Metallurgical Plant Companies

The problem of 'free places' still relevant for road transport. Until now, many companies to carry goods with different dimensions using the same means of transport: as a rule, long-length vehicles. This leads to a waste of expensive fuel, limited the possibilities of maneuver in urban environments, which affects the timing of delivery. To optimize the transportation companies need to use special types of transportation. For example, Iveco trucks mark with six-meter body is well suited to handle small orders (up to 15 tons of metal).

Such machines can be equipped with a manipulator, which allows more and more refuse handling equipment. 'Modern Smelting Company should be prepared to transport different types of cargo – said Denis Chetverikov, Director of Logistics of the Russian business unit (European provider of solutions made of metal for construction and engineering industries). – In addition, have to work with other related goods. For example, the transport of sandwich panels, necessary for the construction of buildings of metal and having a relatively low density, we use a trailer bodies 83 cu. m. This is convenient, efficient and inexpensive. " Along with rail and road transport in Russia are increasingly being used ships.

In this case, as the practice of foreign and domestic companies, need to move from a simple '' cargo to its transport container. So, in order to reduce the cost of transportation Cherepovets Metallurgical Plant has started to ship metal for export in containers. By According to Igor Nechaev, commercial director of the company, it reduces transport costs by avoiding unnecessary production of transshipments in the ports, as well as more effectively to build logistics in limited areas.


The description of the corruption proves in the primrdios of the civilization and politicosocial organization human being. Its concept if does not only restrict to the politician-administrative adversities, however he is closely on with some forms of disrespect to the citizen. In a general way, the disloyal practical manifestations of to the exercise politician in nations whose been economic it meets in development state, where financial disequilibrium and the great indices of social inaqualities are pointed reflect resulted exponential and depend on the financial alliance with too much developed countries. The fraudulent public shunting line acts of resources, money laudering, abuse of being able, superinvoicing, fake and traffic of drugs finish for denigrating the semblante of a nation, beyond causing drastic effect to the economy, conferring to a clutter in the structure of the citizenship of the same one. In short, the corruption interlaces it the absolutism a time that democracy has failed, by means of the absence of concomitant information and transparency to the citizen in which the same vote was delegated or the confidence. Ahead of this scene Justice has splendid paper in verifying, analyzing, to process and to judge the involved litigated ones in such frauds and, therefore, to impose the progress and the order amongst diverse component scopes of the state, state and municipal spheres.

In case that this not to occasion ciphers against the infractors, one more time will be unpunished the culprits being the injured society again, leading to believe that Justice shelters the corruption in way to its pillars. It is essential that the citizen analyzes, it searchs and it investigates the past and the information of the representative candidate or of which it is desired to delegate the power, therefore using itself of this procedure will be viable better relation of transparency between the sectors that conduct the sovereignty of the popular democracy. However the insolvency, in general terms, spreads enters the axles of a social or same organization in the division of the Power in Legislative, Executive and Judiciary. These that if make responsible in imposing the duty to command and to contribute for the inherent development to the quality of life of the population long for banal cases of corruption stop with the public, vital financial resource to the satisfaction and structural conditions to the citizen. For in such a way, to extinguish the corruption in the States, in a generalized manner, becomes still more difficult when it has disequilibrium notable in the relation politician-socioeconmico. In thesis, it is preponderant that the society in set if pledges in brightening up all the condizentes causes to the corruption. from there that one will mainly establish the growth of the economy and eradication of the poverty in the emergent countries.

the government

The following are private full backup is described in more detail. You should never change to a private health insurance (PHI) if you can not have consulted previously neutral. For example, either by the government of the insured or by having to inform itself in the form of brochures and marketing material. The advantages that a private health insurance can offer you, speak for themselves. The performance is in fact much larger than with statutory health insurance. Depending on which tariff you choose, you can, therefore, choose the various services that you want to have it in your plan. What are the benefits you enjoy at a private health insurance, are mentioned below.

Among the outpatient services include the following: You can choose your doctor. You also have a few waiting times by appointment. In addition, you can switch at any time your doctor, even without a referral. You also have the advantage of trying out the latest (in particular alternative or very expensive) treatments and to get the latest medications prescribed. You get all the drugs without prescription. Added a supplement freedom for all drugs and medicines. You not only have a free choice of doctor, but you have to go and the possibility of a healer, if the healer has a corresponding admission requirements.

refunded when you need new glasses, then you anti-reflective, private health insurance costs and even tinted glasses. Reimbursement for spectacle frames amounts to 100-250 . Even for hard or soft gas permeable contact lenses for a refund of the costs made by the insurance. Your private insurance coverage is valid Europe – or worldwide, without having to pay a higher amount. The patient benefits include the free choice of hospital. They are handled by the chief physician beyond. Your accommodation is in single – or twins. You will also receive hospital cash and have no co-payment to bear the hospital expenses. Also in a European – or global scope is no excess. The dental services include free choice of dentist. There will be a reimbursement of up to 100% for a Zahnbehandelung. Also inlays are reimbursed it. Furthermore, for denture is a reimbursement of costs up to 100%. This area also expensive implants and dentures. If orthodontic treatment is to be paid back up to 100%. The benefits of long term care insurance carried in accordance with legal requirements. The sick pay in line with the agreed rate of sick pay insurance to the full net income.

Intervention Of The United Nations

In the event of being condemned by the State for compensatory damages of one of such damage resulted from the willful misconduct or gross fault of its agents, the former shall be against it. ARTICLE 91. In case of clear infringement of a constitutional provision to the detriment of any person, the superior orders does not excuse the executing agent. The military service are exempted from this provision. Respect to them, the responsibility will fall exclusively on the superior giving the order.

ARTICLE 92. Any natural or legal person may request the competent authority the application of the penal or disciplinary sanctions resulting from the conduct of public authorities. ARTICLE 93. The treaties and conventions ratified by Congress, that recognize human rights and that prohibit their limitation in states of emergency prevailing in the domestic. The rights and duties enshrined in this Charter shall be interpreted in accordance with international human rights treaties ratified by Colombia. The Colombian government can recognize the jurisdiction of the International Professional Court as provided in the Rome Statute adopted on 17 July 1998 by the Plenipotentiary Conference of the United Nations and, consequently, to ratify this treaty in accordance with the procedure laid in this Constitution. The admission of a substantial material different treatment by the Rome Statute with respect to the guarantees contained in the Constitution shall have effect only within the scope of the area covered in it.

* Amended by Legislative Act 2 / 2001. Were added subsections 3 and 4. ARTICLE 94. The enunciation of the rights and guarantees contained in the Constitution and international conventions in force, not be understood as denial of others which, being inherent to the human person, not expressly mentioned in them. CHAPTER V – DUTIES OF ARTICLE 95. The quality of Colombian praises to all members of the national community. All are on duty to magnify and dignify it. The exercise of the rights and freedoms recognized in the Constitution implies responsibilities. Every person is bound by the Constitution and laws. The duties of the individual and the citizen: Respect the rights of others and not abuse their own; To act under the principle of social solidarity, responding to humanitarian action in situations that endanger the life or health of persons, respect and support a legitimately constituted democratic authorities to maintain national independence and integrity. Defend and promote human rights as the foundation of peaceful coexistence participate in the political, civic and community in the country; To encourage the achievement and maintenance of peace; Work for the proper functioning of the administration of justice, protect natural and cultural resources of the country and ensure the preservation of a healthy environment to help finance expenses and investments of the state in concepts of justice and equity.

Importance of Keywords

What kind of knowledge is necessary to have in order to find the right keywords? One imagines the SEO experts with endless sheets of Excel, trying to perceive the tiniest change in the performance of a site in order to give his campaign a little more success. Complicated algorithms, formulas, statistical studies, are they really necessary when planning a Google Adwords to take the chance of having the smallest event? By accessing the control panel of Google Adwords, anxiety grows. Setear many parameters, referred not only keywords, but to the kaywords negative, audience segmentation, regional and age group in the domains with which want our notice appears and the list goes on. Any tiny change in one of them with equal force will determine the success or failure of our Google Adwords campaigns. So how to ensure success? The budget that we often scarce, this is a crisis for everyone, both in America and in Europe and Asia, for companies large and small.

Every penny spent is felt. Therefore, we can not try to figure out the method of trial and error what is the right direction that we give our Google Adwords campaigns, and what keywords they serve. Google has been making changes to the architecture of its search engine, which will soon be implemented on all servers. These changes have a direct impact on lists of natural results, and thus in greater or lesser effectiveness of your Google Adwords campaign. It is therefore necessary to take special precautions to make sure these are set in the best way possible, to reach the stated target optimally. The free tools and payment, online are many, and not everyone knows how to use them properly.

SEO blogs, and site optimization, offers concepts that are difficult adapt to a particular site. So how sure we are doing things right, that our keywords are appropriate, and we got as much as possible of our target? With Mastering Google Adwords. Mastering Google Adwords e-book is the definitive in terms of knowledge required for advertising campaigns with Google are a success. All the information together in one place. Read reviews of the hundreds of customers around the world who have tried it, and become you also a SEO Guru.

Brazilian Institute

FUNCTIONAL ILLITERACY IS PLUS A CHALLENGE THAT NECESSARY BRAZIL TO FACE. Beyond reducing the percentage of Brazilians whom they do not know to read and to write (10%), the country has the challenge to fight the call functional illiteracy, that reaches 25% of the population with more than 15 years, in accordance with the last National Research for Sample of Domiciles (Pnad), of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics of certain form, I evaluate that it is a bigger problem of what the absolute illiteracy, because this comes being reduced. ' ' But the functional illiteracy only cresce' ' , the executive director of Instituto evaluates Paulo Montenegro (IPM), Ana Lucia Rasp. The IPM, that is an arm of the Ibope, Created in 2001 the Pointer of Functional Alfabetismo (Inaf), in partnership with the organization not governmental Educative Action. The index measures the levels of functional illiteracy in the population enters the 15 64 years. For this, of two in two years, tests and questionnaires about 2 a thousand people in all the regions of the country are applied.

The Inaf divides the population in four levels, in accordance with its abilities in letramento and mathematics? Illiteracy, rudimentary alfabetismo, basic alfabetismo and full alfabetismo. According to Inaf of 2007, 7% of the Brazilians are illiterate and 21% have rudimentary abilities, that is, are capable to locate an explicit information in short texts, hands do not obtain to understand texts, to take off conclusions or to read numbers in the house of the millions. FUNCTIONAL ILLITERACY HARMS the DEVELOPMENT OF the COUNTRY the federal government has commemorated the ingression of 96,4% of the children with ages between 7 and 14 years in Basic Ensino and 83% of the adolescents between 15 and 17 years in Average Ensino. These numbers would be joy reason if they did not maquiassem one another reality, between the pupils who attend a course 4 series of public education, 55% do not know to read nor to write.

National Association

Accountability says respect to the reply, to feedback, the rendering of accounts of the elect ones for the electorate of transparent form, and also the responsabilizao of the acts politicians, what it is in fact essential and basic so that occurs the social control on the public administration and the had punishment to the made responsible ones, being able to thus guarantee the interests of the mass and the exercise of the beginning of efficiency of the State, thus diminishing the barrier that the ditancia. Beyond the necessity of the control of the constituent on the elect ones, and its approval on the acts politicians, the vertical call accountability, also is necessary accountability horizontal, where the internal control is exerted being able of them, that is, one on the other, diferenciadamente in each type of being able, the Legislative one, the Judiciary one and the Executive, therefore each one of them possesss different characteristics. In fact, many quarrels encircle this problematic one of the public administration, and initiatives in favor of the reorganization of the same one, in favor of the democratization, of bigger social participation, fiscalization, control and elect improvement of the relation between electorate and happen effectively since 1990, and expect that they continue to happen until if can not only get in Brazil a translation to this term, but also the practical one. .

Eladia Blazquez

How long we do not stop to think how many simple things simple and have life and have nothing to do with the payment of the ballots of gas or electricity? How long has it been since we peer through the window to follow the flight of a bird or see if Rose has given us a new child? How long have we not to feel overwhelmed by the terrible news that every day we offer the media and stop to reread that book that we have forgotten in a drawer? How long that instead of thinking if we get to meet the monthly target accounts, decided not enjoy that currency has been falling behind in a pocket and gave us even more than a treat to sweeten an instant? How long have we not holding hands with those around us, simply walking does not produce any cost and is available to all of us? How long have we to think that life is just full of obligations and sat down to tea with a friend, no time preset? How long that instead of worrying about the beds are spread out before going to work not devoted this time to say something to the person we love? How long have you say I'm not going to do anything. I do not care that there are many unfinished tasks. Today is my day off? How long that we forget to dance? Today I have a proposition to ask all who read this news. Think of yourselves. Give yourself a break from all obligations. Enjoy the silence or music.

