State Scientific Research Institute

Today Estate Marfino is considered a military target. Egyptian pyramid in Taganrog, in early September 2008 in Taganrog, in front of the Central Park has appeared in Taganrog composition "The Egyptian Pyramid, created by the story of Anton Chekhov's" Kashtanka. The Egyptian pyramid "is intended primarily for children – told author of the monument Dmitry Lyndin. – We are familiar with "Kashtanka" from a young age and it is easy to learn this subject. I think the guys will get a lot of pleasant experiences, it will be interesting to climb the pyramid and take pictures with the bronze heroes of the story – hilarious pig sow Ivanovna, elegant goose, Ivan Ivanovich, great cat Fyodor Yershov and the famous Kashtanka. Townspeople say that if you make a wish near and rub pig snout, the desire will come true. The Egyptian pyramid "- the first of four mini-sculptures, which will be installed in the city to celebrate the 150 th anniversary of Anton Chekhov, scheduled for 2010.

Any dog Nekrasov traveling from St. Petersburg to Moscow passes Chudovo. With Chudovskij land connected the whole period in the work of the poet Nekrasov. Front of the house-museum in 1951 erected a monument of P. Krivorutskogo where Nekrasov depicted with a gun and a favorite dog Kado, who died here. Dog hunting accident shot the poet's wife Zinaida. Nikolai Alekseevich very hard going through the death of his four-legged friend.

Kado was buried in a garden near the house and put on tomb of a dark gray granite slab. In the garden near the house, and now lies plate with the inscription: "Kado, Black Pointer, was excellent for hunting, an irreplaceable friend of the family. Born June 15, 1862, killed in hunting accident May 2, 1875 r ". Photos: Expert-Online The monument to Laika April 11, 2008 in Moscow has opened a monument to Laika, a dog that has gone down in history as the discoverer of the cosmos. During the flight, November 3, 1957 a dog died from the overheating of the spacecraft. Sculpture mongrel-astronaut set on Peter-Razumovskaya mall in the State Scientific Research Institute of Military Medicine of the Ministry of Defense. The monument to Laika 3 meters 70 centimeters has kind of rocket, which fades into a symbolic hand. Its lower part – part of the spaceship "Vostok", the well-known fact that he lifted into space the first man. In the case of the Eskimo dog which was the fifth run, as evidenced by the number of fingers on a hand. At the heart of palm – at 1 meter 60 centimeters from the ground – put the dog, made a life-size. Her gaze is directed at building the laboratory of the Institute of Military Medicine, where she was ready to fly. The height of the monument to 3.85 meters, weight 1860 kg. Dog is made of bronze, the base of the monument to the "hand-rocket" – made of cast iron. The author of the concept of the monument – a member of the Journalists Union of Russia Sergey Pakhomov. And worked on the husky "father" of stars – Izhevsk sculptor Pavel Medvedev. According to the newspaper UK, first at a monument to Laika had big financial problems: it is known that Russian institutes do not have money to spend. In bronze and cast iron statue cast on Ironworks Ltd PC "LIT" in Tchaikovsky – the same place where the dog found the material embodiment asterisk, Izhevsk Crocodile monument Kuzebayu Gerd, fences, grilles, stair assemblies waterfront Izhevsk pond …

Succeeding in Life

Successful at work and happy home. Say, it does not happen? Even as it happens! According to Alexei himself, if a person knows his purpose in life, he will achieve great results. – I feel happy man and satisfied with everything that happens in my life, – says Alexei. – I have a favorite job that brings satisfaction, there are relatives and friends of people who have friends. But life is so much more to be done to feel truly happy person …

on basketball did it all begin? Since childhood. I grew up in a sports family: parents and sister were engaged in professional volleyball, and I was always happy with them. It is the family influenced my choice. I think the family can be proud that influenced what I play sport professionally. Why basketball? I'm in the class had the highest. And when the coach came to school, then, of course, invited me to join the basketball section. And I'm 11 years old started training in the sports school in Krasnodar. I liked the workout, he learned a good move on the court, really became interested in basketball, and absolutely no regrets about this: I have a lot of plans and results-not going to stop.

I just do not see myself without sports and can not imagine what would others could do in this life. The success of professional sports should carry with it satisfaction as a moral and financial. I think what he likes. But the way to a sporting success is primarily through daily work, serious physical exertion, can not be excluded, and injuries.

Satellite Internet – Web Via Satellite

Satellite Internet – why it directly to present the user choose? After connecting a satellite web you will receive: Extremely low prices, top speed; anlimitnye Favorable tariffs, reliability is also good idea communication, but the most basic – the ability to connect to the satellite Webu where there are no telephones, separate bands, radio and so on. When combined with the above mentioned advantages it appears that the connection satellite web so profitable and comfortable that once, therefore, comes to mind is saying about the mousetrap and cheese. And for good reason. It must be emphasized that all of the above – the truth. After all, cheese is not free. Naturally, as in any case, people who advertise satellite internet, too, have their marketing courses, which are connected to satellite Webu extremely comfortable and cute. Anyone and does not occur to avoid and outline of how it all works without embellishment services advertising. For example, we explain a one-way satellite access to Internet Web users.

Unilateral satellite Internet has received its popularity at the expense of separation of the broadcasting channels of information on the 'ground' and 'satellite'. Output signal (also known as terrestrial channel) can peredovat customary, to date, any known web access to the Internet: dedicated, dial-up ADSL / GPRS. The returned response (satellite channel) is transmitted directly via satellite from maksimalnovozmozhnoy speed. It is important to understand that the output signal includes only kilobytes of data, so small information you need to pass the NOC (Network Control Center) to request the user to open the correct page of the website, it is always a small amount of data. Basic information, including all design and software elements of the site, download movies, pictures, music, etc., is now passed through high-speed satellite channel. 10's thousands of companies and home users in Russia has chosen a satellite Web, as the most rapid and economical form of Internet connectivity today.

When compared with the cost of leased lines are held in the following decade, averaging only a few cents per MB. Best, best anlimitnye rates also can only provide satellite Internet. Extremely want to highlight what with all this satellite connection provides the same high quality and speedy data transfer, as well as selected line – to a couple of megabits per second (this is approximately 100 times faster than ordinary modems). Source:

Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are an integral part of business and personal relationships. Corporate gifts can help the representatives of large and medium-sized businesses not only to maintain the image of the company on behalf of clients and partners, but still a way to build and strengthen relationships in the company. Attribute names the various meetings and negotiations, corporate gifts help us to gain the interlocutor, to support business atmosphere. Most often, companies use corporate gifts to various price categories, souvenirs. Souvenirs with symbols of the application your company is not only attention to your partners and clients, but also advertising course.

Having drunk coffee from a mug with the gift you have applied your company logo, using pen, computer mouse, comparing the clock is not willingly gifted will remember you. Do not forget that of the value and originality of your gift will be judged on the merit of the company, creativity, and of course the attitude towards customers. With the corporate gift business leaders may not always only congratulate professional holidays of their employees, but the reward, reward, noted for their work. In our time, the choice of corporate gifts is great, but gifts and souvenirs from drawing symbols of the company gaining momentum gift certificates. Gift certificates is the original version of the corporate gift, a choice of gift certificates is very high. Giving such corporate gifts is a pleasure, not a leader of the partner company receives a gift certificate: 'Journey to the balloon' with the possible application of the symbolism of your company will never forget about your present and the existence of your company. Congratulate staff customers and partners with the holidays corporate gifts – gift certificates' to participate in the group stays in karting 'or' sporty swim in Basin '.

Such a corporate gift to rally the team and give a huge amount of positive emotions. Bestow such a gift to his corporate team, your employees will not only unify their team spirit, but will receive a storm of positive emotions, plus increase their efficiency, because they energize provided. For male staff, you can purchase corporate gifts 'team player in football' match can be made not only among their employees, but also to invite the men's team partner company. Their female employees as a corporate gift you can give as a gift emotions 'visit to dancing lessons or yoga'. Congratulate your whole team giving a corporate gift, 'camping'. Also, employees can give a corporate gift to his beloved leader, 'send it to the tasting of fine wines' or' on holiday in Bali. " Being a connoisseur of relationships with partners, customers, and of course with the staff of the company, so you do not select this choice is enormous. Surprise your colleagues, partners and customers, so you will be successful! The choice is always yours …

Corporate Parties

Your attention, we offer unique new services to our agency Party Project to organize and conduct corporate parties, weddings and children's holidays. And all of this, we'd love for you to organize and conduct. Corporate holiday and vacation laughing, after a long work week, what could be better? Nenavyaschevaya music club, restaurant, or somewhere far from the city, nice people work colleagues at corporate parties, bewitching smile of grandeur activities clinking of glasses and laughing laughter … Corporate Events, and exactly how their organization has always been fairly laborious process requiring certain professional skill, and creativity. The organization of holidays, it is first necessary to consider all technical aspects of training. You also need to know that the key to positive emotions colleagues on holiday festival, is a leading professional, because he gets the main role, not least, than the toastmaster at a wedding. Agency 'Party Project' offers a full range of services in planning and managing corporate festivals and events. We can easily realize the solution of various problems in organizing events.

On the basis of hotels, guest houses, holiday homes and resorts of Moscow region, we choose the best for your company site, program, and the kitchen. Agency 'Party Project' will take all the hassle associated with organizing corporate event for your company. Holidays should always bring lots of positive emotions and leave a trail pleasant memories for years to come. But self-organization a memorable holiday – time-consuming task, requiring a responsible and creative approach. In addition, not everyone has enough free time, and sometimes do not have enough imagination for original ideas. In this case, to the aid of professionals to organize the event, which always has fresh ideas that will satisfy the taste of the finest clients

Couture Perfume Business

By acting Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa and Poltava, Donetsk and Kharkiv were added. Ambitious plans for March include two major cities of Western Ukraine – namely, Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk. "We are doing our best to comfort our customers. Everyone who uses the service can appreciate our concern. We do not force the client to run on the mail for your order and bring it straight to the doorstep. Expanding courier service to major cities – a step towards our client ', – commented the hostess Mini Elena resource.

Shop Online developed quite aggressively in 2007, when buyers of haute couture perfume learned the true value of selective perfumery. Total annual number of Customer resources rose to 4000 people. 'In a real plan of our company is expanding its customer base to 10 thousand people in 2008. Very high expectations we place in the development of the regions. For them, the planned special series of trade shares. Terms of delivery to the regions did not differ from those granted to customers in Kiev ", – said director of marketing Alexander Grady. It should be noted that, recently, an increasing number of Internet resources, offering for sale of perfumery and cosmetic products. True, the coverage of their service, for the most part, applies only to a city (especially Kiev). So it is possible argue that added to my best price offer and still the most advanced delivery network.

Successful Designer

Talent is not the one and only determining factor when it comes to success in the creative sphere. It depends on how the person is promoting his art and talent without making it too obvious. Personal branding, self-marketing, promotion or whatever you call it, can not deny his ever-growing and inclusive meaning. Being a web designer, I know how difficult it is to achieve perfection in a work of art. Design the site is more or less pure form of art, where technology and creativity are interwoven to produce something unique. But just to have a flair for creativity is not the only thing you need to have to become successful web designer, you need to develop a strategy and let's face it, you should have a self-branding strategy to do the job for you. Here are a few things you can try to establish themselves in As a successful web designer to start with your name runs the website which is ending, but it will not make any significant difference in improving your prospects as a good web designer.

Why not start a site in their your own name! This may sound crazy, but it really cool concept. You'll have your own personality, and it certainly makes things easy for people to know yours. Be truthful to yourself right now, I do not preacher, nor am I here to dictate to his philosophy. What I want to convey through the above mentioned line is that the web designer should not take credit of other work. Put it in plain English, not steal other concept or idea, as it could have far-reaching consequences in the near future. Your work reflects what you are and why you should make it as unique as possible. However, the success may seem unattainable at the stage of embryonic, but surely things will change sooner or later. Just hone their skills at the same time and wait for the opportunity.

Be Focused and consistent in most cases, a large section of the website designers fall into the trap to do too many things at once and end up in a typical situation at the end of the day. Do not waste your positive energy to do something useless. Try preserve the integrity, or save it until you get the perfect opportunity. Do not put the quality of your work. Take leave from work, if you find yourself groping blindly for the great ideas. Value your brand can take a sharp dive, if you do not meet customer expectations. Thus be concentrated in our careers and try to upgrade your skills as much as possible, if you want to get as successful designer in the late afternoon.

Struck Corporation

These vehicles include bulldozers, made on the basis of tractor DT-75 plants Pavlodar (JSC Kazahstantraktor) and Volgograd and bulldozers to hitch on the tractors of JSC “Altai Tractor. Under license from the DT-75 in China, the company manufactures the bulldozers YTO International Series . In all these bulldozers are used manual transmission, including a reverse gear. For all of these machines is characterized by one detail – the trim on the nose “that, given the design of the sprung rollers affects the productivity is not the best manner. Total in Russia bulldozer blade on the basis of farm tractors produced eight companies, and a number of modifications possible in the aggregation (albeit only at the expense of capacity installed on Base tractor diesel engine), more than thirty. It is worth noting that the universal snow plow for tractors hauling Class 3 produces only OAO Kazahstantraktor “(former Pavlodar Tractor Plant).

