Bilateral Commission

Both measures must be considered as interrelated. On the rail issue, the implementation of the concessions, went through initially separate three packages: from charging Serbs; the Metropolitan passenger services and intercity passenger transport. In fact this meant in the early days, the suspension of the intercity passenger services. This suspension (which in many cases persists), allowed to once more demonstrate how the railroad has permeated the popular, attentive sensitivity protests and mobilizations that led to these measures in the affected regions. Metropolitan passenger services, were conceded, awarding subsidies to respective tenders winning consortia. There were initial problems with the concessions, in which fractions cargo transportation.

Soon perceived that the Belgrano railway, presented difficulties in this scheme. And as for passenger services, solutions such as that staged the provincial governments emerged. The attitude of the Government of the province of Buenos aires, is well known but they have also ventured venture in that regard, the Governments of la Pampa, Cordoba, Tucuman, Chaco, and Rio Negro.(With other projects in varying degrees of advancement). The Belgrano railway, become a State Corporation, transiting towards a figure, very peculiar, involving the Union Railway and some provincial governments in the Northwest. However, in our opinion, circumstance it contracts for freight service, which were supervised by a Bilateral Commission of the national Parliament, stopped librado private concessionaires, the establishment of the royalties payable for the movement of passenger trains; It has become a discouraging for the service of passengers inside. Unfortunately, it was not taken into accounts, experiences such as United States, where companies private in charge of the railroad cargo transportation, put obstacles to the development of the passenger rail system state (Amtrak), because they argue that it hinders the fluidity of their traffic. On the other hand, while the establishment of the toll, is making an important contribution, to mitigate road fraud.(To the concessionaires mind don’t break them roads), remained the national roads Fund, to maintain or build roads from low profitability.

Humor In Our Lives

Moreover, this statement is undoubtedly only partly covers the basics of this confused notion as humor. Let's try to get to the point that ultimately must be considered a great sense of humor and actually it important? Humor – funny jokes, and this, and funny stories, funny and humorous stories, all kinds of funny sayings. Currently, no one will be surprised by some pun or, for example, podkalyvaniem. Humor all around us. He has many different manifestations and divisions. Humor appeared long ago. When exactly, no one person can not answer.

Perhaps, at the same time with the birth of the human race, the gift of reason, and all weighed. The only thing, absolutely, it is possible to say that its role can not be overstated, because that is correct, "good" humor is able to entertain and be a source of good mood. Narrated by, say, A witty joke or story can stimulate, compel a different way to look at what is happening, to give strength and optimism. Each of us, no doubt, been in a situation where bad; friends, family, spare no effort to cheer up … and it really helps.

Humor – a great power capable of much. Quite often you can hear that smoking reduces life and laughter increases. But this is ultimately true. In addition, humor is not only allows you to have a long and fascinating life, but it adds shades of celebration and fun. Ability to enjoy, have fun, and easier, with humor to treat various problems and hardships, it is something that is worth all the time endeavor.

Tatiana Shkodin

The only outlet – Litsayty on the Internet: Full Member, Fabula,, Poems. py, etc. They help to discover new names in the contemporary literary world. And believe me, many worthy authors can be found in the literature sites. This sort of open the floodgates to an abandoned Soviet literature. The author has the opportunity to come to his readers.

It is to his. Of course, there are costs and does not hold water, open graphomania. Simply put, continuous reading. If it can be called literature. To have all the time.

Decent work is not sink into oblivion. All the quality and talent has the ability to locate themselves in space and time. It is known that a creative person who can not realize itself – it is an unhappy man. Uselessness of his work – for a real tragedy. Tatiana Shkodin: On the forums litsaytov is an active discussion published works. With the participation of editors. But in the journals, especially in Moscow, to publish virtually impossible. The impression is that everywhere, including in our literary world, and the solid mezhdusoboychiki. According to the principle: a brother, friend, pal, sycophant, toady, saint, etc. In general, a kind of corporate mezhdusoboychik. Writers' Union, incidentally, the same thing. It's no secret that the thick journals in metropolitan spirit can not tolerate writers from the provinces. That they are poor, they were given? Valery Kuznetsov: I remember in 1996 on the basis of competitive selection of manuscripts committee of the seminar invited you to the All-Russian seminar of young writers, but because of the difficult material situation you could not go home Nikolay Nekrasov in the city of Yaroslavl.