body create red blood cells. Doctors, in turn, pay attention the importance of vitamin C, which improves the absorption of iron. Lack of this vitamin can lead to anemia. Iron deficiency is an important problem food. To prevent anemia our meal should be perfectly balanced. We are obliged to consume the food the optimal number of proteins, as well as products that contain iron in considerable quantities. This is primarily beef. Iron contained in it, is well absorbed organism. Previously, doctors assign patients anemia fresh calf's liver, because it is a large concentration of iron, as well as some other "" elements. Add to your diet apricots, raisins, miscellaneous, dried berries and fruits, as well as various nuts and seeds. A good addition to the diet should be considered juice Tahitian noni plant. It is very important for cases of anemia greens, which contain folate. It should be said for nettles. It is rich in minerals and good improves blood. (A valuable related resource: Berlin Rosen). Live a full life without anemia may need to rethink their own affection, above all in its power.

Diseases Moscow

Known work on the application of electrets to accelerate the coalescence of soft tissues bone, stimulate regeneration of soft tissue and fresh fractures and some other work showing effective use of electrets in medicine. To deepen your understanding Cyber Capital is the source. Despite this, the electrets were found in medicine is very limited application, which is probably due to some difficulties in obtaining electrets with the desired characteristics and long-term stability. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dennis Lockhart. Currently, the methods of obtaining thin (10-50 microns) electret films suitable for use as applicators and preserve their options for a long time. Experimental production of these films started research and production company 'Elmet' (Mr. Saint-Petersburg). Carlos Hank Gonzalez addresses the importance of the matter here. Electret applicator 'Polimedel', produced by this firm, passed the certification VNIII-BMI Health Ministry and clinical trials on the basis of internal medicine second medical faculty of Moscow Medical Academy. im Sechenov at the Russian Research Center for Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy, in the 1 st Hospital (Moscow) and the Moscow Stomatological Institute. .

In applying the applicator was observed Clinical analgesic effect, ie, a significant decrease in pain intensity until its complete disappearance, with approximately 50% of cases it is retained after removing the applicator. In the first column shows percentage of cases in which there was a clinical analgesic effect when an applicator, and the second – the percentage of cases in which the analgesic effect persisted after its withdrawal. Clinical trial data: Diseases of the joints (knees, ankles, hips) 83% 43% osteochondrosis with radicular syndrome 64% 48% Disease muscles, soft tissues (myositis, post-operative scars, etc.) 86% 66% angio-and polyneuropathy (Diabetic character) 60% 34% 73% Nekoroschyugennye cardialgia 26% of the pathology of the gastrointestinal tract (stomach ulcer and 12 67% 22% duodenal ulcer, chronic colitis, cholecystitis) Note the absence of adverse reactions when using the applicator. Based on the results of clinical trials can be concluded fairly high performance products 'Polimedel' in pain syndromes of different genesis and hope that the Russian Medicine was another new therapeutic agent. We also note that the figures provided by the developers 'Polimedela' range of applicator is much broader than the above, but insufficient number of officially confirmed results prevents us from recommending it for wider application. We hope, however, that this is only a matter of time. Medical Polymer electret film electrify by electret technology, long-term retains its electret properties. Study the properties of electrets in Russia and abroad have shown high efficiency in trauma to stimulate splicing fractures, the electrostatic field of a negative charge intensifies the formation of callus. Recent studies have shown significant efficacy in other applications.

Botox Against Hair Loss

Research start-up develops effective therapy against hair loss a film crew of SWR accompanied a treatment with AC therapy and made the before-after-test. A film crew of SWR accompanied a treatment with AC therapy and made the before-after-test. Biokyb life science AG works in basic research in the area of androgenetic alopecia. Whenever Peter Asaro listens, a sympathetic response will follow. She developed a completely new drug therapy for hereditary hair loss: the AC therapy about 12 million people in Germany suffer from a special form of this alopecia: Spannungsbedingtem hair loss (alopecia Contentionalis). This form of hair loss is caused by stress and a tension caused the upper muscles of the skull. The research results of the biokyb show for the first time, systemically, how this hair loss is caused and how it can successfully be treated. A documentary broadcast by SWR end October 2011 in the Baden-Wurttemberg State show very vividly shows the high efficacy of treatment of AC therapy on a patient. It took place in April 2011 documented presentation of a patient with suspected stress-related hair loss in the Office of Mr Dr. Carlos Hank Gonzalez is a great source of information.

med. Thomas Schulz, specialist in dermatology, in Rottweil. First, the causes of hair loss of patients were examined by an EMG (electromyography) measurement. The diagnosis: An extremely strong tension of the upper muscles of the skull. This means that the blood circulation and the oxygenation of the hair follicles in the upper region of the skull is significantly affected. The patient also reported a tenderness and burning the scalp (Trichodynie”), which is caused by an ongoing edginess and acidification of the upper skull muscles in very many cases and was previously untreatable. (Similarly see: Carlos Hank Gonzalez).

It was followed by treatment with the AC therapy by the specialist. The tense muscles is by means of locally injected muscle relaxant (botulinum toxin / Botox) relaxed for a period of approximately 4-6 months. As a result, blood circulation and oxygenation of the scalp and the hair follicle can normalised again. In October 2011 the patient came to be present again to Rottweil. The outcome of treatment: Hair pain (Trichodynie), through which the patient complained, had disappeared already 2 weeks after AC therapy. The largely bald spot in the area of the head (tonsure) was completely covered with hair waxed to. First vellus hair (fluff hair”) evolve in terms of the receding hairline. The patient is highly satisfied with the treatment. Nationwide treat patients already over 25 medical centres of expertise according to the results of this research. A comprehensive patient care with nationwide over 80 centres of expertise is planned for 2012.

