Mazzitelli Products

Numerous manufacturers from various countries export their products to suit every taste, in a wide price range. However, the most prestigious and popular among consumers become Italian interior doors, known for their high quality, reliability and exquisite detailing. The cost of such products is quite high, but it does not affect demand, which increases every year. In general, the Italian factory door may be conditionally divided into three groups. Manufacturers of hollow veneer doors belong to the first large-scale enterprises producing hollow interior doors are decorated with a 3.5 timber. Boxes of such products are made of laminated veneer lumber, and some factories supplying their seals. Plat of such doors are made of plywood or MDF covered with natural veneer.

Thanks to inexpensive materials, finished products available to a wide range of consumers. An example of the enterprises belonging to the first group can serve as 3elle, Nusco, ACEM. Manufacturers of framed doors with veneered finish second category of producers is also releasing the door with hollow blades and trim veneer, but as decorative elements in them are often used convex panels and shaped glazing beads. Rack door panels are made of wood all season, actually – the same laminated board. The application of this material instead of the traditional array provides high resistance to change in climatic conditions, ie, prevents deformation of the fabric. Door trim with natural veneer provides an attractive appearance type of product, and a variety of colors allows you to choose the right model for any interior, which is especially important during the repair of apartments with the existing furniture. Representatives of the plants of the second group are the Tre Piu, Barausse, Agoprofil, Sigge, and Of course, so popular in wider circles Mazzitelli. Manufacturers of luxury doors Factories related to the third group of manufacturers, specializing in the production of expensive products from solid wood.

Storage Boxes

Storage boxes (plastic boxes) – are designed for storage or transport, hardware, fasteners, auto parts and other small items. Easy identification of the goods is achieved by the holder for the tabs located on the front wall of each box. Compared with disposable packaging, wood and cardboard packaging, storage boxes have a number of advantages, which explains their growing popularity and increasing demand. Drawer storage made with the latest developments in the field of polymer production. Due to the high density polyethylene, storage box capable of withstanding a low (- 30 C) and high (+ 60 C) temperature. Storage boxes have a long service life and of sufficient strength and ease of use: they can be washed in industrial units, they are easily stacked, provide compact packing. Storage boxes to meet the high standards of environmental safety and comply with health and safety standards, they can be used for any type of goods, including food supply.

Warehouse box (plastic box) – a cost-effective form of packaging that allows for smooth transportation of goods from supplier to consumer. Storage boxes for hardware (plastic boxes) 701, 702 and 703 in various configurations, can be installed on the rack. Warehouse Box 700 on rack not ustanavlivaetsya. Shelving with drawers for hardware consists of 2 main elements: columns and traverse, interconnected bolts compound. Traverses the distance between the governed, depending on the height of the boxes. Shelving can be unilateral or bilateral, as well as mobile on wheels. Height 1500 mm. or 1800mm.

The width of the rack with drawers for hardware sostovlyaet 1000 mm. The depth of the base shelf 350 mm. Permissible load on the rack 300 kg. Available color boxes: yellow, red, green, blue, black. Delivery all around Ukraine. More information can be obtained by visiting our website Company:

Methods Of Gathering Mushrooms

For the mushrooms are usually used wicker baskets. With abundant harvests on his shoulders behind his back wearing "body" and in his hands take a small basket. When filled with a small basket and its contents is passing into the body. In a soft containers (bags, backpacks, bags), mushrooms and crumble crumple. When gathering mushrooms in the main cut. Tubular mushrooms can be gently twist out of the ground without disturbing the bedding and not damaging the mycelium. Agaric, whatever they frustrated, break a leg or in the junction with the stalk of mycelium, while not exposing the mycelium and not pulled out. Fossa, formed after the fungus is cleared, you must sprinkle the litter, as an opportunity clean pillows for cleaning equipment bag.

