The Union of the Psychoanalysts of the State of So Paulo, SINPESP every year carries through the Meeting of Analytical Saber, event that has as objective to deepen the main subjects that intervene with the day the day of the society by means of a professional vision in order to improve our habits. This year the complete meeting its 6 edition and the chosen subject is ‘ ‘ The psychoanalysis front to some faces of agressividade’ ‘. This because research points a generalized violence, a catastrophic reality, that reaches women, men, children, aged in diverse places. The numbers are frightful, to have an idea to each 13 minutes a Brazilian are assassinated, 25 a thousand people are victims of transit and 45 a thousand of firearms. In accordance with the Institute I am of the Peace, to help to diminish these registers, is necessary to develop innovative methodologies and to promote action of mobilization of the society so that this pressures the public power in search of results. The paper of the psychoanalysis is to help the subject to one to know itself exactly for half of the inquiry of its unconscious one. This science has a clinical purpose and if it bases on a specialized theory, adopts one specific technique to understand the unconscious one. ‘ ‘ We believe that for all human suffering a cause exists, exactly not knowing it, we know that it meets in our unconscious one, and the psychoanalysis has a therapeutical method that it helps the subject to one to find this cause, that understands its suffering, becoming free itself of it ‘ ‘ , it explains Albinic Araceli, president of the Sinpesp.

To argue violence is not enough, is necessary a psicanaltica aid, so that it is understood as the behavior of the citizen and its aggressive actions function. The psychoanalysis assists in this reflection, helps the subject to one to search the causes of its suffering, of its attitudes, that are found in its proper unconscious one. Differently of the therapies, that if base on the behavior, the psychoanalysis is deeper, therefore it deals with the unconscious one. This science understands that the behavior alone can be modified when it is known reason of its existence, therefore works exclusively with the interpretation of the unconscious one. ‘ ‘ The psychoanalysis is capable to promote a change in this picture, therefore humano’ provokes a transformation in the soul of the being; ‘. Although it is seen only for rich and wild, this therapy has as purpose to open the way for treatments directed to the reality brasileira.’ ‘ We believe a society more joust if them to become better people, and the psychoanalysis in the aid to be more humanos’ ‘ , it defends psicanalista’ ‘.

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In this in case that, the depressive pictures characterize a chemical poisoning and not a psychic illness. The more quickly the person will be treated, more early the signals and depressive symptoms will disappear. EXISTENTIAL In this in case that, the depressive picture (signals and symptoms) is resulted of an existential conflict. The episode existential it generates the depressive picture. The existential depressive picture happens, when we do not perceive in time the curses provoked for our way to react to the frustrations, disillusionments, etc. In the reality, we are that we are the managers of our existential depressive states. They in accordance with develop the existential difficulties of each person.

They serve to prevent or to run away from situations that bother in them or that we do not like, in restricting to an immature form to react to the unexpected ones of the life. The fact of some people not to want to assume the responsibility for its depressive picture, transferring the cause to third or the illnesses in general way, beyond not brightening up the responsibility for what they are happening to them, does not bring them no existential benefit. Care with this magical formula to manage the frustrations, disillusionments, etc, therefore, the way as we interpret the existential episodes is that it leads our reaction. By no means, we must be searching guilty and nor passive, waiting that something external cures in them. Our participation is decisive in the proper overcoming. The others only help. The medicamentoso treatment is valid until certain point, but, without positive a mental attitude, it does not have overcoming conditions. To the measure that we are in this problematic one, we run the risk of incorporating in them the image that we go idealizing, not obtaining, with the time, to recognize more our real identity.

Therefore, we need to be intent to we ourselves. The autoquestionamento is basic, because it allows in to see them the difference between the real image and the idealized one. For the autogerenciamento, the only moment where a depressive picture can evolve for an illness is when it incorporates it to the person, making it part of itself. It idealizes an image that, to the few, goes if possessing of its being. E, when occurring the fusing of the person to the idealized image, it goes leaving to have doubts regarding the proper attitudes, of the proper behaviors and thoughts, making it difficult or thus hindering the treatment. Occurring the first ones depressive pictures or of phobias, start to be basic, in the recovery process, that the professional knows to choose the adequate procedure to each patient, to prevent the integration person/image, a time that, with the related fusing, the idealized image will start to direct the future acts of the person. Thus, in the vision of the autogerenciamento, it is extremely important that the person has the conscience of that, in these cases, the adoecimento or cure is in same it. To dream of a tomorrow different one making the same things, is thing of .

