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Us adds Rodrigo, of the four dimensions proposed by Mel Rhodes in 1961 for the study and understanding of creativity – process, person, product and environment-, is the process which offers older and better possibilities for action.The creative process is reproducible at will. We can rehearse it. We can practice. And we can do it without long periods of learning or difficult changes in criteria, attitudes and personal or corporate values.In the process, in practice with operations, methods and techniques available to create, we have the element of lever able to initiate and foster changes and act on the environment and the immediate surrounding. In addition, it offers us a measuring instrument more effective than the tests available to measure fluency, originality, flexibility, processing capacity or sensitivity and goal-oriented.We know that we have learned something when we are able to do something that we weren’t able to do before Learn what we learned. 0 when we do it better. And the realization, in the execution of knowledge and power, in the creative act, will be the demonstration and measurement of learning.If we create, if we are able to develop creative, effective and productive processes, we have made learning demonstration.

And it will, at the same time, the best instrument for the Elimination of blockages, the change of mentalities and the change people. Adds David Prado on the subject, which is considered the leading and most competitive in the world organizations are aware that it is not enough to have good products, good marketing and good image. Not enough with that are creative directors of the Organization and a privileged core that works in the laboratory of inventive innovation not only in the advertising field, the field of design and the creation of new products. It is necessary to go beyond. It is necessary that everyone in the Organization are creative, to contribute their ideas and alternatives for improving their work environment, to contribute their suggestions to the strategic plan of the organization with its most significant personal contributions commensurate with their talents both professional and strictly human in other areas such as humor, literary creationartistic remember, throughout the organization in its minimum organizational, departmental structures and teams, is characterized by the creative pursuit of excellence and total quality by all its members.

As You Start To Promote Your Web Site

One of the major issues that we face when our first Web site is finally ready is how I start to promote it? In my personal experience, that part has been that most cost me, mainly because I didn’t know where to start, on the road I found lots of information but very disorganized, by that way, after many tests, I’ve outlined the steps that I think are the more important and gave me better results promoting my own sites, hoping that this information allows you to make shorter time that takes you to your site take off to the heights. Groups at the present time there are a lot of places where you can promote your site, one of those places is without doubt, the groups, there can participate in already existing groups or create your own groups, this way every time you write something in a group can leave a link to your site in a way that both participating visitors to the group as the same search engines they can know about the existence of your site.

One of the best places to participate in groups is the Google and Yahoo forums other types of sites that provides an excellent opportunity to promote your site are the forums, although in most of these is not allowed to advertise explicit since his intention is the discuss topics, if you can add a link to your site in the signature of every comment you make, you can participate by answering questions or even making your own questions, in this way, you become known as expert on the subject and indirectly these promoting your site, in addition the League put in the signature of each comment is taken into account by search engines to obtain better positioning. Directories of articles a very efficient way of getting promotion for your site is the publication of articles in articles directories. These sites generally acquire great importance before the search engines since they publish lots of quality content and they are visited by large numbers of people, in this way to publish your own articles will get not only a better position within the results of the searches but that also you will obtain directly an increase in the traffic towards your site, since your articles will be seen by many people. Search engines eventually a strategies more important to promote your sites is in the search engines, since to the extent that you do a good optimization of your site’s pages, these will be a great source of free qualified traffic in which you can capitalize on in different ways. -This article has been recorded by David Uribe who is the owner of MercadotecniTips, site dedicated to teaching the best practices of Internet marketing.

Jose Vecino

It will then be met if each staff member is behaving according to expected, will gain profit, benefits or values for both the Organization and the environment that surrounds it. It should not surprise us to be comment, that through the performance management can n be a constant communication between the leader and the collaborator. The mid-year and end of year performance reviews let you know the progress of each in terms of professional skills and cargo. Also, the continuous feedback allows a constant development and the pursuit of excellence through the fulfilment of the objectives. It is very important to live the values of the company, since from them knows how employees perform their duties in the day to day. For its part, in addition Jose Vecino, que performance management encompasses, us adds a myriad of elements that They allow assessing the contribution of officials and verify its impact on corporate results expected, is also a tool that strengthens the need to know the elements that promote or hinder the task that daily unfolds.

The performance management becomes a process that should be reviewed periodically to recognize the areas for improvement and identify whether those who participate in it need some kind of training that allows them to integrate all the required elements, from the planning of the evaluation, the realization of the same and of course the design and implementation of improvement actions. It is important to also recognize, that the performance management, favors the productivity within the Organization, it is a way to contribute to the success of the business and the achievement of the purposes defined by the organization. Lastly is indicated, that the importance of the management of performance (GD) is significant for organizations, as it is very practical, produces results in the short and long term, requires no psychological knowledge, serves to measure performance, creates an environment in which work can be enjoyed, increases interpersonal relationships and is an open management system. Original author and source of the article.