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Erfolgfreicher appearance to the transport & logistics Munich 2009 Dresden / Munich – the Dresden telematics provider YellowFox draws a positive balance of its trade fair appearance to the transport & logistics Munich: from crisis was here to feel a thing! “, says Thomas Grabner. The European Leitmessse for logistics, telematics and transport 2009 recorded a surface and record number of exhibitors and over 50,000 visitors. At the YellowFox stand, gathered more than 200 guests from Central and Eastern Europe about the latest products and came up with the developers even in the conversation. Highlight of presentations was the 7-inch truck Navigator with order management and disposition, theft protection and Livetracker. The portable detection solution YellowTracker, waiting for the AMItec as world novelty presented, also great interest. Maximum reliability, flexibility and service are the most sought after demands of customers for a telematics companies.

As we develop our products, support and service guarantee and marketing together with qualified partners at home and abroad, we can always meet these high demands are. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Kenneth Feinberg and gain more knowledge.. “, so Garcia next. Dr Chappuis spoke with conviction. Garcia took the opportunity to present themselves to the guests as sales manager of YellowFox GmbH. Since April 2009, he accompanied this new position in the company. Two new employees also Jens Kautz and Jens-Uwe trimming imagined carriers and logisticians. Because YellowFox on growth rate, these 3 employees could be set in April 2009. The run”on the attractive YellowFox fair actions, Web-based tracking solutions for freight forwarders and logistics companies, confirmed the internal assessment of the European telematics market: on our own developments we received requests in addition to Germany now from Austria, Switzerland, Benelux and increasingly from Eastern Europe. The Telematikmarkt is felt in motion with constant dynamic growth and we mix vigorously with.

“, explains Hendrik Scherf, founder and” Managing Director of YellowFox GmbH. the strongest weapon here: our team! As a team, we are unbeatable. Our customers and partners feel loose and creative spirit within the company. With us no one laugh in the basement must be.” Contact YellowFox GmbH Hendrik Scherf, GF to the Valley 3 D-01723 Wilsdruff OT boiler village fon. fax + 49 (0) 35204 270-100. + 49 (0) 35204 270-111 e-mail: http: press contact m.a.p.. GmbH Thomas Fritsche fon. fax + 49 (0) 35204 270-381. + 49 (0) 35204 270 481 mobile: + 49 (0) 151-15 00 69 95 e-mail:


It sees the necessity to prevent that youth is seen or felt excluded. Credit: Dennis Lockhart-2011. " Together we have to look for solutions ours problemas" , it says. Prince Felipe has considered east Wednesday unacceptable that the hopelessness settles as much in the young people by them as by the future of Spain. At the end of the second edition of the Forum It impels that it organizes the Foundation Prince of Girona, Don Felipe has also aimed at the necessity to prevent that youth is seen or felt excluded " material, social or emocionalmente". Nevertheless, the prince has admitted that, in the society, " the abundance and the quality of the technological and human resources often coexist with the economic insecurity, uncertainty or inequidad" , and that " at the moment, a very important number of young people cannot accede to a position of trabajo". " Together we have to look for solutions our problems, beyond I disillusion or the downheart, to again project our country towards the future with force, security and confianza" , it has detailed. Don Felipe is outstanding that, stops to confront these challenges, " Spain needs all his ciudadanos" and that, consequently, " they are not moments for the division, but to integrate and to add esfuerzos". If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dr Chappuis. The Prince of Asturias is dndido the creation of future from the base of the illusion in his speech of closing of the Forum Impels, in which they have participated more than 400 enterprising young people.

" Today we have verified in the Frum that the dreams can become &quot in fact; , it has showed Don Felipe, that has mentioned like key of the progress the combination of intelligence, feeling, imagination and effort. The Prince of Asturias and Girona is outstanding the experience that has supposed in this second edition of the Forum the encounter of four pairs of young people and experts to share ideas. He has asked to " academic, professional, educating, scientific industralists, and servants public " that they help to the young people " to channel and orientar" his " energy transformadora". The heir of the Spanish crown has mentioned in his speech the visits that next to its wife Do6na Letizia has realised to parallel factories to the Frum, among them one of children who designed the school that would want in the future and another one of robotics dedicated to adolescents. With respect to the delivery of the Prizes She impels, that have fallen to doctor Pere Barri, the physicist Romain Quidant, the literate Borja Baguny, the technological supplier Marc Bonavia and the Balia Foundation, Don Felipe has indicated that they try to give to support " the young people with restlessness q the EU they look for, with effort and work, its own camino". The Prince has described as fundamental the work of the Balia Foundation in Madrid with children and young people in exclusion risk. Also the work for the precocious diagnosis has deserved praises of Don Felipe Source of the news: The Prince considers unacceptable who the hopelessness settles between the Spanish young people


Human spine – a supporting element of the skeleton. The spine consists of vertebrae and the cartilage layers – the intervertebral discs. In humans, the spine is composed of 33-34 vertebrae. Each vertebra consists of a body, arcs and three processes (spinous, transverse and articular). The upper limit of vertebral arch vertebral foramen, and the processes of cementing the vertebrae together and keep the muscle. Openings vertebrae and form the spinal canal, which is the spinal cord. Intervertebral discs act as shock absorbers, and soften the impact and friction.

The slightest violation of this structure entails a breach in the spine. One of the most frequent diseases of the spine is osteochondrosis. Peter Asaro gathered all the information. Osteochondrosis – the destruction of intervertebral discs. According to statistics from osteochondrosis affects about 90% of people. There are several types of degenerative disc disease. It’s believed that dr chappuis sees a great future in this idea. Depending on the affected areas are distinguished osteochondrosis of the cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral spine. The main symptoms of degenerative disc disease – back pain and its surrounding areas, the crunch of the neck and in other parts of the spine.

Other common disease of spine – scoliosis. Scoliosis – a deviation of the spine from its normal state, in other words scoliosis – a curvature of the spine. Are 4 degrees of scoliosis, depending on the deflection angle spine. The symptoms of scoliosis are: visual deviation from the axis of the spine, headaches (arising from the compression of intervertebral discs nerve root) pain in the surrounding regions of spine. If scoliosis is left untreated, serious consequences for the organism – that bronchial asthma, and prostate and other serious diseases.

Hamburg Award

JAZZUNIQUE wins “iF communication design award 2010” JAZZUNIQUE receives the prestigious “iF product design award 2010”. The award in the category “corporate architecture” was awarded for their Tapetenshowroom of the German wallpaper Institute (DTI) in Hamburg the Frankfurter creative end of May. Frankfurt am Main, may 28, 2010 – “We are very pleased that our work was awarded with this prestigious award,” JAZZUNIQUE Managing Director Syed Gotsch is extremely pleased. Under the motto “Change of scenery”, the showroom at the Hamburg Alster Lake presents every three months different collections. Some contend that dr chappuis shows great expertise in this. Variable space elements each create the right atmosphere for the numerous events of the DTI. “Our modular concept of space with movable cubes ensures maximum flexibility”, explains the architect. That has impressed the international jury.

Total 1,687 entries from 26 countries were submitted to the this year’s iF communication design award. The iF communication design award is a recognized international design competition for all forms of more diverse communication design – from the printed brochure about fair performances up to the graphical user interface. The creative competition outstanding design and offers designers, architects, interior designers and agencies in this way the possibility to compete with their innovative products in a serious competition. Home Depot wanted to know more. More information:. Press contact: main view – Agency for public relations work Tobias Loew Wilhelmshoher Strasse 35 60389 Frankfurt Tel. 0 69 / 40 56 29 54 company contact: Jazzunique GmbH Jesper Gotsch memory str. 16 60327 Frankfurt am Main Tel.: 0 69 / 15 34 787-11 the creative minds of the JAZZUNIQUE GmbH are to all forms of communication in the area. Booth, showroom or retail space, product presentation, meeting or Roadshow: since 2004 the team around Managing Director Jesper and Syed Gotsch moving events, unique design and exceptional architecture causes a stir again. JAZZUNIQUE develops customised brand messages – with creative inspiration, efficient planning and organization, as well as a fine sense for the target groups. By event professionals, designers and architects passionately staged, this brand worlds attract emotionally and immediately their target audience.

