The Borrower

In this mortgage scheme allows to increase the amount of income, taking into account the total income of the spouses. 3. Do not confuse mortgage and property. "Mortgage" apartment – the property the borrower purchased through mortgage apartment given to the bank as collateral. However, the pledge – it is only a "charge" of the property. The owner bought an apartment becomes a borrower, and immediately after buying! The borrower can live in an apartment prescribe where all family members can even take an apartment for rent (with the permission of the bank). The only charge (it is formally registered) is that while the buyer does not repay the loan, he will neither sell or exchange the apartment – that is unable to dispose of their property at their discretion.

4. Buy unfinished apartment – pledge in his own. When buying an apartment in the primary market unfinished apartment can not be a pledge. The apartment may be subject to pledge only after it is registered ownership – in the case of unfinished apartment that is impossible. When working with primary market banks use two schemes: – the customer chooses a company builder and an object in which he buys an apartment. However, given the high risks in the equity, the bank requires the borrower to pledge already available in his apartment. After graduating from construction and the emergence of property rights to a new apartment, the bank takes a pledge to the old apartment and takes a new mortgage – the bank accredits several construction companies in the past financial review.

Maracaibo Oil Company

It is clear that both films, dead Pozo and Maracaibo Oil Company, were speeches with strategies (more descriptive in the first, more narrative in the second) who failed to accurately establish structural and organizational attitudes, anticipating certain operations, by using appropriate instruments and tactical options precise, in order to achieve pre-established objectives. Not in vain says Britto Garcia (1990) regarding Oropeza film: there is very little of Maracaibo, and much less oil (p. 12). However, these films constitute steps primary by addressing and manifest, regardless of narrative strategies and forms, the self: a self that becomes visible to be manifold, being individual, collective, temporary, timeless, conscious, unconscious, material, supramaterial; a notorious force of provoking reactions in the viewer and raise a panorama, dark to the Venezuelan, for any man who does not belong to the Center, resumible with single noun self: identity. It is to explain. El Dorado is the myth that relates to the Eurocentric vision of what Latin American and that introduces us to the story. El Dorado, as myth, subsists in ambivalence: it is an attempt to express our inner significance and is a draw attention about elusive realities elusive insofar as they lie in the unconscious – to describe events historically verifiable, as travel by pariah of late 15th century and beginning of the next, which highlights the recent idea (Moron, 1994p. 36) of fixing points of departure for the second and the third Columbus voyage (1495 and 1498) pointed thread to follow by cataloged travellers of the first period. Roads that open the expedition in what will be the territory of Venezuela; the expedition made receptacle of the discoverer desire, the desire for territorial expansion, the aggrandizement of Spain, of the realization of the ideal personal, the lust for profit, of heroism. Such dynamics of widening of the Peninsular prepondero the myth of El Dorado, greatly influencing the countless comings and goings of the adventurers in the creation of new establishments in mining and, at the expense of cities whose apparent role was the of to serve as bridges of continental penetration into the general trend of colonization.

New Year

2010, as expected, has not brought improvement in the situation of financial crisis. It was the year of farewell to the old familiar way of life, so what was left of our old attitudes and beliefs. We were given the opportunity to throw a last glance at the wreck and say goodbye to those that will never return. Neither the economy nor art, nor business, nor the financial market, nor policy, nor the price of the house, no monthly fee – nothing will again be the same as it was before. We are on the verge of completely new laws and regulations, new methods of economic development, politics and the world at large. It is such superglobal change promises, Uranus, who in March-April, finally change the sign, pass from Pisces Aries and lay a new long cycle of 84 years. That's when it really would make sense to celebrate the New Year, so it's 12/11 March 2011! At this time, Uranus enters Aries in the first degree, and will welcome the astrological event, which will eventually lead to revolutionary changes in many areas of our lives. Uranus – a planet anarchism and for freedom, originality and brilliant talents, reform and revision of values. Under this planet is born very talented people, astrologers and astronomers, thinkers and philosophers, computer scientists and scholars seers and esoteric He gives fenomentalnye qualities of mind, the ability to create and feel new. This planet is "Indigo Children" and clairvoyants, those who have true freedom of spirit and not subject to authority.

