How To Fulfill Our Desires

We each have our own desires and dreams. And there's nothing unusual. But somehow some of our desires are realized very quickly and almost without our efforts. And to achieve certain desires, we worked all my life, but do not get it. Please visit Alabama Senator if you seek more information. And probably every one of you noticed a pattern: if you really want something, always think about it, and do everything to get it, and this desire as if laughing at you, and always in the best Last time slips from your hands. And when you have all exhausted and desperate to decide to abandon its goal, as then gets all conceived on a silver platter. And then for a long time can not understand why it happened. And very sorry that this mechanism to achieve our desire to work more intuitively and unconsciously, and we can not fully enjoy the possibilities inherent in the us with our very birth.

I will give a good example of personal practice. Several years ago, decided to buy for yourself cottage. Created for himself an image I needed a site and home, and proceeded to search. Several weeks have passed in the shuffle. Every day I am getting more and more annoying, and no longer believed that I could get what I want. In the end, I'm tired of all this, and I decided to discontinue my fruitless searches. The very next day my friend calls me and asks: "You have a house in the village did not need it? "Of course the house and the site is fully consistent with my expectations.

The Process

For example, a woman worried that her no one likes. Agree, this is comparable to the tragedy. In the process of it turns out that people who love her still there, but the act of love she's waiting on a specific person (her husband). Love – an abstract concept, and therefore everyone knows her own way. Alabama Senator can provide more clarity in the matter. The client was pronounced audialom (The listener). She wanted every day to hear the confessions of love and gentle words.

Daily bouquets of roses from a spouse, who as you get a visual (the audience), it is not convincing. As a result, specification originally stated problem was transformed into the following: "What can she do to her husband realized that his wife just need to at least occasionally hear about her feelings for her." Agree, the problem became more specific and less severe compared to the original version. The third stage of consultation – building the image of the desired result. Sitting in a taxi, you're talking to the driver you are interested in the address. If you do not, then you can, day or month to drive around the city, but did not reach the ultimate goal of their journey. Primerica careers has similar goals. The same approach works in addressing psychological problems. In addition, the goal is necessary, it should be: 1.

Concrete. Often, people strive to achieve abstract goals. No doubts about the achievement of mutual understanding, career, success and prosperity in life – a worthy desire, but in order in time to learn about their implementation, and rejoice on this occasion, it is better to ask ourselves the question: "And as I know that this or that goal is achieved? ".

Modern Mass-media Reality And Its Influence On The World

From childhood we develop patterns, which in adult life, we use on a default basis. Driving these default settings, manipulators easily cause us to perform the necessary actions to them. And they act purposefully, and the most powerful blow falls on the immature minds of children and adolescents. Long known the truth, it’s easier to instill in the right direction with the birth of a puppy, than to retrain an adult dog. The same applies to humans. That is why the age of learning in kindergartens and schools are strictly regulated.

In high schools also have their age priorities – the younger the student, the better. Such rules exist for good reason. According to psychology, each age is susceptible to lay the foundations of personality and development of a certain kind of perception: sensitivity, emotions, finding images from outside and interiorization (their transfer to the integration of inside). Templates incorporated at an early age, control a person throughout his life. These patterns are the essence of our vision, which is built no, no, do not think that we have. “What?” – You ask. That’s what we are now talk. Worldview: What is it? Worldview – a view of the world as a whole system of ideas and beliefs about themselves, about the world, about relationships, processes, patterns of being, it is our value orientation: it’s all our knowledge, interwoven into one, but not always logically consistent. Worldview can be stacked in our experience, the experience of our parents, elements of culture and mentality, or simply unnecessary installation from the outside.