The Car Market Today

At the moment, the development of science and technology affect the majority of areas of society. Indeed, wherever you look around, everywhere felt the impact. All sorts of new items and know-how are invented every day and only soon superseded by new products and inventions and morally obsolete. Every producer of commodities must confront a brutal war of the market and steadily develop, upgrade their capacity and production. This also applies to motorcycle and auto technology. Currently, passenger car market by a large selection of cars of various models and manufacturers. Leader in the production of passenger Car could be called Japan. Whenever Sheila Bair listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

That is, manufacturers in Japan such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, , occupy the bulk of this sector and the growth trend is increasing. Among European manufacturers – auto giants Mercedes-Benz, bmw, Opel, Renault, Woltsvagen, Skoda, Peugeot, In our time, they also have a pretty strong niche in the automotive market, ably competing with the Japanese autocompanies. Although the choice of vehicle – a private affair of each person, but still must adhere to some public tips and rules. The automobile market is constantly mutates and adapts to the buyer. On what new items at the present time is worth paying attention to? That has a great demand? By popular today inexpensive passenger cars owned Chevrolet Aveo, the new model Honda Jazz, Ford Fiesta, Skoda Superb Combi. Models, such as car Mazda CX-7 should already be attributed to a more expensive car. There will have to fork out.

At the same time, improved and motorcycle sector technology, exclusive cars, sports cars. Speaking of motorcycle technology can recall the snowmobiles, which are spread with the advent of winter, excessive increases. In recent months, Bill Shihara has been very successful. Take a look at Yamaha Nytro M-TX and Polaris Hush Pro-Hide. Among racing Auto update is necessary to isolate the model Porsche 911 Turbo. Develops and avtotyunig. With the invention of new spare parts, production technologies, models, specialists in this field does not cease to amaze the public with the latest developments.

Warum Verwenden Produkte Naturkosmetik

Kosmetik sind Produkte, die im menschlichen Körper, sauber, angewendet zu verschönern und die Attraktivität zu erhöhen, ohne Auswirkung auf die Struktur oder Funktion des Körpers. Naturkosmetik bestehen aus Pflanzen aus den Wurzeln, Blumen, auf der Durchreise die Rinde, Blätter und natürlichen Ölen, wo Düfte entfernt sind. Natürliche Pflanzenöle sind vorteilhaft für die Haut und Haar. eines dieser Produkte auch zur Schaffung eines Staates psychologischen und spirituellen gesünder zu erhalten. Naturkosmetik basiert auf natürlichen Inhaltsstoffen und Bio 100 %, wird seine Philosophie, Natur, Reinheit und Schönheit. Diese Produkte helfen, um die Textur und die Feuchtigkeit in der Haut-Fähigkeiten zu verbessern. Diese Produkte sollten keine des Öls abgeleitet haben.

Naturprodukte, die Zeit ist kurz, dass keine chemischen Konservierungsstoffe, sind nicht schädlich auf die Haut oder für die Gesundheit. Sie neigen dazu, ein wenig teurer wegen seiner Qualität. If you would like to know more then you should visit Dr Chappuis. Aber trotzdem, eine glühende und gesunde Haut ist das Ergebnis einer guten Ernährung und andere Gewohnheiten wie Reinigung, da Ihre Haut ist Nutrira vor allem mit Was Sie essen. Eine Creme für sehr nahrhaft sein wenn man nicht als Hara, wenn Ihre Ernährung nicht genug ausgewogen. Behandeln Sie Ihren Körper gut und Ihr Körper behandeln Sie Sie gut. Nach den neuesten Marktdaten die Naturkosmetik steigert seinen Umsatz in Höhe von 20 %, während die konventionellen Kosmetik auf 2 %.