Central America

I get many emails of people who are eager to start a business on the Internet but unfortunately at the end of the process discovered that the company Paypal does not work with their respective countries and the reason is that unscrupulous people used this medium to defraud hurting other people in this country who want to work honestly, as my goal is to help the Latino community to go ahead is that I started looking at some Internet alternative to solve the problem for these people. I found a company that works in some countries of South America and Central America which are:-ARGENTINA – MEXICO – CHILE – COLOMBIA – BRAZIL in case your country is not on this list I recommend to visit the following link where I give you another solution if you’re in a country where you can not sell using Paypal or Mail money. Click on the following link: another alternative to sell from South America that not be PAYPAL or money MAIL the way this company operates is well similar to Paypal, your web page this in Castilian by what is going to be much easier, you can follow the steps, this company cobra for the inscription and the cash receipts for each transaction is not similar to Paypal, but in this case will give the option to the client if you want to pay in installments and depending on that transaction cost will vary. The idea is that you generate the product with them and at the end of this process this company is going to provide the HTML code which you paste it into your website in the same way that I teach in my video tutorials with Paypal. The company is called money MAIL and can enter by clicking on the following link: money MAIL believe that is a good opportunity in case you want to sell digital products online, now there is nothing that does not allow you to perform your business on the Internet and you come out ahead, only thinks about the potential that exists to work on the Internet, we are not talking about a country we talk about everything the world here you have a very large market have greater possibilities of sale not Miss this great opportunity. Remember that in my website you’ll find 50 video tutorials so that you can build your own web page in a matter of hours providing you all the information you need to build your website and looking professional and all the companies with which you can work to earn money using it either ClickBank, Google Adsense, digital books and afiliadoras companies, do not lose your time and visit by clicking on the following link: VIDEOS tutorials create your WEBSITE or business by the INTERNET author’s original and source of the article.

Choose Credit

Car loan repayment: – early maturity: the second month after loan – payments are made monthly, in equal amounts (at the time of the loan the bank will send the borrower notice in the mail with the schedule of loan repayment by month) – possibly cash or cashless repayments, early repayment. How to take advantage of getting car loan? Step 1. Consult in the showroom: what banks in this showroom offer auto loans. Choose Credit program; Step 2. Select a car in any car show-partner bank (namely someone whose credit program you like) and to determine the cost of additional works on pre-sale preparation of the car; Step 3. Make a Motor invoice for you to choose a car and make a copy of its Title, certified by a stamp dealership; IMPORTANT! If the loan amount exceeds 1 million rubles to provide a set of documents of the Guarantor (Corresponds to a set of documents of the Borrower). Based on information received, the bank will make the final calculation of the loan amount and make a decision: to grant or deny credit to the Borrower.

If you made a positive solution – see Step 4. Step 4. Pay advance auto show – at least 20% of the final cost of the car. Step 5. Register your car in the traffic police to establish an insurance policy on him.

Step 6. Together with the employee Dealer submit to the bank original Title and an insurance policy for your car, and then sign the acceptance certificate of transfer and get a new car! Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Car Loan 1. What is the interest rate on car loans? For the new Car: – term loans of up to 1 year – 13% U.S. Dollars, 11% – U.S. – loan term from 1 year to 3.5 years (or up to 5 years for special programs) – 14-15% Dollars, 12% – dollars. For a used car: – the credit period to 1 year – 17% U.S. Dollars, 12% – U.S. – Crediting period from 1 year to 3.5 years (or up to 5 years for special programs) – 18% U.S. Dollars, 13% – dollars. 2. What could be providing car loan? Required Software – secured car, optional (for large amounts credit): third-party guarantee, a pledge of other property. 3. How does the debt? Repayment is in monthly installments (the share of debt + interest on the loan), the moratorium on prepayment – 6 months. 4. Can I get a car loan motorcycle? If you want to buy 'cool' bike (which is sometimes worth more than some of the models 'Lada') – the banks will help to solve this problem. Credit for the purchase of motorcycles available on up to 3 years, the interest rate – from 15% per annum in rubles. Bon voyage, be careful on the roads!

Party Design Company

And if the designer is a party design company, market relations are cost not between the two, as usual, but between the three entities: the producer, the project organization and the customer. In this case, the customer Directs the design organization to create a project of the new system or upgrading an existing one, passing it, thus, choosing the right da. Project organization, contact the manufacturer asks for a passport for products specifying the technical characteristics of the ko, drawing, etc. There is an exchange of information between the project organization and the manufacturer. Contractors performing work for the construction or upgrading of heat exchanger equipment, installs fittings provided in the project – specific models ko particular manufacturer. In practice, in systems paropotreblyayuschego heat exchange equipment in addition to the individual da or a combination of QRs used as nodes draining on the basis of lp.

Node draining on the basis of certain models of co – a product made as a whole, which includes: self ko, and control instruments, valves, crossings, pipelines. Benefits of draining nodes: 1) Making any type on the basis of co 2) Simplified installation co 3) Small temporary installation costs 4) Exclude the violation mode of co, arising by reason of not properly executed binding, defective parts, lack of piping and control instrumentation. When you select a ca, but the main technical characteristics and dimensions also need to pay attention to the following parameters: – a range of technical options (mounting diameter, pressure, temperature, steam flow rate) – the stability of work for small loads and load variations, and pressure – option for accession installation (flanged, threaded, welded) – resistance to vibroudaram and dirt – the life – the payback period; These options products are important not only for consumers but also for the intermediaries ('wholesale component organizations'), since the more universal trap (a wide range of pressure, temperature, flow rate and the nominal diameter, stability of the oscillation of the load and pressure), the more his life service and lower price and therefore the payback period, the easier the data model will ko their consumers.


Surely you've seen on the internet enough publications on this subject and already know what methods of family budgets exist. In short, I remind you, the family budget is a joint, separate, and co-separated. Joint – this is when all the income of all family members are added to a 'pool' from which funds are drawn and family needs and personal. Together, the separate type of budget assumes payment of the their income of every family member in the 'pool', which remains as much a part remains in full possession of its owner. Where separate type of budget, each family member individually manages its income.