How To Fulfill Our Desires

We each have our own desires and dreams. And there's nothing unusual. But somehow some of our desires are realized very quickly and almost without our efforts. And to achieve certain desires, we worked all my life, but do not get it. Please visit Alabama Senator if you seek more information. And probably every one of you noticed a pattern: if you really want something, always think about it, and do everything to get it, and this desire as if laughing at you, and always in the best Last time slips from your hands. And when you have all exhausted and desperate to decide to abandon its goal, as then gets all conceived on a silver platter. And then for a long time can not understand why it happened. And very sorry that this mechanism to achieve our desire to work more intuitively and unconsciously, and we can not fully enjoy the possibilities inherent in the us with our very birth.

I will give a good example of personal practice. Several years ago, decided to buy for yourself cottage. Created for himself an image I needed a site and home, and proceeded to search. Several weeks have passed in the shuffle. Every day I am getting more and more annoying, and no longer believed that I could get what I want. In the end, I'm tired of all this, and I decided to discontinue my fruitless searches. The very next day my friend calls me and asks: "You have a house in the village did not need it? "Of course the house and the site is fully consistent with my expectations.

Modern Mass-media Reality And Its Influence On The World

From childhood we develop patterns, which in adult life, we use on a default basis. Driving these default settings, manipulators easily cause us to perform the necessary actions to them. And they act purposefully, and the most powerful blow falls on the immature minds of children and adolescents. Long known the truth, it’s easier to instill in the right direction with the birth of a puppy, than to retrain an adult dog. The same applies to humans. That is why the age of learning in kindergartens and schools are strictly regulated.

In high schools also have their age priorities – the younger the student, the better. Such rules exist for good reason. According to psychology, each age is susceptible to lay the foundations of personality and development of a certain kind of perception: sensitivity, emotions, finding images from outside and interiorization (their transfer to the integration of inside). Templates incorporated at an early age, control a person throughout his life. These patterns are the essence of our vision, which is built no, no, do not think that we have. “What?” – You ask. That’s what we are now talk. Worldview: What is it? Worldview – a view of the world as a whole system of ideas and beliefs about themselves, about the world, about relationships, processes, patterns of being, it is our value orientation: it’s all our knowledge, interwoven into one, but not always logically consistent. Worldview can be stacked in our experience, the experience of our parents, elements of culture and mentality, or simply unnecessary installation from the outside.


Finally, the Evaluation, moment of being able to review themselves in the previous stages and to evaluate ' ' the symbolic dimension of meaning of the totality of the experience vivida' ' (P. 44). The stages lived during the workshops make possible that the involved ones can, each one in its time and rhythm, to go taking conscience of its process. It is interesting to inside observe the movement of growth of the group, therefore, when giving itself account of what I obtain happens and of its entorno, can, then, ressignificar and transform. For one better development and understanding of the internal processes of the participants, the workshops had been divided in sub-groups, in each one of them subjects had been lived deeply. We initiate with ' ' Presentation pessoal' ' , where the History of the name was worked, and the personal Trajectory. We use diverse materials as chalk of wax, pencil of color, colored glue, old bristol board, magazines and glue.

In this activity, they had been able, then, to enter in contact I obtain exactly, revisiting some stages of the life, mainly histories of infancy: ' ' I felt a true child to me in the infancy garden, wanted to catch tudo' '. The participants had also perceived the differences in each carried through work: ' ' each one is different of the other. Incrve! igual&#039 does not have none; '. As Rhyne, (2000, p.40): ' ' Each line that you trace is solely its; the ones that I draw are individually mine; each one of us this involved in an event pessoal' '. During the first meeting, I observed the great difficulty, on the part of the group, to work with the disponibilizados resources, unreliability and lack of ability in dealing with materials. They seemed not if to feel very to the will ahead of presented material e, initially, they chose the resources simplest and they asked for excuses for making a mistake, not knowing to write right or the simple fact of if moving.

Consumer Guide To Finding A Therapist. Ken Singer, Lcsw

Note: For simplicity, all references to the floor the therapist would be 'he' or 'him', but we know that many therapists who work with men / boys who have experienced sexual abuse – female and they may also competent (or incompetent), as well as male physicians. Looking for a good therapist? Interested in changing your current therapist? This is not a simple thing as buying a car. At least you can get Consumer advice and objective information, if you are looking for a vehicle. How can you get information about good therapists who are familiar with the problems arising in men / boys, survivors of sexual Violence? Sometimes it can be recommended to other survivors. But what if you are healing in the absence of support systems for men / boys, survivors of sexual abuse, and can not get a recommendation? As a specialist, several years of working with survivors of the men / boys, I have seen many men who started the wrong direction, inadequate or harmful treatment. Sometimes, the lack of recognition of the fact that he does not have enough experience dealing with problems in survivors of human male – this is a mistake on the part of the therapist. The experience of the therapist may be limited to attending seminars at the conference or reading a book on the subject. At that time, it can be genuinely interested in working with men / boys who have experienced sexual abuse, the therapist – and not survived – will learn on the job, but you'll pay him the money.