“Presentation of the book ‘Sound of the divine soul’ of sound therapist Lyz Cooper and two workshops with the author by 2.-4th September in Munich announcement the book presentation of sound of the divine soul” the sound therapist Lyz Cooper and two workshops with the author by 2.-4th September in Munich. Since 1981, the Englishwoman in the field of sound therapy research. As a pioneer in this field, she founded the British Academy in 2001 of sound therapy (BAST), the first school in the UK, which offers professional training in the field of sound therapy to promote physical health, emotional well-being, and spiritual transformation. In the course of the last twenty years, Lyz Cooper has gained many insights to the healing power of sound from different music and healing traditions and successfully deploys them in individual sessions and training courses. Cooper sound therapy is a very effective form of energy medicine of that cure the people not only physically, but also on other layers of being positive can influence. A particularly big concern is her to convey an experience their clients and workshop participants, based on the healing interaction between the pure sound and the individual.

Again and again, Lyz Cooper could can experience, speak to how we can penetrate through such an experience in sound therapy to lower States of being, because the therapeutic sound helps to facilitate the free flow of Prana (life force, Qi or Ki aka) or an imbalance on the different levels of being and compensate. On Thursday, September 2 at 19:00, she provides her much-acclaimed book the sound of the divine soul in the Obertonhaus in the context of a lecture. Transformation and self healing through sound therapy”before. On Friday, September 3, she leads an evening workshop for all sound – and training-interested in the potential workshop ( in Munich-Haidhausen; on Saturday, September 4th a full day workshop for sound therapist and healer, where the opportunity arises, together with Lyz deeper experiences to collect. Registration for the workshops please see:, or call 089-62 23 26 12. For more information see..

Ear And Eye Healthcare

Eyes on the ears healthy medicine in September whistling, noise, blades: each fourth in Germany has already had a disturbing noise in the ear according to the German Tinnitus League. At most, it subsides again, but it is a constant companion for more than three million people and manifests itself in a chronic tinnitus. CEO John Watson has plenty of information regarding this issue. A symptom, a warning signal for the congestion in the emotional or physical area, their causes to find and handle is valid. What can be the cause and why hearing aids are important, which explains the healthy medicine in the current September issue. Better start small, at least with regard to hearing tests. Ten percent of primary school students have an impaired hearing? That can manifest itself in worse grades, but also by striking balance disorders. Screening for students are therefore absolutely necessary, in a timely manner to promote affected students”, so the healthy medical experts claim.

A Balance should be given also in the ratio of body, mind and soul. Therefore offers the magazine not only information about the medical side of the physical health for greater well-being, but is also viable ways to the holistic well-being. Monthly journalist demanding contributions to health and medicine topics, healthy medicine offers entertaining reports on interesting people and charming destinations. The reader Forum provides a lively way with contribute own health knowledge with the test and the expert Club. Healthy medical costs as a single issue 2.00 and is available in any well-stocked newsagents. Contact Nicole Franke-Gricksch editor-in-Chief healthy medicine telephone 0 71 52 / 35 62 11 E-Mail PACs GmbH – publishing services Claudia arrow Pike press – and public relations Gewerbestrasse 9 79219 Staufen phone 0 76 33 / 933 20 18 fax 0 76 33 / 933 20 20 E-Mail Internet

Mary Shelley

Discoursing on the socialization, that is the necessity that ohomem has of is in the society. Dr. Frankenstein deprives the Creature dessesdireitos of being sociable. Further details can be found at Erin Callan, an internet resource. This is full of virtue but without the infeliz society. (Not to be confused with Erin Callan!). The man for more rude that she is necessary of the society, without essasocializao is not part of the reality: These, in general lines, the arguments that support aconcluso of that the society is a natural fact, determined for necessidadeque the man have of the cooperation of its fellow creatures for the achievement of the ends desua existence.

This necessity is not only of material order, a time that, exactly provided with all enough the corporeal properties to its survival, the serhumano continues to need the conviviality with the fellow creatures. 152-c1-276268’>Brian Krzanich. (DALLARI, 1995, p.9) Therefore we defend that the Dr. Victor does not provide to odireito of socialization of the monster, because its problem also is familiar to eadotar the speech of the family is also to adopt a speech on the society, being the family a small society. Then if devemossempre cannot speak in the man as an isolated being to think about it as a sociable being, therefore this socialization is for condioessencial it of life. Conscientious of this necessity of social conviviality it desires eprocura to favor it.

