Audiovisual Production

From Audiovisual workshop want to orient yourself a bit about prices of corporate videos that you can find in the market, depending, of course, the requirements of your audiovisual project. The price of a video is marked mainly by following parameters: scope of dissemination of audiovisual (the technical deployment to a corporate video for web is not the same that has the video that aired on television, nor if delivery can be done on-line or if you must edit a DVD), duration (more expensive is a 60 minute video(, that a video of 5 minutes, for post-production costs), the presence of announcer to professionals and the languages in which to be locutarse, the geographical proximity of the filming sites to the producer (if displacement at the national level there are the cost can increase respect if it is intra-Community journeys), and multi-copying, or not, of the resulting audiovisual production. A basic corporate video for web, less than 5 minutes for a small company located in the vicinity of the producer, that does not require a large technical deployment, without speech and musical tuning, you can have a cost lower than 1000. In fact, during the months of March and April 2011, in Audiovisual workshop we have this type of video in promotion, for a cost less than 600. You can see promotion of audiovisual production of corporate video for web here. A corporate video of 10 minutes of duration already require a full day of shooting.

For an enterprise located in the vicinity of the producer, with locution in one language only and with musical tuning with managed rights, and to be released on DVD, without taking into account multi-copying, may have an approximate cost, based on the real needs of the customer, of between 900 and 1500. If it’s a corporate video for up to 20 minutes for a company located in the vicinity of the producer, with professional talents in several languages (including foreign languages), with musical tuning, with rights managed, and to be edited in a corporate DVD with cover and enhances boxes, you can have a cost, according to the real needs of the customer, ranging from the 1500-3000. For larger projects, better contact your nearest producer to get a budget that fits your needs. In Audiovisual workshop you can consult the budget of your video production for businesses ONLINE, or if you prefer to contact us by phone, we will be happy to assist you.

Bilateral Commission

Both measures must be considered as interrelated. On the rail issue, the implementation of the concessions, went through initially separate three packages: from charging Serbs; the Metropolitan passenger services and intercity passenger transport. In fact this meant in the early days, the suspension of the intercity passenger services. This suspension (which in many cases persists), allowed to once more demonstrate how the railroad has permeated the popular, attentive sensitivity protests and mobilizations that led to these measures in the affected regions. Metropolitan passenger services, were conceded, awarding subsidies to respective tenders winning consortia. There were initial problems with the concessions, in which fractions cargo transportation.

Soon perceived that the Belgrano railway, presented difficulties in this scheme. And as for passenger services, solutions such as that staged the provincial governments emerged. The attitude of the Government of the province of Buenos aires, is well known but they have also ventured venture in that regard, the Governments of la Pampa, Cordoba, Tucuman, Chaco, and Rio Negro.(With other projects in varying degrees of advancement). The Belgrano railway, become a State Corporation, transiting towards a figure, very peculiar, involving the Union Railway and some provincial governments in the Northwest. However, in our opinion, circumstance it contracts for freight service, which were supervised by a Bilateral Commission of the national Parliament, stopped librado private concessionaires, the establishment of the royalties payable for the movement of passenger trains; It has become a discouraging for the service of passengers inside. Unfortunately, it was not taken into accounts, experiences such as United States, where companies private in charge of the railroad cargo transportation, put obstacles to the development of the passenger rail system state (Amtrak), because they argue that it hinders the fluidity of their traffic. On the other hand, while the establishment of the toll, is making an important contribution, to mitigate road fraud.(To the concessionaires mind don’t break them roads), remained the national roads Fund, to maintain or build roads from low profitability.

Repsol Corporation

An emotional approach to us closer to the activity is more in tune with our psychological structure, and that companies such as Caja Madrid, Repsol Corporation, Coca-Cola or Seur are subjected.According to a recent, and curious study of the Adecco Foundation, what would be more?, more than seventy percent of children believed that money does not bring happiness and prepends the vocation to the income they refuse overtime only for money, and when asked what will they do when retire, while the retirement is something that very see, most children share their long-term future plans: take care of the family. Young people must choose that career will continue, or that will work at an early age, and very often it is not easy for them to distinguish if they choose what they want to, or conditioned by those around them, what suits them. And thus can begin a circuitous, emotionally speaking, professional career.The scientific literature distinguishes various modes of adjustment between the worker and various components of their work, such as the adjustment between the person and the Working Group, understood as the compatibility between the individual and the colleagues who are working with him; the fit between the individual and the Organization; and the fit between a person and his working vocation, or the similarity that exists between the personality of each individual and the characteristics of their working environment. And this, according to experts, the most decisive when it comes to having a professional satisfaction, since it tends to select those jobs that are congruent with the self-concept who choose them, and when this setting is no, get a healthy labour motivation is impossible task..