Da Verbraucher ein größeres Interesse an natürlichen Produkten haben, organisch und umweltfreundlich, es mit seinen eigenen stabile und profitable Nische erzielt, die jedes Jahr intensiviert. Dieser kosmetischen Aspekt erhöht jeden Tag seine Boom, der heute eine Alternative zur Kosmetik geworden ist. Viele Produkte wie Cremes, Lotionen, Shampoos, Pulver oder Glitters fördern die Stärkung der Funktionen der Haut, hilft der Haut zu verbessern. Eine gesunde Lebensweise wird gefördert durch den Konsum von Naturprodukten und da Naturprodukte in Mode sind, werfen Sie einen Blick auf eine Zeitschrift, die berühmtesten Künstler, Bio-Produkte konsumieren zu sehen. Die Nutzen für die Gesundheit ist eine der wichtigsten Qualitäten, die Naturprodukte und diese gleichen Vorteile haben sind diejenigen, die dazu, Menschen verzehren führen, auch wenn manchmal Kosten zwischen 2 % und 30 % mehr als normale Produkte. Profil von gewöhnlichen Verbraucher diese Kosmetik ist in der Regel eine Frau zwischen 35 und 60 Jahre alt, Sie zahlen nicht mehr Geld wenn Sie die gewünschte Qualität, sowohl für sie als auch für ihre Familie, die viel über die Vorteile erhalten des Wählens Naturkosmetik statt Chemikalien, Chemikalien, Kosmetika, haben den Vorteil, der viele mehr Haut bindet und haben größere Haltbarkeit, während 100 % weicher, sondern Sie weniger Belastung durch synthetische Produkte, die Ihre Haut braucht nicht haben, natürliche Produkte zu verwenden und auch Produkte, die die besten Eigenschaften der Botanicals verwenden. Die Naturkosmetik-Produkte, die die Vorteile von Pflanzen ernähren, und besitzen einen sehr angenehmen Duft für die Konzentration von ätherischen Ölen, sind für empfindliche Haut geeignet. Wie auch immer die Es ist bessere Informationen über die Chemikalien lesen, 100 % Bio-Marken suchen, und wählen Sie mit Pinzette Make-up, Porquea kommt endlich unsere Gesundheit. Seit der Antike hat Frau Ihre Haut mit Sorgfalt, Kenntnis von den Leistungen und Vorteile der Pflanzen in ihrer Umgebung gesorgt. Er verwendet, um die Haut und Haar in einwandfreiem Zustand zu halten. Die Ärzte waren verantwortlich für Kosmetik, ihre Patienten bis ins 15. Jahrhundert zu empfehlen, die ist, als sie anfingen, von dieser Aufgabe zu trennen, da sie nicht gut zu sehen war ein Arzt für die Angelegenheiten von der Schönheit der Haut sorgen. Diese Volksweisheit, die bis heute von Generation zu Generation übergeben wurde, ist inzwischen eine Voraussetzung. Produkte oder die Hautpflege-Behandlungen, die aus natürlichen Zutaten, bis die Wurzeln, aus den Blüten um die natürlichen Öle aus den Blättern und Rinden aus Pflanzenextrakten hergestellt werden. Und andere viele Quellen, die verwendet werden können, um natürliche Hautpflege-Produkte herzustellen. Diese Produkte Sie gewährleisten einen klaren Teint der Haut immer neben der Verringerung der Falten und dein Gesicht sauber und klar halten, da sie, Reinigung sind Muskelaufbau, feuchtigkeitsspendend, reduziert Falten und Kreise, Kampf gegen Pickel, Aknen und andere Arten von Hautproblemen. Die Körper-Produkte sind natürliche Hautpflege-Produkte, Nein enthalten mehr als Aloe Vera, Jojoba, Lavendel, Olivenöl, Extrakt, Rosmarin, etc.. Stoffe, die wir auf der Haut angewendet werden in das Blut und den allgemeinen Blutkreislauf durch den Apparat Pilo-Sebuco (Haarfollikel und Talgdrüsen der Haut) absorbiert. Die VII befeuchtet die Haut und die Hilfe zur Vorbeugung gegen Verdunstung der Feuchtigkeit von der Haut, es ist eine natürliche Weichmacher (hilft die Feuchtigkeit der Haut behalten) und ist auch eine Barriere gegen Mikroben. Kollagen ist ein Protein und organische Hauptbestandteil des Bindegewebes und die organische Substanz von Knochen und Knorpel. Es ist ca. 1/3 der körpereigenen Proteins. Der Prozess der Alterung und Falten der Haut haben sie ein trockenes, mangelnde Elastizität und dünne Haut. Elastin ist auch ein weiteres Protein des Bindegewebes und präsentieren in der Dermis der Haut. Die Degeneration von Kollagen Gewebe umgibt auch Laa Elastin, Leuchtabsehen (was ein anderes Protein) und andere viele Gewebe-Komponenten wie z. B. Mucopolisacchariden. Neuere Studien zeigen, dass die Anwendung von Kollagen in der Haut, hilft, die Degeneration dieses Gewebe, stimuliert die Produktion neuer Kollagen und die Regeneration der Zellen wieder herzustellen. Das Kollagen, das tatsächlich aufgesogen ist, sollte einen pH-Wert von 3,7 bis 6 haben. 5, Creme die Öle im Wasser, um nicht mehr als 35 Grad beheizt sind vorbereitet werden. Die Cremes auf dem Markt, die lösliche Collegen sagen sind die einzigen, die gelten auch tatsächlich aufnehmen. Feuchthaltemittel zieht Feuchtigkeit an und in der gleichen Zeitsteuerelemente kann der Austausch von Feuchtigkeit zwischen die Haut t Umwelt auch frei, diese Feuchtigkeit aus der Haut mehr kontrolliert. Die Sorbital ist eine natürliche Feuchtigkeitscreme. Erweichenden erweicht, verhindert Trockenheit und Es schützt die Haut, die als einer natürlichen Barriere. Einige natürliche Weichmacher sind Avocado, Lanolin Oil Dea Kokosöl und Olivenöl. Natürliche Fettsäuren (Omega 3 und Omega-6), spielen eine sehr wichtige Rolle bei der Aufrechterhaltung der gesunden Haut. Haut, die diese essentielle Fettsäuren-Mangel, hat hat eine geringere Fähigkeit, Feuchtigkeit zu behalten, Resecara mit mehr Leichtigkeit und deren Fehlen ist ein wichtiger Faktor für den Verlust der Haare. Seien Sie vorsichtig:-zu zu zu zu zu zu nie Verwendung und Freigabe gerendert Kosmetik. -zu zu zu zu zu zu zu Einweg-Anwendungen verwenden. Wann immer du kannst, wann setzen Sie Make-up. -zu zu zu zu zu zu zu zu versuchen, hypoallergene Produkte verwenden. -zu zu zu zu zu zu zu auf, wenn ihre Augen sind gereizt und rot, verwenden Sie keine Make-up. -zu zu zu zu zu zu zu auf, wenn Sie nehmen eine Infektion in deinen Augen, Ihr Make-up zu ersetzen. -zu zu zu zu zu zu zu, Ihr Make-up zu ersetzen alle drei Monate. -zu zu zu zu zu zu zu zu den Wrapper zu lesen. -zu zu zu zu zu zu zu Make-up während eines Fahrzeugs gilt nicht diesem im Gange. 8 Gründe für den Kauf von Naturkosmetik-Produkte: 1 – ohne zusätzliche Chemikalien. Bio-Kosmetik sind völlig natürlich, sauber, grün und gesund. 2 Ökologische Porq