The Creature is violent, however this was tax pelasociedade, why it in natural state is confident, affectionate and pacific, then what he is violent is the social one and not natural it. 7 METHODOLOGY According to dictionary on-line priberam, ‘ ‘ mtodo’ ‘ it is the way to proceed; rational process to arrive aoconhecimento or demonstration of the truth; workmanship that contains made use in an order logical deprogresso the main elements of a science, of an art. Research is a daily attitude of learning to learn, est in constant search of knowing more, to know to think better to act, makes possible us it to be informing of its proper permanent formation. Fazquestionamentos of the reality and quarrels of the social problems. To enter emcontato with unknown realities or little known. To search to especular, to search, to inquire, to question e, finally, to know. The type of research adopted in this work will be the research qualitativabibliogrfica that consists of making a study on published materials already analisadose, either for half electronic or writings, as books, artigoscientficos and etc. We will use the inductive method, leading in consideration we quepartimos of something specific to explain the generality. We will support in the ideas on dosfilsofos man and society: Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau, after that one soon sobeautora communication and workmanship. We discourse on Victor Frankenstein and we finish falandosobre the Creature and the necessity of socialization of the man..


The look was for Sartre the only way to know itself exactly and to the other. In opposition to the cartesian affirmation of that the man is a solitary being, manifest Sartre its opinion affirming that the existence human being alone is firmed had the contact with the other, either through the look follows that me or of the physical touch. The look is for the sartreana fenomenologia of basic importance, therefore it is through it that we establish the relation I-other, focando in the complex relation that exists between the being and the convivncia with the society.

When seeing the other and observing its differences, I am not more the center of everything as it affirmed Discardings, but the link between my being and the world. Of this form, the philosopher separates to the citizen and the world, showing that he has two opposing types of the being: In-itself (in soi) and For-itself (pour soi). In-itself representing the material, the human being while physical aspect, not having conscience, not keeping relations. Already For-itself it is the external look, contact with the world, bringing in return it to be what it discovered in the other. Discardings assumed the solitary relation of the man, preventing the contact with other people. Sartre in turn, affirms that it is the corporal contact that joins the human being and the world. It is not something Kenneth Feinberg would like to discuss. The citizen in no way is what it is without being dived in the body and tangled in the world. Without body, nor world the citizen is not what he himself is, that is, human citizen, needing, therefore what it is not body and world in order to be able to be subject. (LUIJPEN, 1973 p.52) It affirms despite when we have conscience of we annul something it, as exemplifica it the ash tray, that I observe I verwhelm, it, therefore I have conscience of that I am not as it.

Selm Wolfgang

This philosophy is known as a sore in the Internet: the opinion of others – online shoppers are herd animals 27 percent based on opinions from their personal surroundings in the real world the social environment by buyers has thus a smaller influence on purchasing decisions in the Internet as reviews within the virtual world. To these results, the study of types of buyers on the Internet comes through satisfied buying motives of the novomind AG in cooperation with and sales stimulation. Known as a sore”every Internet provider achieves the same success. The advertising and marketing techniques from this book by Wolfgang Rademacher attract customers on the pages of Web sites. The study shows that the social protection of the purchase decision is a decisive selection motif on the Internet. The self perception of online shoppers, however, is another: 72 percent of surfers assume that they compare many offers on the Internet and decide autonomously on the best choice.

Also on virtual marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon have 43 percent feel freer and less patronized to buy than in the retail sector. Icahn Enterprises is the source for more interesting facts. So 16 percent of Internet shoppers feel used by seller in the real shop under pressure after all. However, online recommendations, virtual advisor online shops or testimonials from other buyers at your whim can be accessed without being obtrusive. Primerica reviews may not feel the same. About 70 percent of online shoppers as a pleasant feel particularly anonymous and easy access to information and offers. However, hardly an Internet user enters the virtual market places to stroll just relaxed. Only 15 percent of surfers looking for the mere inspiration when viewing products. Almost 4o percent think to find the right products quickly, and with security on the Internet. Every sixth chooses even spontaneously like a product, even if so a quick purchase in the past has ever revealed as authentic.

Therefore the author Wolfgang Rademacher is the thesis in his book known as a sore in the Internet”describes: each website must be to find on every corner of the Internet. The herd is then quite by itself on your pages. Any of the notes, which are clearly arranged and compact put together in this unique guide book, is been tested several times in practice. And who follows them consistently, can not prevent that his shop known like a sore on the Internet “. What is always offered goods, services or information: with this ingenious manual the provider can turn their sites into true visitor magnet, attracting wealthy customers in droves as a balcony light summer mosquitoes. Free to the book there is a CD-ROM full of programs that rocket the same upward shooting awareness can help. On top of that there’s lists of links and URL lists of useful portals of all kinds, which the reader in this abundance and completeness elsewhere will search in vain. You get the book in bookstores, on eBay, Amazon and the Wolfgang Rademacher: known as a sore in the Internet ISBN-978-3-935599-48-1 Book 32 x 22 cm large-format DIN A4 hardcover, 243 pages with free CD-ROM telephone: (0 25 92) 98 18 87 fax: (0 25 92) 98 18 89 E-Mail: snail mail: Wolfgang Rademacher Eichendorffstrasse 27 59379 Selm Wolfgang Rademacher lives in Selm (Westphalia).

