Accumulation of Money

Many people do not manage to expand their conscience of abundance because they have listened to a series of concepts mistaken with respect to the accumulation of money, think that when having much money them can happen the following situations: they will become insensible, materialistic, egoistic, will clear to him to others, they will become magnificent, etc. All the negative ideas with respect to the money they do not have sense, is truth that some that those situations have been observed and will continue but are not valid reasons so that we resign to our ideas of abundance and to think that the same can happen us, we never must accept those affirmations, for example every day hundreds die or thousands of people in automobile accidents and that are not reason so that the cars are stopped, on the contrary every day we see more, to the equal the wealth, there are no reasons not to accept it in our life because that will allow us to have one better quality of life and to be better people. In the book I Am Happy, I Am Rico you you will find great you reason to obtain that its subconscious mind programs the wealth and most important you will be able to find the methods to change the instructions in his mind and that finally can enjoy peace, freedom and wealth in its life, when reading this book will be able to surpass many fears that in have moved away the past it of their dreams, of the things that it loves and it will fill that it of an enormous happiness.. .