Making Good Corporate Videos

The main key to perform an honest and interesting interview is to create an atmosphere of comfort and trust in the interviewee. We have done countless interviews in a few corporate videos, and over these years we have developed an accurate knowledge about what is the art of the interview. The understanding of this technique will help you to understand that in Texel we do not allow that the ideas, dreams and feelings of those interviewed spoil. Our brave, as we usually call them. And imagine that you’ve come to a set of interviews. Spotlights, menacing cameras and an unfamiliar scenario.

You will nervous, doesn’t it? That is the biggest challenge in Texel before us. Experience has taught us that most people need about fifteen minutes to warm up to the camera and then the interview works smoothly. Then, the nerves have been relaxed and the stories appear by themselves. The brave is comfortable sharing the travel and history with us. However, on one occasion we We find a brave interviewee that, despite its commitment to the interview, was exceeded by the situation and – literally-, was paralyzed as soon as we started the conversation. In that case – now a few years – the clock stopped. Uh-oh! We can so that this person will feel comfortable? To further complicate things, that day had a tight agenda with more interviews budding. And the threat of a mess in the programming was more than real – not to say of the hard time that our brave was happening-.

I know you’re nervous. It is normal. So we stop filming. I supported the Chair forward so that no one could hear me and whispered him this to my brave interviewee: I know you’re nervous. I understand how you feel. But you know what? You are totally free to say whatever you want.