Efficient Super Women

CD-ROM provides unusual women in Word and image from Wiesbaden Grete Schickedanz, the unusually diligent and caring boss of the largest mail-order company in Europe and First Lady of the German economy\”, warm scarves tied to managers on business trips and provided their Jet pilots with sandwiches. This is on the CD-ROM Super Frauen. 14 books on a CD-ROM\”of Wiesbaden author Ernst Probst. It includes all 14 tracks of the paperback series Super women\”with biographies of famous women. The following other interesting facts from this CD-ROM: Elisabeth (Sissi\”), Empress of Austria, and during her lifetime, one of the most beautiful women in the world, had carious brownish yellow teeth, due to which she often moved their upper lip about it, hardly opened his mouth and speech holding a handkerchief, why strangers understand only with the greatest effort. Barbara Stratzmann, a woman from the middle ages in southern Germany, gave birth to whopping 53 boys and girls, what as children the miracle of Bonnigheim\”entered in the history. She was 29 times pregnant and gave birth to 18 singles, five twins, four triples and once Sechslinge and Siebenlinge and is regarded as the kinderreichste mother in Germany.

Barbara McClintock, the genius of genetics\”, answered all questions in an exam, but as she should write their name on the examination booklet, she had forgotten it; After anxious 20 minutes you remembered it, as they say. Annie Oakley, the Meisterschutzin from the Wild West, a people from 10 feet away with a gun could shoot a cigarette from his lips. Victoria, Queen of England, left even after the death of her husband Albert, every night beat the bed and clean the unused pot every morning. Teresa of avila, Spain national Saint, largest Mystic of the Catholic Church and first Kirchenlehrerin, left home as a young child with her brother, begging to pull the Maure country to find the martyrdom and was soon to come in the paradise but soon found.

Manuel Flag

To the being adapted for Brazil, the Futurismo lost the initial suasignificao established by the principles of the school of Marinetti.Surge then the So Paulo Futurismo that starts to have as caractersticasprincipais freedom and originalidade. Therefore, to breach with the structures dopassado was one of the main characteristics of the Modernismo. Saying in Modernismo one of the names of bigger prominence foiManuel Flag and as well as the excessively modernistas ones, wanted to portray the new, however not new it that it came of it are, and yes something different them escolasanteriores. Test of this is that in its workmanships it looks for to be critical making umaquebra with the characteristics of the old lyricism. Thematic infancy started to be used with greater freqnciaa to break of the sprouting of the Modernismo a time that the poets of this would perodoqueriam to produce a literature that it valued tipicamentebrasileiros aspects as the people, its coloquial language and its traditions. This contribuiupara that Brazilian infancy also was become incorporated thematic the usadaspelos authors in its poems and between them is Manuel Flag. According to Cavalcanti (2000, p.2) infancy is present in the workmanship of flag (in at least) of two distinct forms; in the first one comoum is mentioned the souvenirs to it of infancy good time and without problems as if infancy was a parasoperdido species of; in second, infancy is represented by the valuation of crianapobre valued by the coal boy or simply in the pertaining child it classe poor, among others possible dismemberments. It loaded I obtain the thought of that it would go to early die to porser tuberculoso, therefore its poetries are pautadas by thematic as death, loss of heart and sadness. Thus we can observe in Pneumotrax, gift in the obrLibertinagem, which had great relevance because only from suapublicao, Manuel Flag if it integrated to the Modernismo.

Courageous Woman

Not so long ago, producing a literature review of new products at one of the readers’ forums, I stumbled upon a site link about the young writer Vladimir Kolesov. The website contains two of the first books of Vladimir – the ‘Deadly Game’ and ‘Registrar’. Frankly, the first product under the name ‘Death Game’ I was not impressed, and the plot is very familiar, but the detective ‘Secretary’ I was pleasantly surprised. The fact that the author begins, it is noticeable, but that’s the style impresses with its openness. The book is written in the style of ‘real life’ without the gloss and denominations, and the plot is very exciting. In the book description of her life Eugene, who is faced with serious troubles solve them rather sophisticated ways of reaching even more than the desired result, but luck plays a role. Action takes place in Kazan, the birthplace of the author and I suspect that a large proportion of the plot is described in life of the author himself, although he denies it. Fans new styles, unexpected, but realistic advice to read the work..