Modern Mass-media Reality And Its Influence On The World

From childhood we develop patterns, which in adult life, we use on a default basis. Driving these default settings, manipulators easily cause us to perform the necessary actions to them. And they act purposefully, and the most powerful blow falls on the immature minds of children and adolescents. Long known the truth, it’s easier to instill in the right direction with the birth of a puppy, than to retrain an adult dog. The same applies to humans. That is why the age of learning in kindergartens and schools are strictly regulated.

In high schools also have their age priorities – the younger the student, the better. Such rules exist for good reason. According to psychology, each age is susceptible to lay the foundations of personality and development of a certain kind of perception: sensitivity, emotions, finding images from outside and interiorization (their transfer to the integration of inside). Templates incorporated at an early age, control a person throughout his life. These patterns are the essence of our vision, which is built no, no, do not think that we have. “What?” – You ask. That’s what we are now talk. Worldview: What is it? Worldview – a view of the world as a whole system of ideas and beliefs about themselves, about the world, about relationships, processes, patterns of being, it is our value orientation: it’s all our knowledge, interwoven into one, but not always logically consistent. Worldview can be stacked in our experience, the experience of our parents, elements of culture and mentality, or simply unnecessary installation from the outside.

Corporate Discipline

Many times I read the term self-control associated with various theories on organizational management and internal control of the enterprises, but the authors just mentioned, I would say that timidly, without explaining what it meant, delve into the topic, without theoretical observations or case studies that would serve as reference to associate the self-control with the real world of business. I was rummaging in books and more books on various official and private libraries course on various Web pages, without any finding that at least indicate an approach to a thesis or at least one incipient definition of self-control applied together with the internal control of a company. In my opinion the self-control is indispensable in all systems of internal control, need from a family company to a mega corporation, any individual can apply it without hesitation by their level of academic preparation or its hierarchy within an entity, is useful at all times, in all process and in all organizational activity, is essential both for Governments and their public entities that produce goods and services for the national and international community, requires it with or non-profit private enterprise and is adaptable worldwide. For these reasons has become corporate self-control as a discipline of perpetual application, discipline that should be inserted immediately to the organizational culture so that it becomes the plus of internal control..


This technology allows to overcome the gastric barrier for protein compounds, administering bioactive molecules (insulin, heparin, antigens, hormones, etc) with the advantage of being a controlled release (delayed release mechanism). This finding can be used for other non-protein compounds and other drugs. 1.2. In particular, this technology has been experimented on rats and other diabetizados animals to replace daily and repeated doses of injectable insulin, a product of oral administration. Also, the process has experienced in research with other protein and non-protein compounds.

(1.3 Process is characterized by the following steps: to) first production of a mixture of at least one appropriate monomer for polymerization by ionizing radiation, with at least one aqueous solution of bioactive molecules or other drugs. b) place the mixture thus obtained in a container resistant, permeable to ionizing radiation and the presentation of said container to a flow of ionizing radiation at doses able to polymerize the monomer, in a range of 0.1 to 50 kGy kGy, from this process of obtained a polymer resistant to stomach acid and specific features of the retard release. You can configure the settings for the solution, specific radiation doses, determine the size, shape and physical characteristics of nanotubes formed in polymer. It also determines the speed of release of bioactive compounds or drugs included. Polymer, usually a Hydrogel, and the active substance (nanotubes) inside with little or no hydration, swallowed and reaches the stomach, where suffers no alteration, or structural degradation, or changes, as well nor release of significant amounts of active substance. Simplifying, this development offers a product that decreases the number (for example, in the case of diabetics who need insulin) daily and repeated injections of the drug, through the intake of a pill taken by mouth. Steps 1.4 corresponding to this innovation patent. Information can be viewed on the web at the following site: world of intellectual property (WIPO) in the field of patents (PCT) 1.5 discussion until today, we have developed a model of polymers including controlled insulin release; that by the relevance of the topic, media availability, and the help of expert clinicians has been obtained surprising results in experimental animals.

