Storage Boxes

Storage boxes (plastic boxes) – are designed for storage or transport, hardware, fasteners, auto parts and other small items. Easy identification of the goods is achieved by the holder for the tabs located on the front wall of each box. Compared with disposable packaging, wood and cardboard packaging, storage boxes have a number of advantages, which explains their growing popularity and increasing demand. Drawer storage made with the latest developments in the field of polymer production. Due to the high density polyethylene, storage box capable of withstanding a low (- 30 C) and high (+ 60 C) temperature. Storage boxes have a long service life and of sufficient strength and ease of use: they can be washed in industrial units, they are easily stacked, provide compact packing. Storage boxes to meet the high standards of environmental safety and comply with health and safety standards, they can be used for any type of goods, including food supply.

Warehouse box (plastic box) – a cost-effective form of packaging that allows for smooth transportation of goods from supplier to consumer. Storage boxes for hardware (plastic boxes) 701, 702 and 703 in various configurations, can be installed on the rack. Warehouse Box 700 on rack not ustanavlivaetsya. Shelving with drawers for hardware consists of 2 main elements: columns and traverse, interconnected bolts compound. Traverses the distance between the governed, depending on the height of the boxes. Shelving can be unilateral or bilateral, as well as mobile on wheels. Height 1500 mm. or 1800mm.

The width of the rack with drawers for hardware sostovlyaet 1000 mm. The depth of the base shelf 350 mm. Permissible load on the rack 300 kg. Available color boxes: yellow, red, green, blue, black. Delivery all around Ukraine. More information can be obtained by visiting our website Company: