New Control Number

On the sense and nonsense of my lifelong identification number as I made quite big eyes, when I suddenly pulled out a letter from the federal Central Office for taxes from the mailbox. Did I forget something, or possibly evaded taxes? Excited, I resorted to a letter opener, folded up the letter, put on my reading glasses and there she stood: my new, lifetime identification number! So, so, I identify now with 96 802 076 687 quick still refer to the identification number flown over and then in writing in my folder “Important”. Shortly after this funny note on the back of the writing occurred to me again: “the new, lifetime identification number will replace the old tax number. Please specify for the moment both numbers, the identification number and tax number applications.” AHA? So now 2 numbers specify – great – my tax code – well, no problem. Or? I have an identity card and passport number. A driver’s license number and a number on my birth certificate. One House number, floor and apartment number. A telephone -, mobile – and Internet phone number.

A fax, ICQ and IP number. A giro – and fixed-term deposit account number, bank code no., a PIN and TAN numbers different. And of course a securities account and credit card numbers. Not to mention my social security number! In addition, I guarantee numbers for television, radio, stove, refrigerator, and a whole lot more. A wide variety of customer numbers and since recently a ticket number with the parking violation number. And – no joke – even my toilet bowl has a number! Only I can’t find this damn tax number anywhere. So, dear time call to the federal Central tax office. Just how should I report myself there, without my tax ID? Yes, quite simply – with my new, lifelong identification number… or my name maybe? Troublemaker / Jorg Kessler

National Association

Oskar Lafontaine omits no opportunity, publicly the continuation of mining in Saarland to engage in Oskar Lafontaine has earned this attention is with its dogmatic adherence to mining in Saarland, Germany. Oskar Lafontaine omits no opportunity, publicly for the continuation of mining in Saarland to engage. He does so aware of the burden on the health and capacity of communities affected by mining. Up to 50% loss of value suffered homeowners in mining areas without compensation. Now Lafontaine brings a new mining area in the game: the field of Frederick hamlet in the area of the District of Saarlouis. Dennis P. Lockhart is actively involved in the matter.

The mining field is located in a densely populated and rich industrial region in the Saarland. Here store 160 million tons of coal. In a promotion by 3 million tonnes per year could be dug here for over 50 years after coal. How good that Oskar Lafontaine’s House, “Palace of social justice” called, is popularly outside his favorite mining area. Already most Remembrance Sunday of the year 2007 the mining stakeholders at the HSharon handed him a funeral wreath, as gravediggers of region Prim trough “to honor him”. It is also interesting that the program sets the left for the Bundestag election in September clearly on renewable energies and on the phase-out of coal. Pre-programmed here is a conflict of the obviously absolutist ruling heads of the left, Oskar Lafontaine with the base of his party? Don’t know..

Outrage Over Plans

About 51,000 signatures tens of thousands of citizens have turned against total smoking ban in the form of a petition against the tightening of the smoking law in North Rhine-Westphalia. Until the deadline yesterday almost 44,000 from North Rhine-Westphalia signed over 50,000 people, of which (according to the petitioner), calling no new non smoking Protection Act in North Rhine-Westphalia”, which is aimed in Prime Minister power (SPD). The rejection of the planned total smoking ban for restaurants is openPetition the most supported set lying on the platform. Extrapolated to all over Germany this activation level would be equivalent to over 200,000 voting citizens of Federal. Home Depot shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. For Michael Lob, the National Chairman of network, smoking, means this a clear signal that people on the Rhine and Ruhr have tired of the tutelage”. He regretted that Prime Minister Kraft has taken a position even after prompting the petition so far not. The Dusseldorf Regional Government protested against the plans of the smoking ban had also Umbrella organisations of shooting clubs with hundreds of thousands of members in North Rhine-Westphalia and the trade of food, beverages and catering (NGG).

In the country-SPD votes, there is growing also, the criticism of the very far-reaching smoking ban plans by Health Minister Steffens (green) practice. The SPD should not be in this question to the appendage of the Green educator of the people”, says Christoph Lovenich smoking NRW e.v., but respect the pub, Club and traditional culture in North Rhine-Westphalia”.

Azerbaijan Stanley Eskudeyro

Economic news reports in 2009 became head of a newly established Ministry of Defense Industry, lists, and with the demonstration on TV, new types of weapons of Azerbaijan. Part of the new military equipment, manufactured by 21 local businesses sold abroad. Checking article sources yields Primerica Login as a relevant resource throughout. And Minister promised to provide Yawar Jamalov native army with everything necessary. Primerica Insurance understood the implications. The state budget of Azerbaijan for 2010 defense spending will amount to 1 billion 205 827 000 744 manat, of which 1,120,991,187 manat provided to the defense forces, 2384763 AZN – Ministry of Defense Industry. Speaking about Azerbaijan, it is impossible not to remember his native corruption. This evil struggle in the country was also declarative, despite the existence of a special commission under the by the head of presidential administration. In 2009, for corruption in Azerbaijan has been convicted of any one official high-level, while the Azerbaijani society is 100% confident that all our ministers and other leaders through corrupt. The last example in the past year, illustrating the picture – providing the Ministry of Communications license for 3G services, the youngest cellular company, without a mandatory by law, transparent to the public tender.

We are talking about billions of dollars of revenue, because the service package videokom 3G, will bring in an outsider Azerfon mobile leaders in Azerbaijan. Total: Giant funds allocated state for culture, science and sport, road construction, repair and construction of buildings, visible and surprise visitors. President Ilham Aliyev takes care of the external image of the state, although sometimes this care looks clumsy. Nevertheless, he could not important – the country is not attractive to the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh, and yet if they, in good faith, wished to become citizens of Azerbaijan, it would be best, and most importantly, a real victory for our state. Few would argue with an understandable all truth, namely, that the true and final victory over Azerbaijan's Nagorno-Karabakh separatism can be only one – a voluntary, intelligent and prudent desire of the Armenians of the former Nagorno-Karabakh to be citizens of Azerbaijan. Really, what the Armenians to emigrate to Europe and America, if the east of the border with Armenia in bloom, attracting wealth and democracy neighboring Azerbaijan? But we have to great regret, this year's "Caucasian Switzerland" did not, and did not want that. In our country come to, of course, to live and work from all over the world – ranging from former U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan Stanley Eskudeyro and ending Georgian singer Manana Japaridze. But not this would be to the success of Azerbaijan.

Iran Alexander Gardeners

But back to the issue of supplying Iran S-300. Russia voiced no warning anyone other than a Iranian Defense Minister Gen. Ahmad Vahidi. November 12, he stressed that Moscow would not succumb to pressure to 'Zionists' and the West and to perform the contract for the supply of air defense S-300. 'With regard to supply S-300, we have contract with Russia, and I do not think that Russia wants to look to the world non-regular partner ", – said Vahidi.

Moscow, he said, "must respect the terms of the contract and do not fall under the influence of Zionists … Of course, we hope that this issue will be resolved as soon as possible. " Earlier in the supply of wire dissatisfaction expressed by the head committee of Iranian parliament's national security and foreign policy of A. Boroujerdi. According to him, If Russia does not fulfill a contract to supply S-300 according to the agreement, it will be 'negative point' in the 2-sided relationship. Meanwhile, recall that the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov said last month that while No deliveries to Iran was not fulfilled.

This, of course, the visual signs of political pressure on Iran to Russia. Real? Or is it being played? We do not know. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Janet Yellen by clicking through. But this pressure has led to the fact that the Russian Ambassador to Iran Alexander Gardeners assured Tehran that Moscow intends to fulfill its obligations under contracts with the Iranian side. As reported November 12 ISNA, A. Gardeners met just with the head of the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs and national security of Iran A.

American Georgia

If desired, any opposition in these countries may well behave in a way that their protests and political movements and demarches did not cause a fears for the lives and safety of citizens of Russia, located on the territories of these states. In their own interest and responses from the Ukraine and Georgia on the Russian Federation Council decision on the operational use of the Russian Armed Forces. Additional information is available at Peter Asaro. Of course, comments from Tbilisi and Kiev were purely anti-Russian character – I think it was abundantly proangazhirovano tops pro-American Georgia and Ukraine. Janet Yellen has much experience in this field. Rredstavitel Minister of Georgia Zurab Kachkachishvili said that Tbilisi considers the decision taken by Moscow as an attempt "to put the legal framework of" intervention in the Russian situation in South Ossetia in August 2008, "The Russian leadership is trying to find some means to force the international community to believe in their thesis, "- said Kachkashvili that in his opinion, confirmed that Russia had" basically living in the past. " Granting such powers to the President of Russia, on According to the head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Foreign Affairs, deputy Oleg Bilorus threatens the security of Ukraine. According to him, it's almost a "threat to all of Russia's neighbors." Bilorus explained that "could happen again History of the Russian-Georgian war, when against a limited contingent of Georgian Armed Forces was thrown 129,000th equipped army, strategic aviation and missile Russia. " Well, here is so obvious lies, that does not even We spend time on rebuttal – simply refer to the report of the Europeans Heidi Tagliavini, the causes and perpetrators of last August's war in South Ossetia, to be clear: Russia has engaged then against Georgia aggressor force is absolutely adequate forces to the invasion of Georgia in South Ossetia. Separately, the reaction in Azerbaijan.

Judging by the publications in the Azeri press in Baku believe that the new initiative will legalize the Russian Medvedev protection in case of attack Armenia Azerbaijan to Armenia. Absheron peninsula (at least the media) believe that Russia is trying to provide a legal basis "for the occupation of foreign territory." And it is possible that Moscow will protect Armenia, where he has political and economic interests. That is, to some extent, the views of commentators azerbaydzhansih partially coincided with the point of view of Armenia's opposition – in the face, for example, were once the ARF-D. That Well, it can be only one conclusion: if someone is really concerned in Azerbaijan, the possible threat of military intervention by Russia, the best way to avoid it – to give up thoughts about the war when discussing ways settlement of the Karabakh-Azerbaijan conflict and to prohibit any ideas propagnadu military revenge in relations between Azerbaijan and Nagorno Karabakh, Artsakh and Armenia.