Live Skydrive

Windows Live account with online services such as also installable programs. Windows Live Skydrive is a service that allows the storage in a virtual hard disk with a capacity of 25 GB to upload photos, files, documents, among other elements. It is now possible to store, organize and download the files to the Windows Live servers and access them using the Hotmail email account data. You can store up to 25 GB where the storage meter will show what is being used and how much is available. You can also choose individual permissions for each folder you created. Photos or files up to 50 MB in size can be uploaded.

It allows to share direct links to files or folders and possible notification to others when content has been added to the Skydrive account. When you upload photos and files or add modifications, Windows Live incorporates these actions to the list of what’s new on the Web site of Skydrive account contacts know there is news to see. One question circulating in the Web is above that way you can recover a folder if you have deleted accidentally or by technical failures of the site. The answer to that question is that to be stored the files on Windows Live servers it is not possible to retrieve them manually or through a program specific because you would have to access servers and obtain information, something that is virtually impossible to perform without the permission of the Server administrators. Communicate with the technical support of Skydrive and consider the situation, login to the Forum and see if there is a solution to this problem or you can send a request to the Forum to see that fashion can solve is advisable in these cases.

Making Good Corporate Videos

The main key to perform an honest and interesting interview is to create an atmosphere of comfort and trust in the interviewee. We have done countless interviews in a few corporate videos, and over these years we have developed an accurate knowledge about what is the art of the interview. The understanding of this technique will help you to understand that in Texel we do not allow that the ideas, dreams and feelings of those interviewed spoil. Our brave, as we usually call them. And imagine that you’ve come to a set of interviews. Spotlights, menacing cameras and an unfamiliar scenario.

You will nervous, doesn’t it? That is the biggest challenge in Texel before us. Experience has taught us that most people need about fifteen minutes to warm up to the camera and then the interview works smoothly. Then, the nerves have been relaxed and the stories appear by themselves. The brave is comfortable sharing the travel and history with us. However, on one occasion we We find a brave interviewee that, despite its commitment to the interview, was exceeded by the situation and – literally-, was paralyzed as soon as we started the conversation. In that case – now a few years – the clock stopped. Uh-oh! We can so that this person will feel comfortable? To further complicate things, that day had a tight agenda with more interviews budding. And the threat of a mess in the programming was more than real – not to say of the hard time that our brave was happening-.

I know you’re nervous. It is normal. So we stop filming. I supported the Chair forward so that no one could hear me and whispered him this to my brave interviewee: I know you’re nervous. I understand how you feel. But you know what? You are totally free to say whatever you want.

Aerolineas Argentinas Incorporates Ten 737700 Boeing Next Generation

The national flag, Aerolineas Argentinas line incorporated ten new ships to its fleet. The aircraft have an entry scheduled between April this year and October of 2012. The first delivery is estimated by the end of this month and the lease is for a term of 5 years (60 months). With this action, the company joins the set of airlines that are in the way of investment to expand its services such as Lan and Tam. The agreement was endorsed by Aerolineas Argentinas, Dr. Mariano Recalde, President and CEO Henri Courpron, ILFC and will allow this airline to expand its frequencies as much as their airfare offer. These 10 aircraft possess equal configuration to which currently comprise our B 737 NG fleet, in what refers to power, maximum weights and distribution of passenger seats.

They granted to airlines the possibility of having commercially homogeneous fleet of 22 new-generation aircraft for the year 2012. The full incorporation of these aircraft will reduce the average age of the fleet of 15.6 years, in 2009 to 10.8 years in 2012, i.e. a modernization of 31% in terms of average age. Some considerations: the Lessor, prior to the delivery, agreed to increase the power output of the engines and the weights of take-off of aircraft at intended by Aerolineas Argentinas, in order to have the same characteristics as the 10 Boeing 737 – 700 leased that are currently operating domestic and regional routes. The aircraft will arrive with exterior paint according to the new corporate image. Also changes inside cabin to 120 in tourist and 8 seats in business settings.

B-737 – 700 the 737-700 has a range of 6,000 kilometers (3,200 nautical miles), allowing you to make flights more than seven hours. Is its maximum cruising height of 41,000 feet and its maximum speed reached 0.82 0.79 Mach, while economic cruising speed is Mach (853 KPH)-aircraft are equipped with two CFM56-7 turbines, manufactured by a joint venture of General Electric, United States, and SNECMA of France which are characterized by their low fuel consumption and lower maintenance cost. These models incorporate a new design of its wings, advanced technology, which increases the surface of them allowing an increase in the capacity of the fuel tanks. The Boeing 737 are the family of commercial jets of top-selling in history, with an order of more than 5,300 units, exceeds the number of aircraft in all their models of any other aircraft manufacturer. Henri Courpron ILFC CEO on entry to the International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC) as CEO in May 2010.