It would seem that all understandable, but it happens even in families with experience of the spouses may not understand: but how to maintain their budget? Which scheme to choose? To what extent will participate in the budget of each family member? Who will be the 'chief accountant' and 'chief cashier 'families? In this article I will tell you how to build the financial part of the life of my family. Somebody shake him: – 'So what? ", Someone will think: -" Something in this is', and someone may serve as an example. In our family drawing budgeting and planning costs for a month, for the most part, I do. Just because I have it better than it turns out, my wife Helen did not have the patience to count all, well I have and the work of a kind – a thorough count, used (I'm an engineer-designer).

Success at Work

As staff and colleagues can contribute to the success of each other? The answer – their own labor. The recognition of equal rank has always been one of the strongest motivating factors. Next, come into play are satisfied with your staff clients. Quite naturally, like the flight of birds or the buzzing of bees, they tell us about your friends, neighbors, partners, colleagues and even their own customers. As a result, these conversations appear "on the recommendation of customers." By themselves, these customers are the reward for your employees and their high expectations are a good incentive for further improvement in the profession. That way, your customers become loyal to your company's sales staff and volunteer, support group managers, mentors and innovators, quality controllers, and all this for a very reasonable cost – for what you make them happy. Agree that you will never be able to hire so many people and still retain profitability. Circle.

You encourage your employees. Your employees encourage each other. They also stimulate your customers to encourage their friends, who become your customers, which in turn, stimulates you – and it all starts over again. As a result, you get a self-sustaining business model. Basic settings technique "word of mouth" effect of "word of mouth" is known for a long time, but marketing recently started to develop it, enhance, improve and subordinate their own interests. The main purpose of marketing, "word of mouth" – give people a reason to discuss your products and services, as well as to create similar discussions fertile soil.

Accumulation of Money

Many people do not manage to expand their conscience of abundance because they have listened to a series of concepts mistaken with respect to the accumulation of money, think that when having much money them can happen the following situations: they will become insensible, materialistic, egoistic, will clear to him to others, they will become magnificent, etc. All the negative ideas with respect to the money they do not have sense, is truth that some that those situations have been observed and will continue but are not valid reasons so that we resign to our ideas of abundance and to think that the same can happen us, we never must accept those affirmations, for example every day hundreds die or thousands of people in automobile accidents and that are not reason so that the cars are stopped, on the contrary every day we see more, to the equal the wealth, there are no reasons not to accept it in our life because that will allow us to have one better quality of life and to be better people. In the book I Am Happy, I Am Rico you you will find great you reason to obtain that its subconscious mind programs the wealth and most important you will be able to find the methods to change the instructions in his mind and that finally can enjoy peace, freedom and wealth in its life, when reading this book will be able to surpass many fears that in have moved away the past it of their dreams, of the things that it loves and it will fill that it of an enormous happiness.. .

Jamaica. Choose Your Perfect Relaxation .

Today each of us suffers from the large accelerations that are simply provided with the modern pace of life. A huge number of functions that need time to produce, and also – in the shortest periods, simply leads to horror. Sometimes we, especially at the end of the year, so tired that just physically unable to settle accounts with these loads, which are given to us by our social status. Without hesitation Nicholas Carr explained all about the problem. Directly with those to correct this state of activities need to rest. And on how to spend it, everyone decides for himself, and whether it will tour to the Caribbean or horticultural activities in their country – is dependent only on personal morals. Of course, the most active people who work in certain branches of business, being able to afford to provide recreational areas around the world. And while no accident touched and cottage: for someone very best relaxation is just an upgrade of the atmosphere and the chance to be alone, without tiring your cell phone.

However, therapists claim that the optimal relaxation – it is one that relates to change not just the situation, but also the natural area. This way the human body feels kind of stress associated with the change of climatic parameters of reality and get rid of the problems that we sometimes remain in your memory at all on the edge of the world, not even knowing about this. However, tours to the Dominican Republic and other tourist destinations because it can take advantage of such popularity among vacationers from around the world that provide an opportunity to get away from such thoughts. Warm sea will wash away the real meaning of these small and insignificant in terms of our earthly paradise of complexity, and resort visitors perceive themselves really fresh. In fact, the rest in or subtropical coastal climate zone – this is especially euphoria. Because only there that we can not only enjoy the change of environment, but also in the literal sense of the word to get rid of chilling movement clothes and do not think about their own image.

And Jamaica, and Caribbean, and many other Resorts are bound to be in demand by tourists. Since virtually exclusively in a place everyone of us in a position to not really worry about this, as he looks, paying attention only to how he feels. Appearance is not important, but only on vacation, we can actually make such a statement. We are unable to afford a stay – and more important jewel difficult to imagine. Preferring a space for your relaxation, paying particular attention to the topography. Indeed, rather than go to the cottage, perhaps, competent to choose a deserted beach at the corner of Eden?