The Professor

It has times the school left the function to transmit and only to accumulate contents, starting to have the function to interact educating with the world, not only with its daily reality, but to show the world to it with a multiple vision, giving it possibility to know, to live deeply and to transfer to its reflected action of this learning. The lack of disciplines is the one badly worse one that the culture lack, therefore this can be attenuated later, to the step that if cannot abolish and wild state and to correct a defect of disciplines (Kant, 1996 p.17). It is a critical factor that makes it difficult the process more beyond education learning and, the human development. Therefore the education must take care of that the man if becomes cautious (Kant, 1996 P. To read more click here: Dennis P. Lockhart. 27). The indiscipline taken root with a culture produced for the custom of the comprometimento lack, of the value moral, respect, at last, permissive practical one that today led to this culture to transfer to the school the total responsibility on the pupil. Pupil this that does not present the principles basic inherent the family respect. Problematic this cultural one, limits, makes it difficult, becomes the somewhat distant, abstract knowledge, making it difficult developing of the simplest pedagogical activities, disabling the process education mathematics learning, for the indiscipline not to know to hear, not to obey rules, not to know to coexist. with this, the professor spends more time and energy in the arduous task of being heard, of being able to place in it practises what would have to be made with much naturalness to teach the indiscipline is a subject very analyzed, and has definitions of diverse authors, who in a general way, finish for converging to the central idea of the concept, inferring itself as being a breaking of the stipulated rules.

As Coach Yourself !

Some people are not able to work with a coach now. Some financial stretch, while some still use the "Lone Ranger" approach. Other people may have doubts about trying something new. So here is a short simple process often use with clients that are applicable to you own coach, the situation is yourself! And at the end of the article I will refer to how you can go even further with a professional trainer. STEP 1) to clarify its purpose Some of us do not move, simply because we did not set a goal that inspires us! Make it specific eg 20% increase in revenue on 1 January. And you can be flexible, but be realistic. If you are blocked, schedule time to flirt with creative ideas. Dream, cry, challenge.

Ask someone. Create! Not hung up on the objective of the "right", just pick something exciting that you enjoy? and then trust yourself and move to Step 2). PASO 2) Plan What strategy (s) is used? For example, weight loss will be your strategy on diet, exercise based on, or a combination? To increase revenue will increase your knowledge, switching employers, network, or improve performance. For this stage will also be set to achieve its milestones on the road, with deadlines attached (eg, every 3-6 months). Also the list of tasks to achieve along the way between the milestones.

STEP 3) Action Once you have the general plan in place, it's time to get down to specific action. It is possible that, as the list of action steps to take in the next seven days, or 30 next. When you have completed these actions, it is time to evaluate, execute, and write the following list of action steps. STEP 4) structure have an idea or desire is one thing. But many of these are not achieved. This is probably one of the reasons you're reading this article? because there is something in your life that you would like achieve or change, but it has not happened yet. Change rarely happens without a "structure" in place to support it. For example, if you want to be a public speaker, surround speakers. Talk to a friend to make your goal with you. Ask someone to check in on you every two weeks to ask how it goes. Establish consistent daily reminders for the next month, and / or enhance visual on the wall. In announcing its commitment to the world (all friends) is also a great structure. And if you're really serious about your goal is difficult to find a more powerful than hiring a coach. Do you talk to someone once a week, and taking time each week to focus on what is important to you, it sounds like it could make a difference? Apor course! David Wood is a personal and business coach, and an original founder of the International Coaching Academy – a global technical training school. Seeks to become a life coach? Get your free copy of "50 Questions energy to use with your life coaching clients, and to take charge of their own lives. Download here: And find out how the coaches are making ordinary life $ 30,000 to $ 1.4 million per year! Finally, they share their secrets:

Rolland Team

Among them is Anthony Charteau, with a brilliant performance in the Tour de France in 2010 and winner of the award for the best climber. The team also has some of the runners young most promising of France as Cyril Gautier and Pierre Rolland, who will have the opportunity this season to show its full potential. Specialists in classic as Sebastien Turgot, Haddou Said and Sebastien Chavanel will be, key to the achievement of the ambitious objectives. And, finally, three young and promising runners complete the combination: Jerome Cousin, Tony Hurel and Kevin Reza, from team Vendee, who was crowned champion of France in 2010. Jean-Rene Bernaudeau, Director of the Europcar team: are pleased to welcome the Group Europcar as main international sponsor of the team. I am especially proud for the support offered to us to achieve our goals in 2011.

With an excellent template supporting their most experienced stars, the Europcar team is in conditions successfully fight for a place in first division in 2012. I am sure that this year there will be new talent and everyone will demonstrate its true potential. Philippe Guillemot, Consejeo, delegate of the Europcar group: we are proud to present to the Europcar team and each of its components. Having a leading team wearing our colours, is very important to our brand strategy as a European leader in car rental services. Each day, in each of our branches and franchises present in 150 countries, we offer innovative solutions that meet the transportation needs of our customers in the holiday market in the business sector. All our employees, those of our franchises, as well as our customers is my desire to support our team. I wish you the best success and that will be crowned a great season. The Europcar team components: 1 – Yukiya Arashiro (JAP) 2 – Giovanni later (FR) 3 – Franck Bouyer (FR) 4 – Sebastien Chavanel (FR) 5 – Anthony Charteau (FR) 6 – Mathieu Claude (FR) 7 – Jerome cousin (FR) 8 – Cyril Gautier (FR) 9 – Damien Gaudin (FR) 10 – Yohann Gene (FR) 11 – Haddou Said (FR) 12 – Vincent Jerome (FR) 13 – Tony Hurel (FR) 14 – Christophe Kern (FR) 15 – Guillaume Le Floch (FR) 16 – Perrig Quemeneur (FR) 17 – Alexandre Pichot (FR) 18-Kevin Reza (FR) 19-Pierre Rolland (FR) 20-David Veilleux (CAN) 21-Sebastien Turgeot (FR) 22-Thomas Voeckler (FR) contacts of press of Europcar’s team: Press Office of Havas Sports & Entertainment 0033 (0) 1 58 47 84 95 – 0033 (0) 1 58 47 90 52 Press Office of Europcar source: press release sent by evasanguino.