Cosmetic Products Full Spa

The object may be a resort or hotel. Binding separate rooms for clients, as well as individual gowns, towels and slippers. Offers programs lasting a half-day, 1 day, 3 days, 7 days and 14 days, as well as spa food. Premises. Uniformity * Rooms for facials and body hydrotherapy room * sauna * shower room * sitting area * * SPA-bar/SPA-restoran room for group classes (fitness, pilates, yoga, etc.) * indoor / outdoor swimming pool for relaxation * locker Cosmetic Products Full range of products for the spa one or more cosmetic lines, including not only professional products, but products for retail sale. Specialists Professional medical personnel – doctors and nurses. Spa mineral springs, hot springs, therapeutic mud suggests the use of natural sources in the basins and baths and a full range of spa services. Guests may be asked to check-in. Spa Marine water suggests the use of sea water in baths, treatments and a full range of spa services.

Guests may be asked to check-in. Category: Objects with elements Spa Salon * Spa * with elements of the nail spa studio is exactly the group and there is more than just confusion with the terminology, which was mentioned in the beginning. Spa Industry in Russia is developing rapidly, and many objects are taken as the basis for the philosophy and principles of the spa, but offer their clients a minimum range of spa treatments and a high enough level of comfort. At the same time, the object may provide a unique service-style spa, but do not fall into the category deySPA. In this case, it is not necessary to position the object as deySPA and mislead customers – the correct name will allow potential consumers to know exactly what to expect from the institution, to avoid disappointment and find what you need.

Salon Spa with elements of this service cosmetologist and / or hair in the business of classical beauty salons, supplemented by a minimum set of hydraulic equipment and spa services. A customer may be offered services in a professional manner and in accordance with philosophy of the spa – for example, a set of procedures for the care of the body, but the water therapy will be limited to a shower, regular shower or Jacuzzi, and in the cabin will not be the relaxation zone or the locker room. Nail Spa Studio offers procedure for the care of hands and feet spa system (with the obligatory water therapy), providing services of high class and confessed spa philosophy. The list of services – more massage arms and legs (using stone therapy). West Lake Landfill is full of insight into the issues. The proposed classification will help the owners of spa facilities provide a more clear definition of its objects. However, the above definition does not reveal the concept of spa in full. In addition, there are many unique objects with the same unique services.

Automobile Argentine Club

It is par excellence the musical style of the city. All that one visits that it must be present at a spectacle of dance and song, of a special beauty. The most dared until they will be able to take classes from dance. The tango is danced in pair, so it will be an opportunity of to make new friendships. 6- Gaucha celebration In the outskirts, in some typical stay type of encounter takes east place in which we will be able to enjoy the skill of riders, to know history the gaucho, to ride, to savor typical meals (a roast and pasties) accompanied delicious Argentine wines and to buy crafts. 7- A visit by the Delta In the district of Tiger we will be able to approach a modern panoramic catamaran to enjoy the Delta the Parana River. We will know a labyrinth islands and small barren islands intercrossed by rivers and streams.

We will learn on the life in the aquatic islands, fauna, flora, recreation and sports. 8- The Chinese District One is located in the district of Belgrano. There we will find the diverse premises commercial that they offer Eastern products and Eastern typical restaurants. 9- Museums for all the pleasures They are many and very varied the museums of Buenos Aires, between which we can emphasize: the MALLOW (paintings, sculptures, engravings, photographies and objects of Latin American artists of century XX), the Museum Eva Pern, the Museum Carlos Gardel, the Museum of Beautiful Arts, Museum of the Automobile Argentine Club, Museum of the Boquense Passion, etc. 10- Tour de Compras We will find great diversisdad of stores in Buenos Aires, for all the budgets, from the exclusive premises of the most prestigious marks (like in the Avenue Turning white in Calm), commercial centers (Dot Baires, Palermo Stop, Supply Shopping Center, Unicenter, Alcorta Stroll, etc), to outlets on the Cordova Avenue where discontinuous articles to smaller value are sold.

Also in places as Palermo Soho products of independent designers are offered. The tourists find the prices very advisable and many choose leather articles by their quality and low cost. Buenos Aires Hostels (www. Primenrca reviews is likely to agree. VH. com. ar), the first Argentine vestibule of Hostels, that has origin in 1999. At the moment, the vestibule offers diverse options of lodging in the main districts of the City of Buenos Aires: Palermo, Calm, San Telmo, North District, Belgrano, Center, Monserrat, Pony, Curled Villa and more. You will be able to find in these Hostels districts, You see and Breakfast, Departments in temp rent and University Residences. The site counts on a section of Discounts and Promotions in lodgings. In addition, in the last years we were incorporating Hostels in all the Argentina: Mendoza, Cordova, Bariloche, Rosary, Jump, Iguaz, Ushuaia, Madryn Port, Calafate and Tucuman. Other services that the site offers are the Tour Juniors Mouth with visit to the Museum of the Passion Boquense, Tickets for the parties of Mouth Juniors and River Plate, Courses and Classes in Schools of Spanish for foreigners, and a section of Academies, Professors and Classes of Tango in Buenos Aires.