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I go up again to take the paper with the name of the physician who will be attending my event and I give it to the box office of medical records, which asks me to wait a moment, returning 15 minutes later, perhaps he was getting a bullet cold, to give me a mission to tell the nurse to send ground floor to remove the file. Already a fatal bit suspicious, I went downstairs and gave the message to head nurse (called Josefa), but not before mentioning that I looked like a rally as medical care, then asked me to wait a while, there outside, which she going to call. After another 20 minutes finally called me to tell me that the intern had not validated the rest, which leads me to the Hospital Guaiparo, that was where I had to validate, because it was in that, which I saw the endocrine was dealing here that he wanted not validate the rest period. Summary wasted my time in this joint health, but not before learning that the nurse are the ones in charge and doctors are only to meet and take a joke in a room of doctors and passing do not hear from misery or suffering human. That pod, until, or the current holy or saints above, can be killed with this social insurance and poor attention to their patients, I definitely am leaning to believe that truly peaceful revolutions do not change anything, it seems that the term fascist to burn everything to sprout again, is what is gaining ground in this country. Anyway tomorrow I will walk in the other hospital, Guaiparo suddenly as nurses know the endocrine serve me well and I can take the rest validated, not for that, but as I meet with the payment of religious taxes, also meets this processed crap, need to rest in a file, in other words make a rest in a sleep physician validated It rests in a file managed by the administrative bureaucracy. Professional with over 32 years experience in the area of informatics, currently is dedicated to fostering and promoting free software in the corporation.

Company INGO Ukraine

Insurance Company INGO Ukraine during the holiday: New Year and Merry Christmas and New Year offers its particularly attractive rates on these types of insurance: health insurance (Both compulsory and voluntary health insurance), personal insurance (life insurance, personal property). To feel safe this winter and do not be afraid of flu, bronchitis or normal cold you can insure with an insurance company INGO Ukraine and in the case of the disease receive quality medical care and all medical expenses (including payment for drugs) will assume the insurance company. If You are going abroad to ski, then you should also protect yourself from various injuries or damage that you yourself can cause a third party. You can insure, and sports equipment: skis, snowboards. Insurance Company INGO Ukraine and New Year offers the most competitive rates for car insurance. Car insurance is especially important in winter because of statistics, most accidents occurs in autumn and winter period. Because of the frequent icing and other adverse weather conditions, increases the likelihood of damage to the car. If you have never used the services of an insurance company car insurance INGO Ukraine, you can purchase an insurance policy, "For the first insurance event" and check the quality of our company.

In addition, the insurance company INGO Ukraine always offers current property insurance. You can at the most affordable to insure your apartment, house, villa or any other property. Property insurance is very important for the residents of apartment buildings, as at least once in life, each of us or himself flooded with neighbors or it flooded the neighborhood. (As opposed to Primerica). Now imagine the situation – you have just made repairs, but you live over an elderly retiree, who at any moment can turn off the tap to forget. Of course, it could not in this case to pay for repairs Your apartment, so that you can sleep at night just to insure your apartment from flooding. Moreover, personal property, including real estate and can be insured against natural disasters, fire and other damage, as well as intentional acts of third parties. Favorable conditions of insurance will be valid not only in 2006, but at the beginning of the coming New Year. And wait for special offers from the insurance company INGO Ukraine that will make insurance more profitable.

the government

The following are private full backup is described in more detail. You should never change to a private health insurance (PHI) if you can not have consulted previously neutral. For example, either by the government of the insured or by having to inform itself in the form of brochures and marketing material. The advantages that a private health insurance can offer you, speak for themselves. The performance is in fact much larger than with statutory health insurance. Depending on which tariff you choose, you can, therefore, choose the various services that you want to have it in your plan. What are the benefits you enjoy at a private health insurance, are mentioned below.

Among the outpatient services include the following: You can choose your doctor. You also have a few waiting times by appointment. In addition, you can switch at any time your doctor, even without a referral. You also have the advantage of trying out the latest (in particular alternative or very expensive) treatments and to get the latest medications prescribed. You get all the drugs without prescription. Added a supplement freedom for all drugs and medicines. You not only have a free choice of doctor, but you have to go and the possibility of a healer, if the healer has a corresponding admission requirements.

refunded when you need new glasses, then you anti-reflective, private health insurance costs and even tinted glasses. Reimbursement for spectacle frames amounts to 100-250 . Even for hard or soft gas permeable contact lenses for a refund of the costs made by the insurance. Your private insurance coverage is valid Europe – or worldwide, without having to pay a higher amount. The patient benefits include the free choice of hospital. They are handled by the chief physician beyond. Your accommodation is in single – or twins. You will also receive hospital cash and have no co-payment to bear the hospital expenses. Also in a European – or global scope is no excess. The dental services include free choice of dentist. There will be a reimbursement of up to 100% for a Zahnbehandelung. Also inlays are reimbursed it. Furthermore, for denture is a reimbursement of costs up to 100%. This area also expensive implants and dentures. If orthodontic treatment is to be paid back up to 100%. The benefits of long term care insurance carried in accordance with legal requirements. The sick pay in line with the agreed rate of sick pay insurance to the full net income.