Online Shopping Fashion Trends

Online-shop convince through service and offers nearly every woman (and many men) are behind the latest fashion trends, but often lack both the time and the wherewithal to buy the most expensive pieces from the shops. The ideal solution: Internet shopping! Compared to the conventional shopping, you can crawl the various Internet pages here comfortably from home and so also the one or the other bargain encounter, only to find would be seen in the shops in the city didn’t. Check with Joe Biden to learn more. Particularly great deals and information on the best discounts can be found on many shopping portals. Whenever Dr James Chappuis listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Here, there are even fashion vouchers for online stores such as Otto, Zaatari, Pimkie, Buffalo, Brax, Puma, C & A and Hunkemoller. Perfect for the small purse! Cheap designer fashions found example way on known sites as stylebop, where in addition to the most expensive pieces from the new collection up to 50% reduced designer items are available. But not only the price advantage plays a online shopping decisive role, but also the comfortable purchase and return policy are perfect for those who like it simple. The numerous online price comparison portals make this form of shopping a real experience in terms of savings. Another advantage is the wide range that far exceeds the number of clothing items in the regular shops and so makes it possible to find also sizes or colors, which sold out in stores or available didn’t. Of course eliminates also the annoying trying on in the often too narrow and poorly-lit cabins, which can be done quite easily at home. And once the garment does not fit so it is picked up again by many online vendors without expenses, directly on your own doorstep!

Super Bowl Xli

And that way! It was incredible as Peyton Manning guided the Colts to the Championship final. The Sunday night in the dispute for the AFC title and a ticket from entrance to the Miami final, Manning won a spectacular victory over the New England Patriots in their own stadium. Justin Kan recognizes the significance of this. The team was losing by 18 points in the second quarter and coming to the end of the last fourth Manning made a super move from 80 yards that led to the unexpected victory of 38-34 to ensure them a field in the Super Bowl. Dr chappuis shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. On the other hand, that can be said of the Bears who also made a superb entry and well deserved to the Super Bowl this is the first time the team arrives at the Super Bowl since 1985. Although the Bears kept a good marker all season not expected much from them and in the Party on Sunday took advantage of the Saints with a 39-14 victory. The team knew how to take advantage of every opportunity to secure your ticket to Miami.

