Jose Vecino

It will then be met if each staff member is behaving according to expected, will gain profit, benefits or values for both the Organization and the environment that surrounds it. It should not surprise us to be comment, that through the performance management can n be a constant communication between the leader and the collaborator. The mid-year and end of year performance reviews let you know the progress of each in terms of professional skills and cargo. Also, the continuous feedback allows a constant development and the pursuit of excellence through the fulfilment of the objectives. It is very important to live the values of the company, since from them knows how employees perform their duties in the day to day. For its part, in addition Jose Vecino, que performance management encompasses, us adds a myriad of elements that They allow assessing the contribution of officials and verify its impact on corporate results expected, is also a tool that strengthens the need to know the elements that promote or hinder the task that daily unfolds.

The performance management becomes a process that should be reviewed periodically to recognize the areas for improvement and identify whether those who participate in it need some kind of training that allows them to integrate all the required elements, from the planning of the evaluation, the realization of the same and of course the design and implementation of improvement actions. It is important to also recognize, that the performance management, favors the productivity within the Organization, it is a way to contribute to the success of the business and the achievement of the purposes defined by the organization. Lastly is indicated, that the importance of the management of performance (GD) is significant for organizations, as it is very practical, produces results in the short and long term, requires no psychological knowledge, serves to measure performance, creates an environment in which work can be enjoyed, increases interpersonal relationships and is an open management system. Original author and source of the article.