With these precautions will spawn more than once to bear fruit at this site. Careless of mushrooms with the destruction of the fungal mycelium of litter and damage leads to a significant decrease in the reproduction of fungi, reducing their yields. You should not collect large, almost ripe and overripe especially mushrooms – they scatter through the woods a lot of controversy and give rise to new young strong mycelium. Cut or picked mushrooms clean hands or a knife from the earth and sand, so they do not contaminate the cart and other fungi. All plate of mushrooms, which go to salting the legs cut off. Need cleaning pillows. Keeps legs only Ryzhikov, chanterelles, and syroezhek volnushek.

For putting mushrooms on procurement items should be sorted by type and size of the cap because their size determines the grade of product. We accept only collected on the day of acceptance of mushrooms. The old, wrinkled, flabby, wormy mushrooms and broken do not accept. Tubular mushrooms with dried-caps are not suitable for pickling, as they are boiled soft, and the marinade is cloudy. Fresh mushrooms should not be left in the sun or rain. Especially not withstand prolonged storage mushrooms collected in the rainy morning. Mushrooms harvested for future use in several ways: drying, salting, pickling. In in this respect of consumer cooperation in the restoration of much experience. Thus, gribovary Nizhny Novgorod, Kirov, Irkutsk, Sakhalin potrebsoyuzov skillfully salted mushrooms, Tver, Moscow, Gomel – pickled, and Belarusian harvesters are well dried mushrooms.

Public Catering System

Use it in a professional kitchen can cause damage to vessels, as it is not designed for the existing load. Personal injury. The lack of certificates carries such consequences: – dishes deformed at high temperatures – is oxidized to different environments – "rumpled" and "washed" with the sloppy use; criterion number 3: Using a system of public catering. The use of professional solutions in the public catering system indicates the class of institutions. The client must be sure that the cooked food is distinguished by the most stringent hygiene requirements. What can not be achieved by using products of unknown companies, produced no clear by whom, how and most important of which. Products no name, as a rule, consists of alloys, whose composition is unknown.

In addition, professional cookware, bar and restaurants is different from its well thought-out consumer and user-friendliness. Dense fasteners, which provide food from falling between the boiler and the most grip. Much guaranteed hygiene. Pen stand indicated by weight and volume. Distinct forms make it easy to store – stacking.

As mentioned earlier in virtue of the materials used utensils and crockery PUJADAS characterized by strength and not deformed in the process use. Naplitnaya dishes from PUJADAS is unpolished exterior, practical and easily cleaned, also resistant to mechanical damage that such an intensive operation, which happens in the kitchens, is a definite plus. Criterion 4 thick metal. Well-known manufacturers such as Pujadas, Stalgast use steel with a thickness ranging from 1 to 2.5 mm. Thanks to high-tech polishing and machining of metal all forms of flat and do not have a "burr". This provides protection against strain-to-use security personnel. As well as reliability and durability. For example, a dishwasher at frequent (and professional kitchen – continuous) using the alkali metal is thin and unprofessional "washed." Such metals and non-professional subjects include: aluminum, enameled pans, stainless steel corrosion-free substances.

Salary Schemes

Site – a collection of articles for sales managers in each company has its own scheme. They are almost all typical, but nonetheless, every employer is trying to cheat manager. How to deal with it? Must thoroughly examine your design scheme. In this article I will discuss examples in which you make your conclusions. From personal experience I know if I had not checked the calculation protsentovki, it is not dopoluchal would average about 40% of salary.

The point that the estimator of accounting specifically whether, in a nedoumiyu, but, characteristically, more often finds in the smaller side. It's a pity? Not a word. We take matters into their own hands. The scheme for obtaining money. Feel the difference! There is a scheme of calculating your earned money, and it is the scheme of their receipt.

Some companies pay for the work of the manager only after the completion of the transaction, that is, there was a sale of goods and money received for goods from the customer. Only then you will feel the rustle of banknotes. The second option – to protsentovki after receiving a deposit from the client. These companies are preferable, firstly, it means that delays will most likely not, and this means that the company you trusts. I've seen employers that have come up with cunning schemes, such as payment only after the month of shipment (this is advantageous for the company due to inflation), but this is rare, and this requires very educated financiers, or for example, payments to suppliers in foreign currency, because a company decides when to pay the money, depending on the course …