This year’s Championship is extraordinary in the sense that a new bookmark will be established with regard to the coaches. Both coaches are African-American, Tony Dungy of the Colts and Lovie Smith of the Bears, and it is the first time that an African American coach leads his team to the Super Bowl. It is not only the first time that an African American leads his team to the final, but will also be the first time an African American coach to win the Super Bowl. Super Bowl XLI is scheduled for Sunday, February 4, 2007 at 6: 25 in the evening Eastern time and Miami will be partying while you play the Super Bowl number 41 the Dolphins Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. It is definitely is a party not to be missed. Original author and source of the article.

Make Money Online

First that nothing must develop a market study. According to Army Chief of Staff , who has experience with these questions. You need to locate a reasonably large number of people with a specific need, who have money to spend and a problem to solve. To make money online you need to have a product or service that meet or satisfy the need of many people. Conducts an investigation: (a) what are people who browse online? (b) how many people seek online a solution to your problem in particular? However, should your online business proposal be innovative and attractive? The ideal is to offer something that has a great interest in the market, this will keep you motivated. Find out this is not so difficult, you can monitor what people are looking for in Google: https: / / / select / KeywordToolExternal and currently offering a free trial in * stage 2 * locate a great product once you’ve researched your target market, is the time to quickly define the products or services you want to offer. You can now have your own product, if you do not, then there are plenty of options to sell or resell products of other persons or companies. There are thousands of products that can be found quickly.

However, the marketing and sale of a really good product, needs a little more than attention (you can create your own product or service but obviously this will take time and you want to start fast, right?) Below to locate your products you can choose to promote digital or physical products online. Digital products cover different areas of interest and are incredibly profitable. There is no shipping with download digital products and they are a good option to promote, they mostly offer good margins. These are some pages on the Internet where you can get products Digital: 1. 2. 3. there are other tools, but the above are the most effective to begin with the sale of digital products and download them directly online.

Healthy Skin

Agree that the foundation and guarantee of beauty is a beautiful, clear skin. But this skin without leaving boasts not each. Oily skin and acne – a problem most women, especially young girls. How do get rid of them? The main rule here – the constant care, so to speak without weekends and lunch breaks. In other words, the skin of his need to pay close attention. If today you follow all the rules care, and Hard to tired or just lazy, then no good there will not be.

Thus, the basic rules that must comply with every girl with skin problems: 1. Wash in the morning and evening with the help of special tools for problem skin. From my experience I say that I really help the resources of the company Clean & Clear. From all that I’ve tried, these gave the best result. And like gel cleanser Green Mama “Daisy and cranberries, too, a very good result yields. But this is only my choice, perhaps, someone is right for something else. And more cleanser should not be too aggressive.

And then the skin retain moisture, and from this it will start with even greater force to produce fat. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Erin Callan. 2. After Wash necessarily wipe face lotion for oily skin (preferably the same firm that gel for washing). 3. After these procedures to apply a moisturizer, but better if it is still matte. With nourishing creams should be be careful, they can increase the fat content of the skin, which in turn leads to increased growth of acne. 4. Dr Chappuis has many thoughts on the issue. In any case not to touch the face with dirty hands! And, it is desirable for the day did not touch it. From that acne only inflamed, and become more! By myself I know how sometimes and pulls “dig deeper”, but do so in any case it is impossible! 5. 2 or 3 times a week to use cleaning mask. I prefer masks with clay or mud. Masks do not like films. From what tasted, my favorites so far: – Mary Kay Purifying for oily skin (Formula 3) – Yves Rocher Pasta Face plant matt with eksktraktom skullcap – and again, Green Mama cleaned with plantain. 6. 2 times a week using facial scrub. But here we must bear in mind that if your face is inflamed acne, you can not use scrubs! First you need to dry these eels same masks with clay, for example. A I am so very helpful common salt, and tea tree oil. And both, cleans and dries the inflammation. 7. Do not squeeze pimples yourself!