Humor In Our Lives

Moreover, this statement is undoubtedly only partly covers the basics of this confused notion as humor. Let's try to get to the point that ultimately must be considered a great sense of humor and actually it important? Humor – funny jokes, and this, and funny stories, funny and humorous stories, all kinds of funny sayings. Currently, no one will be surprised by some pun or, for example, podkalyvaniem. Humor all around us. He has many different manifestations and divisions. Humor appeared long ago. When exactly, no one person can not answer.

Perhaps, at the same time with the birth of the human race, the gift of reason, and all weighed. The only thing, absolutely, it is possible to say that its role can not be overstated, because that is correct, "good" humor is able to entertain and be a source of good mood. Narrated by, say, A witty joke or story can stimulate, compel a different way to look at what is happening, to give strength and optimism. Each of us, no doubt, been in a situation where bad; friends, family, spare no effort to cheer up … and it really helps.

Humor – a great power capable of much. Quite often you can hear that smoking reduces life and laughter increases. But this is ultimately true. In addition, humor is not only allows you to have a long and fascinating life, but it adds shades of celebration and fun. Ability to enjoy, have fun, and easier, with humor to treat various problems and hardships, it is something that is worth all the time endeavor.