Business Talk

Prior to consummation of the topic of this article it is opportune to mention that, talk of a business; Although it has traditionally referred to an activity in which intervenes the money as a determining factor, we will not only be in the presence of a business when this happens. Being a little daring, it is appropriate to recall the words of our Lord Jesus Christ when he said: in my father’s business should I be. These words make us reflect on the possibility of the existence of a business, even when the money as an element of wealth factor is not present. It could, then, talk of a business, when activities to cultivate friendships, create a name or image, provide expertise and receive personal satisfaction from doing so, etc. For the purposes of this article, is at the discretion of the reader use and application that will make the concept business, being the purpose of who this public, to publicize the close relationship between articles writing and building a business. One of the activities highly effective for building a business on the internet is to write articles, so the time investment that is made in this activity, always worth it.

The great thing of this activity is that articles, as a means of building a business, can be used in many different ways, for example: to take traffic to our web site or blog to build lists to make brand (name and corporate image) promote affiliate products and earn commissions promoting products or services to generate sales. Unquestionably, articles elemental part of any successful marketing campaign on the internet (or should form part). For this reason to learn the art of writing, distributing and doing marketing with articles, it should be in your purposes, as part of your plans of doing business on the internet. The point or question posed by many people is what to write? In this article, I want to share with you some ideas that can help you begin to write tur articles or write the following if you’ve already started.

Using the Web for Work

We are going to think that you’re relatively new to this Internet business, you are following all the advice you listen to have your own personal brand and to have a presence on the internet, you’re writing articles in your blog, directories of articles etc. And at the end of the day like that you feel you you do not finish all your activities related to your business by internet or remember that made you lack any activity, ask yourself why? There are some reasons and which are obvious for this and one of them are DISTRACTIONS. Learn to organize your time in the areas that you go attacking your business on the internet is the key to having results. I leave you some advice that my have helped me to structure a day’s work for my business by internet to complete them totally 1.-set goals and be disciplined is the key. Before you start doing anything you must write activities you want to perform in your business over the internet by order of importance, remember to place first of all activities related to your business over the internet, generation of traffic, write articles etc. Once you have classified your activities by order of importance, starts with the number 1 on your list and ends at 100%, that will not tempt you have a rest to view your emails, see that estavpasando on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

or if you want to start any activity from your list which is found below. Finish 100% is the key. Another good idea is to assign a time period for certain activities and comply with it. For example you need to be able to do what you have to do in Twitter in 30 minutes, it can be tempting to be checking profiles of your followers deciding who to follow and who not, sure be disciplined. Likewise with your emails, if you are receiving many emails from various sources that only distract you, avoid them, cancel your subscription, unless they are related to the theme of your online business. There is no benefit at all have filled with folders and emails unread, select the most important grouping them and Elimane others.

Your Business On The Internet

It is of great importance for creating a product that allows you to extend your time in other meracados. The aim is that you people who begin, buy the product and also purchase the following product. Since you proved to be a trustworthy person for the delivery of a product that their customers like that deveria be more easy for your business when your product comes to market on the internet. We have to understand that a seed is very important. You have to see your first product like that seed. You see it’s about creating a realm of the internet market, a virtual Empire of products begins with a small seed that is planted in the ground fertile of those hearts that are ready for your product in particular.

For example I am in the process of creating a series of videos online, where I taught the students the various techniques necessary for the speaking of English. My area of expertise is in the field of ESL (English as a second language) which I’ve been vendecido for more than 10 years of teaching experience to adults. My target market would be adult foreigners who wish to learn English through videos.However I realize that if I want to reemplificar and sell different but similar products later I have to choose a product that these students you also like it. This led me to remember the grand finale of the Parties six months of food in classes that taught me that both I and my students brought dishes from other countries that many enjoyed. Now I know that my second product will be released a cookbook with recipes presented facts by current students. The book will be sold to other students on the Internet. Diversifying further, a cooking Forum be established as well as a cooking class in line with the graduates?my video, finally the teaching of the course courses.