Smallest bulldozer in the Soviet Union produced in Chisinau (tractor T-80S traction class 2), and the smallest in the world of bulldozers Magnatrac since 1964 an American company produces S. F. Struck Corporation. This lawn and garden tractor is equipped with a 10-horsepower gasoline engine and with its modest size (1,33 x1, 03h0, 69 m) fit in the back of a light van or pickup truck. Industrial tractors second line construction bulldozers on the basis of crawler tractors for industrial use in recent time becomes more popular.

Corporate Program

Participants are carried back in time to a dozen centuries ago, and they fall into an unknown city. Prevail here are not simple and sometimes cruel manners. Dignity here to otstayat, and the right to life to win … Participants delve into the urban bustle, acquainted with the residents … some of them – very colorful characters! The good-natured landlord treats everyone with tea, with his help, they will learn many useful and amazing things … The participants in hundreds of possibilities, Dozens of roads … but gradually becomes aware that they all lead to this same city that no matter how fast or walk – away from the inferno can not …

Residents of the city, at least some of them, know how to unlock the space, as get out of the cursed city … but to get this secret is not just – help just glitter of gold or steel blade! Participants are divided into groups, selects – they have to pass three tests range in order to obtain gold coins or military skill. Everyone chooses his own way, but the goal at all one! Suddenly smoke envelops the city, creating a magical and frightening environment, intense music … sounds trial begin! Tests of agility: Battles in the safe arms simulators for all tournament rules, a traditional Russian game of skill “Shoot down hat bag” projectile attraction. The participants hurl spears at a target, performing credit, shooting a crossbow. Strength tests: The battle in the armor. Participants are helping put on the armor and offer to test themselves in battle with the professional soldier. Trial of strength “Throwing a giant hammer to a range of” throwing axes at a target.

Test of strength of mind – shooting flaming arrows. Each of the commands necessary to set fire to its target rate test (based on the principle relay) Medieval obstacle course: – axes, flying over your head – rope spider’s web – archery on speed – “the capture of the fortress,” a result of successful passing the test team asked to choose a bonus – a handful of coins or weapons, armor, item, a secret martial art. (Participants will find many tests surprises throughout the program: fire show, pyrotechnic special effects, stunts) The completion of the tests it becomes clear that the key from the elder, who lives in one of the towers of the fortress. Log in to protect his guards. They can try to bribe or fight them. The success of teams depends on the amount of gold and diplomatic skills or the number of recovered weapons and military skills and team morale. At the end of the program after the penetration of the leaders of all teams in the towers of the fortress from the ground begin to beat the fiery fountains. This means that the mission is successfully completed! After successful completion of the test team gather around the table. Brewed mulled wine – everybody can enjoy it. The organization of buffets, concerts or shows. __________________________________________________________ The script program is designed for 2.5-3 hours, revealing the interactive parts + unlimited residence time after its completion.

Design Studio Alter-West Corporate Site Has To Do

Creating a website plan for a young and growing office furniture company. The company develops and markets office furniture and accessories, as well as design development for office premises. The range of the company includes the following product groups: furniture for staff offices for the head and chairs, reception, furniture, metal furniture, office accessories, office partitions and negotiation. The site uses an illustrated menu for the main sections, containing the product catalog. Original illustrations for the menu items are designed specifically for the site using materials provided by the customer. Specialists Alter-Vest has been developed and logo Office plan.

Site design, stylish and contemporary, based on the corporate style and designed to meet all the wishes client. The main colors used on the site – dark gray, white, orange. In the cap site is located a contact telephone number, clicking on which the visitor reaches the page of contacts. The following is posted graphically highlighted button call a specialist – a reference to the mail form that allows the site administrator to send a letter. In the e-mail form there a hidden field is not visible for website. In the auto generated page address from which the visitor came in the mail form. Especially for this site has been upgraded model unit Gallery: there was a scrolling preview (thumbnails) using the buttons.

Content of the site administrator engaged themselves with the new version of content management system CMS UlterSuite 2.1.4. In the future, based on this catalog is planned to create an online store with Batch mode upgrade prices. At this point in the interface of the site is on a block-type product, which is used to fill some of the sections. Website designed with the further advancement of the methods of search engine optimization. In particular, for proper site indexing by search engines generated sitemap sitemap.xml, which is automatically updated whenever you make any changes to the structure of the site.