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Dear readers, I am of the view that entrepreneurs and businesses who speak Spanish are not yet taking advantage of all the true business potential offered by the Internet. The most compelling reasons to start your online business without delay, are: 1) You only need a minimum initial investment. Create a business website is fully operational and very cheap. However, a good place to create highly effective and to generate attractive monthly income, you only need good advice. 2) An Internet business allows a high degree of automation, so you can stop by the computer all the repetitive tasks using autoresponders or autoresponder.

In addition, your online business will work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 3) Having an online business is an important cost savings for a business outside the network. Furthermore it allows a very comprehensive management control, achieving a click visitor statistics, sales, registrations … etc. 4) You can get a quick expansion. Through the network we disclose our products anywhere in the world, can reach millions of potential customers, something that until very recently was only available to large corporations. A great online business idea can be expanded rapidly, growing the number of visitors and sales to unknown heights. 5) This last feature allows small businesses to compete with large companies, certainly knows a lot of examples. 6) The Internet is a technological revolution that is changing lifestyles and behaviors in our society, every day the network has a greater presence in our lives, has never been easier to do business globally, and to take advantage and throw yourself! Will you have my full support and advice in this way to engage successfully in the network.

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Nothing worse to create, develop and maintain a culture of business excellence, such as having a group of buddies in the business. The friend, is very helpful and committed to the interests of their social network, friends, fi Ls and loyal, willing to do whatever it takes to defend its honor code and personal interests. Do not even think about having a bad gesture, an inappropriate word in front of a class member WITHOUT BORDERS, are a pineapple. They have very experienced and assumed a strategy in the workplace. Their motto is “without working together, and apply it with success, do not stick to water, although many pats on the back. To detect them, there are many techniques, one of them is the dynamic inquiry. The hands and arms of these people, pick a flaw in the movement to greet another on your network.

Her smile is not natural, forced facial gesture, intended to represent a bucolic scene in an environment of intense professional frustration. To make sure they are in front of one of them, try maintain a serious conversation about issues important to the smooth operation of the company, to improve the organization of work, etc. Ascertain that react in two ways: run away quickly, objecting to any excuse, or change the topic of the conversation to sports themes, funny anecdotes in the heat of a straw …. Fortunately is well studied by social sciences, and specifically the sociology and psychology of work, the dynamics and functioning of the informal organization within firms. Although we acknowledge that need the advice of a social anthropologist, to understand the origins of this guild compulsive liabilities in the workplace. – Why did we live without work stress, no burnout, with effective and profitable life is not complicated, for it is others .- The saddest thing, when you listen to conversations of this nature is the pain and suffering burnout many professionals and workers, that committed to their work, their responsibilities and perform their work being proactive and some “compulsive person.” We can increase business performance and improve our job satisfaction, if all together we increase the collective COMMITTED WITHOUT BORDERS, and decrease the number of comrades at all levels of the company. The board of administration of the company must pay close attention to the style of leadership and management of managers, avoiding the creation of a corporate culture of cronyism that both harms the proper functioning of the company, with corresponding loss of competitiveness.

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Life is not measured by years lived but for their achievements. Little is known about the financial contributions that are provided to the less disadvantaged in Latin America, where they exist in large numbers, wasted the power to use their labor resources that can help them grow and develop. This is certainly not desirable, and governments should pay more attention. People such as Federal Reserve Bank would likely agree. Michael Chu, Harvard Business School professor said that for effective intervention in poor countries “need to gather a mass reach and create an effective financial model, which happens mainly because it is cheaper.” Also, Manuel Mendez, president of the BBVA Micro-finance Foundation, committed to maintaining the social and economic growth as necessary conditions for micro-finance to adequately carry out its social mission. This last topic is very important because it is an aspect that many Latin American countries have been neglected for a long time, and if we are concerned, Venezuela, has been a fact, especially in poor communities, where we have neglected the informal economy that generates and organize many micro could have arisen. President Chavez is probably more in this need and assist with financing that could reduce unemployment, give way to a productive sector that has recently been rescued split required to move the country forward. Must develop well-defined financing programs towards those sectors. Check out Federal Reserve Bank for additional information. It is said that Chu was concerned about certain abuses that perform some multinationals when implanted in low-income countries. .

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If our goal is to achieve quality work, activities or acts successfully to provide us with gratification, there is an essential element to add in our daily activities. This is the enthusiasm. Previously we talked about the lack of division between intuition, creativity and consciousness or rationality, applied to what we do. Read additional details here: Robotics. We have also mentioned about the importance of the attitude and competence of the entrepreneur. (See articles previously published by Haydee Quijano).

It is precisely these characteristics, the positive state of mind adopting to situations arising enthusiasm. Peter Schiff spoke with conviction. This quality adopted as dogma, that is as compelling an idea or belief, will benefit greatly and often surprising results. Thus, this state of mind, allows the man to do a quality job. The daily effort that takes place in this trend is similar and comparable to that of a lover, not as a set of instructions intentionally, but exudes a feeling, that’s displayed what he loves ago, when there really is a compromise. Thus, the mental state of a worker directly influences on the spot.

Then where there is a point of association, where reason and emotions are able to mix and focus on minute details that reveal ideas and knowledge beyond the surface. This knowledge side, it is precisely because they come from a completely unexpected direction. This knowledge becomes a multi-track, not only points to one side. For example, a conventional gardener, would limit its work to water the plants and flowers, perhaps even separate the still life that is. But a gardener out of the mold, with a commitment and enthusiasm in their work, break patterns of flower pots and vases, to be fully involved with their work, take advantage of that spark of enthusiasm and ideas to engage in a game that takes you to create shapes and forms new novel in a garden landscape. Creativity, inspiration, not just for large companies or advertising agencies or marketing. This is implicit All verb. And the enthusiasm is an essential element conjugate.

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Madrid, August 17, 2009 .- The glass ceiling, or the invisible space that women are reluctant to move up their career, it seems that the franchise is gone. And is that while in the business world and according to the INE on the first quarter of 2009, the number of women entrepreneurs only amounts to 27.6%, compared to 72.3% of men, this is not the same in the flags . So I think the Spanish Association of Franchisers (AEF), to whom one of the less risky business models and for the one is betting this is a woman .. “Although still a long way to go, it is true that the presence of women in front of a franchise or in management and decision-making is important,” explains Xavier Vallhonrat, President. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Peter Asaro. And is that the sample of cases in which women entrepreneurs have achieved success in front of a flag, is as sure Vallhonrat increasingly long: “There are many examples of successful women in the franchise: Immaculate Almeida Travel with Almeida, Mary Zamacola with Neck & Neck, April Patricia McDonald’s, .. and we could mention many more. Rural entrepreneurs can reach as much as or more successful than men, are still only at a time of growth and expansion, but is an area in which women will develop with great potential for future “Moreover, since the AEF, consider franchising as a business opportunity for women entrepreneurs, “because women tend to develop large capacity for human relationships based on communication and consensus-building qualities that exactly match those that the person must show is in front of a franchise, “says Edward Abbey, Manager of the AEF. .