Enjoy a talk even to himself. Life goes on, and only if we find a little happiness we can say that was worth living. For live only to fulfill our obligations does not valid. As one song Eladia Blazquez: No! Stay and spend not exist nor endure not to honor the life … … .. Because it is not the same as living life Honor. Maybe we should listen more frequencies to poets like her who have left us a legacy to think, meditate and practice.


Interesting and opportune the substance propagated in the Periodical of the City of the day 14 of September on the young and doubts on the profession to follow. The news article moved me it the times of adolescent when it affirmed to all categorically the ideal of being football player. When hearing my sentence, much people said: Excellent, of the much money! After advancing the phases of the life I witnessed the growth of some cousins. My aunts, mothers of these boys said: She studies, my son, to be doctor, therefore of the one good money! More ahead I came across myself with friends who instruam the children to be engineers. One of them arrived at the accumulation to suggest to its cries, that it yearned for to gain its daily bread in the classrooms, that were not ventured to be professor. Professor? questioned the colleague immediately afterwards to beat its hammer? Professor earns little, my son, leaves this bobagem of side, you must study to be promotional. Saint mixed capitalism the intromission in the other people’s life! Between the vocation and the desire of the young in many cases it has the finger of the others to xeretar in its decisions. You must be doctor, engineer, architect, journalist Many parents unhappyly want to become fullfilled themselves in the choices of the children, being forgotten themselves to respect its vocations, aptitudes and necessities.

They can negative influence the choice of the children with this inadequate and neglected the education of behavior. the head of the adolescent fervilha enters the opinions of the parents and friends and its desire, what it still causes a bigger pressure the crucial moment to choose the future to tread. I still remember myself of boy who wanted to be dancer. The father, citizen with difficulties in accepting the option other people’s, esbravejava: Ballet is thing of Pra leaves there, is good for not finishing the phrase here incorrigible machista it. I am to think: Where, then, it is the vocation? Where it is our personal accomplishment that if translates the objective to follow the dreamed profession, that in them brings pleasure and that it will carry through in them as human beings? It will be that it imports only the status and the currencies that determined profession it will provide? Therefore, the boarding not if dirige to the young, but, yes, to its parents in intention to make with that they reflect ahead in its attitudes of the choices of its children. Nor always what in them he seems good it will be for the other. In these cases valley always to remember that our children have proper will and deserve respect and consideration. If we want, in fact, to contribute to nullify the doubts of our children in the professional field to follow, is important to support and to offer the necessary tools so that they make the correct choice, they are happy and they can benefit the society with the exercise of the vocation that brings in its soul. A prosperous native land if makes with individuals that exert its activities with love and pleasure. Therefore, let us respect the choice of the young placing us in the paper of coadjuvantes and not principal actors, after all, the life is of them and fits they to decide the ways to cover.


The unique moment in that truly we are fused, we beaten and in symbiosis, is at the time of our gestation, but also it is finished. To the nine months we are thrown to this world in which we must breathe by we ourself And, we happened through a long period of dependency qualifies that us to mature, to grow, us it encourages at any moment to being independent, to merit us by we ourself and, we learn that only our actions, took to us to have a satisfactory life or not . The society, the family, the culture, at least in the West, considers those qualities like virtues. And once we got to be adult, we looked for pair, we were united. And then it would seem that imaginary we would wish to return to fuse to us. Perhaps our psychic character has been demanding that state of ideal well-being .pero that, was for many, many years . And it is indeed that place, for some, the one that we wished to recreate with the pair. Sight thus seems a madness, and in truth some we drive crazy of love by our pair.

Next to these emotions felt and yearned for not we obtained to be aware us that he comes from our interior, that the other adult cannot by no means be with us in that ideal state all along, and if we are honest, we cannot either cover that expectation. But no! We follow fools hoping that eagerness is fulfilled yet. We want to force that relation us of this, that or what we are not able to provide same to us. We live in pair, and that means for many, to share the tastes, the interests, the subjects of gossip, the time, the work, the house, the money, the friendly, the diversions, the extensive families.