International Institute

Laura Blanco * while violence against adults is persecuted and condemned in most parts of the world, is still allow corporal punishment to the children in the family and the school. United Nations Organization for education, science and culture organization (UNESCO) complaint that only 15 of the 190 existing States have banned all forms of violence against children, including punishment within the family. In order to contribute to the Elimination of such practices, UNESCO and the International Institute for children’s rights and development (IICRD) have joined to publish Eliminating corporal punishment. It is a guide indicating the steps needed to replace corporal punishment by other methods that respect the rights of children and are equally effective. Though the body, including punishments that occur in families, are prohibited and are incompatible with the Convention on human rights, are still produced in many countries, says Peter Newell, Coordinator of the project.

As it denounced the book, in almost 180 countries, some parents and educators hit and humiliate children. 50% Of the States used the injury as part of their penal systems applied to children, like 65% of schools and other institutions. Countries that have abolished corporal punishment altogether are Sweden, Finland, Norway, Austria, Denmark, Cyprus, Latvia, Croatia, Israel, Germany, Iceland, Ukraine and Romania. In Switzerland and Italy, their respective Supreme courts have ruled that this kind of punishment are not legal. The problem is that this kind of violence is accepted by society: parents believe that physical punishment is a way to teach respect, but actually what it does is diminish confidence and shows a poor relation parent-child, says Joan Durrant of the University of Manitoba (Canada). Corporal punishment used systematically as part of the discipline is an issue that has troubled educators, sociologists and psychologists of all eras. Cicero, Seneca and Quintilian already in his time against corporal punishment, when teachers did not hesitate in flagellar stubborn students protested. Erasmus and Montaigne did later.

Emile Durkheim, sociologist of the 19th century, harshly condemned corporal punishment in his book the Moral education: one of the main objects of moral education is to give the child the sense of its dignity of man. Corporal punishment are perpetual offenses to that feeling. Punishment should serve as a response to the child’s bad behavior, so that you don’t lose the respect for authority, but never to atone for the guilt through suffering or to intimidate him. Physical sanctions do not teach anything and have a long-term negative influence in the education process. A child who respects the rules only by fear of reprisals will not acquire a true social behavior. When I grow up, once lost the fear of authority, most likely until also the respect for laws. In addition, it is shown that people who are punished in this way in his childhood reproduce the same behavior in their family environment when they are adults, because they consider that this is the normal reaction. And most importantly: there are healthier alternatives. The publication published by UNESCO and the IICRD collects general principles for constructive discipline of children. Among them, respect for the dignity of children, the development of social behavior and self-discipline, as well as promoting the active participation of children in their education, respect their needs and quality of life and promote solidarity, among others. In short, more discipline and less slaps.

Corporate Events

Business events regarding business events, many times activities both such as social finds focus in a unique and different place. For the realization of the same event rooms with capacity for up to 800 people, surrounded by extensive green, optimal areas for creative activities is available. Many of these sites also have a department specializing in events that offer to its affiliates or to visitors a full menu according to the needs that have for their trainings, workshops on training, recreational days, family and corporate celebrations, etc. You cannot separate Hall of the choice of the persons involved depending on the magnitude of the event and the theme will be developed; There are places with services or interesting as the Lake kiosk options – where the site has this mode – or the TV room to make the best events there. These rooms include tables with tablecloth and chairs, video beam, flipchart, beverage station (water, coffee and aromatic). In addition, you can enjoy food and beverages services: breakfasts, lunches, snacks, fast food and appetizers and desserts. And for other special events offers the service of directed recreation, decoration, floral arrangements, Mini-tk, animator, integrated sound, big pot and renting small boat and passport for the slide double (if there is an aquatic environment). Striking is the number of companies specializing in the installation and design of business and social events with places inside and outside the city.

In terms of social circle, schedules include baptisms, first communion, 15, weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, holiday dinners family, children’s parties. Speaking already of the business circle, we can name specific activities such as breakfast and lunch, seminars, congresses, end of year, cocktails, organization of activities within the company, promotion of shopping centers and entertainment for large parties surfaces. There are also rental of tents, flooring, tents, tableware, linens, sound and silleteria. There are public park where you can make business events, and sometimes constitute the ideal place to carry out corporate events. These sites provide their employees and their families an unforgettable day of integration, rest and fun with unparalleled rates. The parks are ideal for events for their employees and their families as: day of the family, children, careers of observation, bazaars, etc. Reference: Source: press release sent by andgomez.